Full Moon of Werewolves: Chanku Are Not Werewolves & a Prize!

April 20, 2009 | Werewolves | 76 comments

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About today’s guest: Kate Douglas

Kate is the lead author for Kensington’s erotic romance line, Aphrodisia. Her WOLF TALES series pushes all the boundaries and her books continue to go into extra print runs as more readers discover that, at least once in awhile, those boundaries need to be pushed. She also has titles with Ellora’s Cave, Changeling Press and Hard Shell Word Factory.

Two lucky commenters will win one of Kate’s books (a choice of Wolf Tales V, VI or VII or Sexy Beast V or VI) Winner will be announced at end of Full Moon promotion. Last day to enter Saturday, April 25th at midnight central U.S. time. Winners for this contest does not have to be in the U.S.

Thank you, Lori, for this great opportunity! Kate Douglas, here…I’ve been traveling for the past few weeks and haven’t really had time to prepare anything, so I’ve asked Anton Cheval, the Chanku wizard and uber-alpha of my Kensington Aphrodisia Wolf Tales series, to appear in my place. Many of you know Anton—he’s in almost all of the fourteen Wolf Tales and Sexy Beast books released so far, including a role in the Wild Nights anthology from September 2006, so he’s been around since the beginning and can answer any questions you might have. Without further adieu, please welcome Anton Cheval~~

Thank you, Ms. Douglas, for your introduction. Now please get back to work on Wolf Tales X…or is that going to be 10? I heard they might change the numbering…no matter—¬just write it. Hello. I’m not exactly certain why Ms. Devoti thought to include us in her blog event. It is, after all, dedicated to werewolves. While I am more than capable of shifting from human to wolf, I am a shapeshifter, not a werewolf, dependant upon the phases of the moon or some obscure virus that can be passed on through a bite. I am much more—more than human, more than a creature of legend.

I am Chanku.

We are an ancient species that originated on the harsh Himalayan steppes. Powerful and fierce by nature, we have an ingrained sense of honor and integrity you humans should think of adopting. Our pack is our family, the health, happiness and safety of our packmates our uppermost concern. I did not ask to be our leader—this was a title thrust upon me by my pack. It’s not an honor I wear easily, but I do my best for the ones who love me. Most important of those, of course, are my daughter Lily and my lovely mate and our alpha bitch, Keisha, who is my superior in all ways.

I try not to remind her of that…

We are, after all, a matriarchal society. Our women carry the genes for shifting. Every child of every female who has the Chanku DNA is born with the ability—once they are sexually mature—to become a shapeshifter, even if the mother doesn’t know of her birthright. So often our kind lead lives of quiet desperation, out of step with the rest of society, knowing they’re different but not why. We all have a tiny gland near the hypothalamus that is only enabled by ingesting certain nutrients found in grasses native to our Tibetan birthplace. Those nutrients allow us to take animal form.

Until about a year ago, we believed every Chanku would become a wolf—that was until Mei Chen came along and had the audacity to turn into a snow leopard! We had our “back to the drawing board” moment when that happened. Luckily, the man she loved was eventually able to become both a leopard and a wolf, as is Mei, now. Otherwise, they never could have bonded.

That’s an important part of our pack structure—the mating bond. Our people mate for life in their animal form. Since we are telepathic, we are capable of achieving an amazingly intimate mental link during sex. That link is even more profound when Chanku choose the bonding ritual during mating—everything we’ve ever known or done is shared. Our minds open entirely to our mate—or mates, as the case may be—in total union. Indescribable, really. Another thing–once a woman becomes Chanku, she can only become pregnant by mating as a wolf after she consciously releases an egg for breeding. She has total reproductive control.

