Guardian’s Keep Cover Art

Nine Worlds Series, Book 2

Guardian’s Keep

Kol Hildr values nothing more than his portal and protecting it from those who would steal it. A wolf shapeshifter, Kol is one of the most trusted guardians in the Nine Worlds. Neither his portal nor his heart have ever been breached. That is until he meets witch Kelly Shane.

Twin witch Kelly has a score to settle with the wolf shapeshifter and will do anything to close the gateway that he is bound to protect.

An alliance between the witch and guardian risks everything they both think they want, but neither can walk away. Not until Kol’s portal is lost and Kelly’s life is in question.

Will they give up everything to save the unlikely love they’ve found together? Or go back to what they’ve known, alone?


ISBN-13: 9781979731300
ISBN-10: 1979731306

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