You can’t force the process…relax and enjoy it.

This has been my in-between week. I finished a project last week, including revisions. I have three deadlines between now and November, but I've carefully charted each project on my handy calendar and am as confident as I can be that I can make all three deadlines....

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Full Moon of Werewolves: The wrap up!

Full Moon of Werewolves Schedule This is it, the last day of a Full Moon of Werewolves. Big thanks to all the bloggers and all the blog visitors! It has been tons of fun and very educational. This is your last post to comment on for an entry for the $100 worth of fab...

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Full Moon of Werewolves: Where wolf? There. & Prize!

Full Moon of Werewolves Schedule About today's guest: Maria Lima Maria Lima is a writing geek with one foot in the real world and the other in the make-believe. One lucky commenter will win copies of Maria's first two books. Just leave a comment on this post to be...

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