We are ruled by a powerful libido, and our packs tend to be polyamorous in nature. While we have our bonded mate and love them more than life, we are sexually free within our packs. The petty differences that tend to alienate humans in their complex relationships are not an issue for us—we have no concern with gender identity, race and age—as long as our partners are adults, obviously. What is important is that we are all Chanku with the common needs and drives or our kind. Impervious to human diseases and illnesses, we are still learning more about ourselves every day. We are discovering new abilities and new powers we had no idea were ours. We’re all quite amazing, really, but we are most definitely not werewolves.

If you have any questions about the Chanku, I will be more than happy to answer. And thank you to Ms. Devoti for generously sharing her blog with me, even though I don’t actually meet her werewolf criteria.

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  1. Chris

    Your series sounds very intriguing!

  2. Becky Ward

    I love your series. I haven’t read all of Wolf Tales, but I am working on it. Was a very informative post, I enjoyed learning more about Chanku.

  3. Nancy Gilliland

    I have thoroughly enjoyed the Tales of the Chanku. Will there be a “second generation” of stories as Anton and Stefans children grow and learn? And we will of course see more children of the Chanku born, too, I hope. I would be particularly delighted to see the child of the union between Oliver and his lovely mate. As you see, I love your world.
    Nancy G aka joshgranny

  4. Anton Cheval

    Good morning…how odd. Anton Cheval here, but for some reason my comments are not showing up! Must check with Lori…I’m covering for Ms. Douglas while she does a final read through of her newest book, Demonfire, the first in her Demon Slayers series. While I don’t understand why she feels she needs to write ANYTHING beyond Wolf Tales, I’ve discovered that authors rarely listen to anything anyone says. I look forward to answering any questions any of you might have about the Chanku.
    ~~Anton Cheval

  5. Anton Cheval

    Hello, Nancy. Well, as you know, Keisha and I were the first to start the second generation, but Lily and Alex are still babies. However, I know there’s a baby boom coming–I believe it’s Wolf Tales IX when Tia and Luc have their first, and it appears that motherhood is contagious. I know Mik and AJ are looking oddly at Tala, but she’s not all that certain she wants to do two at once. Unusual for Tala, but women can be so mystifying…

    Chanku Honor in Sexy Beast VI, out now, introduces a younger generation with six youngsters–all “twenty-somethings,” discovered in Golden Gate Park. It will be awhile before we see Lily and Alex as adults, but since Kensington keeps asking for more stories, I imagine they will eventually get their own books.

  6. Diana Owen-Emerson

    Great article! I am just getting starting on the Wolf Tales series. I finished the first book and will be starting the story in Sexy Beast soon. I love the complex characters, especially Keisha. I can’t wait to read more about the Chanku!

  7. Anton Cheval

    Thank you, Diana. Keisha, as my mate, is obviously my favorite as well. (Ms. Douglas favors me…understandable, of course!) I do hope you’re not disappointed in our story, but I am thrilled that you’re aware that the series continues in the anthologies. SO many readers have not understood that Ms. Douglas writes our lives as if we lived a soap opera–one story follows the next, and the next and they’re all connected.

  8. Hope Giroux

    I am completely in love with the Wolf Tales series. If I could I would live in the world of the Chanku. Reading about all of you, is an eye opening experience. Even though, I know I am human. I would love to be one of you. I am just starting the Sexy Beast series and can’t wait what is in store there.

  9. Anton Cheval

    Thank you, Hope. I do appreciate your sentiments. Are you certain you’re not one of us? As you move farther along into the series, you’ll discover how so many unassuming men and women are shocked to discover they are actually shapeshifters. Those who always suspected something was missing in their lives suddenly learn what that something is. They are Chanku, not human at all.

  10. kanarytx

    Thank you for your post. I have really enjoyed these posts.It is kind of sad that this week is it. It ends on Sat. but have books to look for encluding yours.

  11. Lyoness2009

    Hi Kate Douglas! :D I’ve got to read the first four books of your series but haven’t gotten to read anymore! The waiting list at the library is INSANELY long, which I guess is a good thing huh?! Keep up the awesome work!

