Nine Worlds Series Glossary


  • Draugr Corporeal undead. Can take a rough human form with bluish skin or travel as smoke forming dark clouds. Not very intelligent, but deadly. Can grow in size and smell of rotting flesh. Crushes or eats their victims alive. Only a few “heroes” can kill them.
  • Dwarves Live in Nidavellir. Known for strength and ability to work with all metals.
  • Feil Guardians of Fenrir. Made from the earth of Lyngvi, they can only exist on the isle.
  • Garm Human/wolf shape-shifters. Garm are guardians by nature. Garms serve as guardians to portals, other paranormal beings and worlds. Being a guardian is an essential part of what garm are. Losing their charge, whether a being or a portal, is like losing their purpose for existence. Without such a duty, they become rogue.
  • Hraesvelg Giant corpse-eating eagle who sits at the edge of Helheim. The flapping of his wings creates a terrible wind.
  • Hellhounds Human/massive dog shape-shifters. Hellhounds are hunters by nature. In the past they were used by the gods to run the Wild Hunt–dragging back souls of the evil (or those deemed evil by the gods). Today, with the hunt a thing of the past, they survive as they can – working for whoever has a need of their deadly skills.
  • Light Elves Live in Alfheim. Don’t have magic of their own, but can put magic into objects. Also known for agility and beauty.
  • Svartalfars Dark elves. Live in Svartalfaheim. Frequently make their living as mercenaries. Cunning and agile.
Yggdrasill Map

Map of Yggdrasill and Nine Worlds used in Unbound series

Nine Worlds

  • Alfheim Land of light elves.
  • Asgard Land of the Aesir.
  • Jotunheim Land of giants and trolls.
  • Muspelheim Land devoured by fire, impassable to anyone not native. Guarded by Surt and his fiery sword.
  • Nidavellir Land of dwarfs.
  • Niflheim Land of freezing mists.
  • Midgard Land of humans.
  • Svartalfaheim Land of Svartalfar/dark elves.
  • Vanaheim Land of the Vanir.

Other terms, places and events

  • Elf Lords Political leaders of Alfheim and light elves.
  • Forandre Shape-shifters.
  • Forandre Rules In a battle between forandre when “forandre rules” is called both participants must fight in their weakest form (usually human). If either is overpowered by blood lust and changes to their stronger form, they lose and forfeit their life.
  • Garm Council A small group of garm who oversaw the guardians of the most important portals, landmarks, and beings.
  • Gunngar Land that used to serve as a passageway between Svartalfaheim and Alfheim. Shut down by Elf Lords, then reopened in Dark Crusade. Gunngar is only accessible through two tunnels one leading to Svartalfaheim and one leading to Alfheim; and one main portal. Other portals to Gunngar are roavers–meaning they jump around, you never know where they will open. Although Gunngar is accessible by tunnels, it is not below ground.
  • Helheim Land of the dead and Hel which lays within Niflheim.
  • Lyngvi Mist-covered, rocky isle. Prison of Fenrir.
  • Midgard Sea Sea that encircles Midgard, world of humans. Also home of Jormun.
  • Ragnarok The legendary final battle which will destroy all nine worlds.
  • Wild Hunt Hunt for souls led by various gods and other powerful beings using hellhounds.
  • Yggdrasill The world tree which holds the nine worlds of Norse mythology.