Nine World Series Characters


Unbound, Nine Worlds Book 1

Risk Leidolf (hero UNBOUND) is a hellhound owned by immortal witch Lusse.

Kara Shane (heroine UNBOUND) is a witch, half of a set of identical twins. Twin witches are believed to be the most powerful witches to ever exist.

Lusse (UNBOUND) is an immortal witch who keeps a kennel of hellhounds and uses them to hunt down other witches whose powers she drains to build her own.

Jormun (UNBOUND) lives under the Midgard sea. Based on the Midgard Serpent with my own twist.

Scene from Unbound

Image from Unbound with Kara and Risk (in hound form).
Art by Lindsey Lewellen.

Guardian's Keep

Guardian’s Keep, Nine Worlds Book 2

Kol Hildr (wolf form)

Kol Hildr (wolf form)

Kol Hildr (hero GUARDIAN’S KEEP) is a garm (wolf-shape-shifter) and owner of The Guardian’s Keep (bar with portal).

Kelly Shane (heroine GUARDIAN’S KEEP) is Kara’s sister — the other half of the twin witch set.

Fenrir (GUARDIAN’S KEEP) is the most powerful garm of all time. He is the son of Loki (a god) and brother of Jormun (Unbound).

Wild Hunt

Wild Hunt, Nine Worlds Book 3

Venge Leidolf (hero WILD HUNT) is a hellhound and son of Risk (UNBOUND).

Geysa Brynhild (heroine WILD HUNT) is a valkyrie whose mother was taken by the Wild Hunt.

Erl King (WILD HUNT) is the leader of the Wild Hunt. He is neither a god nor a man, but something in between. If the Erl King is killed, another takes his place, by taking up the horn.


Captured, Nine Worlds Short Story

Gray Barsk (hero CAPTURED) is a hellhound who trained in meditation to control his bloodlust.

Leve (heroine CAPTURED) female hellhound who was sold to the Kamp to fight in the Arena. Her previous owner was Lusse (Unbound). She is also Venge’s (Wild Hunt) mother.

Dark Crusade

Dark Crusade, Nine Worlds Book 4

Leifi Vik (hero DARK CRUSADE) is a garm who was exiled from the human world in Guardian’s Keep attempting to overthrow the Garm Council. His greatest desire is to live in a world where all garm can have a role as a guardian.

Heather Moore (heroine DARK CRUSADE) is a witch who was exiled from the human world in Guardian’s Keep for her part in helping the rogues’ attempts to overthrow the Garm Council.

Amma (DARK CRUSADE) powerful witch who is half-elf. She was separated from her body by the Elf Lords. Her body was kept in Alfheim; her spirit (and magic) was put in an object and sent to Gunngar. Gunngar was then shut down to keep her there. She is Lusse’s (from Unbound) sister.

Marina Adal (DARK CRUSADE) leader of the Jager, a force of light elves sent by the Elf Lords to keep Amma in Gunngar.