  12. RachieG

    :mrgreen: Love the Chanku series! I found this series and the Lora Leigh series at the same time!! I haven’t read the SExy Beast books though! Better get on the ball

  13. Lisa Kelley

    I absolutely love the Wolf Tales!!! I mark my calendar for the next book coming out. Anton is my favorite!!!! So powerful, but….aaaahhhh…well, I think we all know there are no words appropriate for this man. Makes you want to be Chanku too! I can’t wait to see the babies grow up.

  14. Anton Cheval

    Thank you, kanarytx. When Ms. Devoti suggested I contribute to her werewolf themed blog, I almost turned her down. I am a shapeshifter, after all, not a creature ruled by the phases of the moon, but now I’m really glad I was able to be here.

    Ah, Lyoness…those waiting lists will get you every time, but it’s very exciting to think our stories are actually in the library. Lends them a sort of distinction, don’t you think?

    Rachie G, once you read the Sexy Beast stories (and Camille’s Dawn, in Wild Nights) then a lot of what happens in Wolf Tales will make more sense to you.

    Thank you Lisa! (Anton takes a bow…) I’m not certain Keisha and I are ready for Lily to grow up. Teenagers…can you imagine dealing with teenaged shapeshifters and the Chanku libido? I tremble at the thought!

  15. Annie Frazier

    I love the entire series. My fave characters so far are the group from Maine. In Jake and Shannon’s book-it said that Shannon couldn’t have children, but this was prior to her becoming Chanku. My question is now that she is Chanku has the problem changed or not. I think Jake and her would be awesome parents.
    Also are we going to see more new chankus in upcoming books? Will we see more Cat chanku’s?

  16. Mel K.

    Anton? Are you busy tonight? :D

  17. cindy

    :lol: :D i loved all your wolf tales and sexy beast you really out did your self this time Kate

    Love Your Number 1 Fan


  18. cindy

    hey anton i would love to be one of your kind to run free and always be loved

  19. Sarah

    Hello Anton,

    I have got to say that I love the Chanku and the stories of all of you and look forward eagerly to the next each time I finish the last. Patience is so not one of my better talents.

    I have laughed, cried, raged, screamed, yelled and cheered my way through from the start and it has been a wild and beautiful ride so far with WTVII being one of the most emotionally wringing yet. Thank you for sharing yourself and the Chanku with all of us readers.

    I do have questions for you. I remember in the beginning (first story) your comments on finding other Chanku and to in essense see the society build and flourish (as I read it). How do you feel now about the growth of the society and the packs to date? Is it becoming as you’d thought or hoped? Is life more fulfilling now not just because of Keisha and your daughter, Stefan and Xandi and their son, but because of finding more and more Chanku and seeing the society and packs grow?

    I hope the Chanku stories continue for ages to come. What a beautiful and awesome world!

  20. Anton Cheval

    Good morning, Annie…I believe that if you read Wolf Tales III closely, you’ll see that when Shannon made her first shift, her body was healed. She knew immediately that, when the time was right, she would bear children. I imagine that time will come soon, and I agree. She and Jake would be wonderful parents.

    As far as new Chanku, there are six new members introduced in Sexy Beast VI, the anthology that released last month, and another shows up in Wolf Tales VIII, in July. As far as more cats–our world is filled with possibilities. I wouldn’t be surprised at anything that occurs!

    Ah, Mel…only you, m’dear. Actually, I’m otherwise engaged tonight. Stefan, Xandi, Oliver and that adorable little Mei have convinced Keisha that we need to “get together for the evening.” I believe Adam has offered to babysit, so you know what THAT means! Another time, all right?

    Thank you, Cindy. I’ll pass your comments on to Ms. Douglas. I know she loves hearing that sort of thing, though why she takes all the credit, I’ll never know. WE’RE the ones who tell her what to write!

    And Cindy, you have no idea how much all of us love the fact we’re finally free to be ourselves, among our own kind. There is nothing quite so freeing as a four-legged run through the deep woods with your mate beside you.

    Thank you, Sarah. That’s very kind. It has been so fulfilling, watching our society grow and evolve. I remember the first time we met the members of the San Francisco pack–all that growling and walking stiff-legged around one another. Peeing on everything in sight. Even I lost sight of my own humanity, but now we are no longer separate. We consider ourselves one pack when we are together, though when we’re in our own territory, we once again look to the leader of that area.

    Of course, I remain the titular head of all the Chanku. I’m not quite sure how I ascended to the position, but I hold it with humble pride and a very strong desire to keep my people safe. Life is definitely more fulfilling as we grow and learn more about our nature. We all, as Chanku, are a constantly evolving mystery. Life is never dull.

    I have to be away for a couple of hours. Keisha wants me to watch Lily while she and Xandi make a trip to town for groceries. I’ll check back later to answer your questions.

  21. Sheri

    Hello Anton!

    I just wanted to say I found the Wolf Tales series just about a month ago and I love it!! I just finished Sexy Beast II. I am off work today and plan to go to the book store to pick up Wolf Tales IV. I just can’t seem to put the books down. I start think about reading even before my day at work is finished.

    I think you are terrific but I have to say that I think Stefan and Xandi are great also!

    Tell Kate to keep writing!


  22. Sarah

    Please forgive me, but I have to admit that that particular episode had me giggling so hard. It was so comical. Things have certainly changed, grown and evolved since then. It is beautiful to see.

  23. Erin O'Riordan

    I loved, LOVED Wolf Tales I & II, and can’t wait to read III!

  24. Mo

    Hello Anton, It is a pleasure to talk to you and listen how you explain the Chanku. I heard that arrogance that is so you and I feel your power as always. I know that you and the Chanku are not werewolves but it is still so neat that you all can shift to other than human and are loyal and loving towards each other. Something us humans are still having problems with. It took me a while to get used to the Roman Numerals but now that I’ve got the hang of knowing the Arabic numbers equivalent, I hope that Kate and Kensington keeps it the way it is now.
    When is your next child coming? Have you discussed it with Keisha yet? Also what is “the beast” up to? As he and Lily are about the same age. Is there a brother or sister in his future also? I have all sorts of questions but I don’t want to take up all of the blogging space. I have enjoyed conversing with you. I hope that you get a chance to blog again. Have a serious talk with Kate and make her like the idea. ;> D. Mo

  25. Jody F.

    How great to be able to talk about the Chanku. I’ve always been fascinated by their abilities and their loyalty and love for one another.

  26. Eva S

    Hello Anton,
    I love all the stories about you and your wonderful family, I hope there will be many, many more! And thank Kate for telling them all!

  27. Sarah

    The comment on how Mik and AJ are looking at Tala and the whole Chanku baby boom thing just popped all kinds of ideas in my head lol. Oh the possibilities there!



  29. Colleen

    I can see you have a bunch of fans here… Boo Hoo for me, I have not had the pleasure of reading your books yet. After this though, I look forward to getting my hands on them! :D

  30. Roberta Harwell

    I’ll definitely have to look into this series. It sounds fascinating. Have a great day.

  31. Teresa W.

    Glad you could be here today, the series sounds great!

  32. Ashley Madden

    I’ve never heard of these books before, but I’m glad I just did :P

  33. Estella

    I have not read any of Kate’s books yet, but you can bet I’m going to remedy that.

  34. Danielle

    I remember when I first picked up Wolf Tales I. The scene when Stefan challenges you when he is still a half-man/half-chanku while Xandi is up against a wall. Man that scene was hot hot hot!!! I have to say while every other book is great the first one amazes me and is dear to my heart. I love how Kate (and obviously every character) shows the readers that looking deeper than the skin can show you the true beauty of someone. It is such an amazing moral in a beautiful storyline with a wonderful author and very memorable characters. Thank you so much for being characters that you are! The ones who don’t take someone’s look as all they are and all they can be!

  35. Anton Cheval

    Ah, Keisha is home and just put Lily down for her nap…now, I wonder when I get one? For a little thing, our daughter is an absolute holy terror some days…hello, Sheri! It’s always fun to meet someone new to my world. I hope you continue to enjoy reading about our lives. Things get a bit dicey at times, but when it comes down to the basics, we always have one another. There is nothing stronger than the power and the love of the pack.

    And Sarah, you are so right about the way things have evolved. When I recall how terribly lonely I was before Keisha, Stefan and Xandi came into my life, it’s frightening. I never want to be that alone again. Love is so powerful, but it’s the one thing that makes all of us vulnerable.

    Thank you, Erin, and congratulations on your publishing success! It’s always wonderful to see new authors breaking out. We all wish you much success with Beltane. What’s coming next?

    Mo, it’s good to see you here! And I agree–now that I’ve finally figured out the Roman numerals, I’m hoping Kensington sticks with them, but it all depends on what happens when Marketing and the art department put their heads together. Ms. Douglas is merely the author–she has absolutely no say in such matters. She doesn’t even have much to say about our stories. We tell her what to write and luckily, she types REAL fast!

    As far as more children–you’re kidding, right? I can barely keep up with Lily, and I miss my time alone with my mate. Oh? Excuse me. Keisha just weighed in. I guess there will be more…my love? We need to talk…

    Excuse me…I’m back. Thank you, Jody. We honor one another, and the love we give to our packmates is returned to us tenfold. I’m pleased that you notice and appreciate something that is so important to each and every one of us.

    Eva, thank you. At first we were hesitant about sharing our personal lives, but now that we’ve seen the amazing respone, we’re all glad to have brought you into our world.

    Sarah, I understand Tala’s concern is which of her men will father her first child. She always strives to be fair. The boys don’t really care–they love one another every bit as much as they love Tala, so I imagine they’ll work everything out satisfactorily.

    Thank you, Tamara. Obviously you have excellent taste in men.

    Ah, Colleen and Roberta, Teresa and Ashley–I hope you’ll read the books, but please, start at the beginning as they really do follow one after the other. Many libraries carry the series. There are fourteen books out so far and Kensington has asked for more for a total of 21 at this point. For those who are interested, here’s the order of the books, and what they’re about:

    Wolf Tales-introduces, Stefan, Alexandria (Xandi) Anton and Keisha

    Sexy Beast-Chanku Rising (the final closure for Keisha against her stalker)

    Wolf Tales II-introduces the San Francisco pack with the focus on Lucien Stone and Tia Mason

    Wild Nights-Camille’s Dawn (this one isn’t as tightly connected, but it’s where Anton gives Ulrich a final night with his departed wife so her spirit–and his–can find closure)

    Wolf Tales III-Jake and Shannon’s story, and introduces Baylor Quinn

    Sexy Beast II-Chanku Fallen (This is Mik and AJ’s story and introduces their woman, Tala, when they rescue her from her pimp)

    Wolf Tales IV–Tinker’s story, and introduces Lisa Quinn

    Sexy Beast III-Chanku Journey (this is the story where Keisha’s baby is born while on the way to Tia’s wedding in San Francisco)

    Wolf Tales V-Baylor Quinn rescues Manda Smith, and Ulrich Mason finds Millie West

    Sexy Beast IV-Chanku Destiny (Adam, Eve and Oliver’s story–this book introduces Wolf Tales VI)

    Wolf Tales VI-Adam & Eve finally connect, and Oliver finds Mei Chen–and a huge surprise.

    Sexy Beast V-Chanku Wild (this story solves the remaining issues between Mei and Oliver)

    Wolf Tales VII–threats against the Chanku are growing, and all of them gather in Montana at Anton’s home

    Sexy Beast VI–Chanku Honor (introduces six new Chanku who will be pivotal to the later stories)

    Wolf Tales VIII, coming in July, introduces Daciana Lupei and tells more stories of the young wolfpack

    You can read first chapter excerpts of all the Wolf Tales and Sexy Beast books at http://www.katedouglas.com/eroticromance

  36. Anton Cheval

    Thank you, Danielle–would you believe that the first editor who read that scene wanted it removed, but Ms. Douglas insisted and actually went all the way to the owner of the company, fighting for my story. She felt it was an important and pivotal point in my relationship with both Stefan and Xandi, and she was right. That night changed all of us and cemented the amazing relationship we now have. I had no idea I had that kind of violence in me, and Stefan was unaware of his desires. It was an important moment in all our lives.

  37. sue pecenka

    your peeing on everything in sight comment really cracked me up. There is a song called “Pissing Outside” and I will forever think of it and you together. Also you all still need more cats and not to eat!

  38. edith

    Wonderful details to be read here and interesting points of view. I just love the Chanku – Tales and hope for many more. Anton, keep telling Kate about your folks or rather packs!
    Greetings from an Austrian fan!

  39. Lisa F.

    I really want to read these books. They sound like my kind of read.

  40. Diane Higgins

    Hi Anton! Love reading all of your stories in “Wolf Tales”. The Chanku are a fascinating and fun race, how lucky you are to be a part of them! :-)

  41. Anton Cheval

    Ah, Sue…you should have been there. It’s not just the act of peeing on the tree that’s important…it’s how high and how often, and, of course, peeing OVER the other wolf’s stream. We can all laugh now, but at the time it was serious business. We had never had alpha males from separate packs together in their wolven form before. Luckily it all worked out well.

    Edith, so nice of you to come. Austria! I am constantly amazed by how far-flung my readers are!

    Lisa, I do hope you’ll give them a try. And Diane, I am well aware just how lucky I am. thank you.

  42. sue pecenka

    Anton, just walking my Welsh Corgi Seamus gives me a clue. Do you ever run out? He never seems to.

  43. Lindsey Ekland

    I think Chanku Fallen is still my favorite story but I love them all. I always enjoy a chance to visit with old friends and be intorduced to new ones. Looking forward to the new book and I guess will have ot learn to count past ten. Thank you so much fr allowing us a peak in your world.

  44. Paula R.

    Hi Anton, it is nice to meet you…

    Kate sorry you are not here, but glad that you are busy working on re-reads and another Wolf Tales.

    I find the world of the Chanku to be very intriguing…I like the idea of that achieving such a strong link during intimacy…it is some powerful stuff, and quite a gift. I abso love the fact that females have total control over what happens to their bodies…I must admit that when I first discovered Kate, I was a chanku virgin, but I think that I really learned a lot from Wolf Tales…I was eager to pass on my new found knowledge and I am still amazed at the things that Kate has accomplished with this series. I don’t really have a question, but I wanted to stop by and support Anton because I abso love Kate…

    Peace and love,
    Paula R.

  45. Anton Cheval

    Ah, Sue…there are some secrets a man never tells…and Lindsey, you are not alone in your enjoyment of Mik, AJ and Tala’s tale. When Wolf Tales IX releases in January of 2010 you’ll have a chance to learn about Mik and AJ’s first meeting when they were both incarcerated in Folsom Prison. Their love was already a powerful link between two very strong men before they ever knew of their shared Chanku heritage. Adding Tala to their loving bond has made the three of them an amazingly complete unit.

    Paula, so very nice of you to stop by. I know Ms. Douglas will be sorry to have missed you, but she’s still working her way through Demonfire before it goes out to her beta readers. She tends to be horribly anal about her stories, if you ask me, but I imagine that’s the only way to be sure you’ve gotten it right. I’ll definitely pass on your comments to her. I know she’ll be pleased.

  46. Jan

    Aloha Anton,

    Kate knows that I love Wolf Tales and Sexy Beast and can’t wait to read her newest series Demonfire, even though they aren’t Chanku stories.

    And of course, Kate’s the best! I can’t say enough wonderful things about her and her stories.

    You and the Chanku have really broadened my understanding about what being family means and how bonds are created and strengthened.

    What would you like to see for the Chanku’s future?

    And tell Kate’s publishing company, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for ordering more Chanku stories!

    Mahalo to you, Anton and the rest of the Chanku for sharing your lives with us!

  47. Sarah

    I had a feeling that was her concern and I have a feeling it is going to work out to all of their satisfaction. Their story was one that really moved me and spoke to me as is yours and Keisha’s along with two others, though all of the stories have been powerful and wonderful. It is just that those few had a certain something that spoke so strongly to something in me.

    I was able finally to get Sexy Beast VI today so I am caught up with all the books now and will be happily reading later. Now I just have 3 of the books in need of replacement copies since I have read them to rags so to speak.

    I am so glad you did this today. Thank you.

  48. The_Book_Queen

    I am a bit ashamed to say that I have not yet read any of your books, but I’ve been wanting to for so long! I have all of them on my list, but my small town bookstore doesn’t seem to keep some of the more erotic novels instock, and the few times they were on the shelf, it was always the third book or another one, but never the first in the series.

    I have heard some very good comments about your series (both of them, actually), and I know that when I finally pick one up, I too will no doubt become a fan of your work.


  49. Anton Cheval

    Jan, so nice of you to stop in from sunny Hawaii! Thank you, and thank you for your very kind words about Ms. Douglas. If she ever pulls her head out of that OTHER book, I will pass on your message. I honestly don’t understand the attraction–when she could be telling more stories of the Chanku, she’s in there working on one about demons. It makes no sense at all.

    Sarah, I do hope you enjoy Chanku Wild in Sexy Beast VI. I’ve already grown quite fond of the youngsters in that book. Thank you!

  50. Jamie

    Sounds really cool. I am going to go check them out and add to my list!!

  51. Sarah

    Thank you, Anton. I am looking forward to getting to know them.

  52. Barb

    Anton…I just have to let you know that I was so upset reading Wolf Tales VII….I was in tears for the last few chapters! Now I can’t wait until your beautiful & smart daughter’s arrival! I love Kate’s books and anxiously await the next one!

  53. Anton Cheval

    Thank you, Jamie. And Barb, that was one of the most terrifying experiences of my life, to be too badly injured to protect my mate and my child. If not for the strength of my infant daughter, if not for the power of her mind, I might not be here having this conversation with so many wonderful people. Lily truly humbles me.

  54. Tracie Maslen

    I love to read about the Wolf Tales and Sexy Beast, I have read all five of Sexy beast and seven of the Wolf Tales I am so excited to see that more is coming out, I am curious about what exactly happened when Mei changed to wolf, I must have missed that part, could you explain how it happened? The scenes in both books have definitely changed my boring life into one hot sex scene, and changed the way I think of it, my man has finally said “No more”, lol. Keep up the great work!

  55. Amy S.

    Hi Kate! I love this series and I hope there is plenty more books to come!

  56. Eshani

    Hi Anton,
    Thank you giving us an opportunity to get to know you better, and for introducing us to your beautiful and facinating family (I don’t think I’ve read about a matriarchal pack society before).
    I’m truly looking forward to reading this series!

  57. Anton Cheval

    TBQ, if you have a chance to read any of the stories, please let Ms. Douglas know what you think of them. She loves to hear from readers.

    Tracie, I don’t want to give away plot points, but the answer to Mei’s shift is in both Wolf Tales VI and Sexy Beast V/Chanku Wild.

    Thank you, Blackroze, and you, too, Amy. I just got the new contract in the mail to day that will take Wolf Tales out to Wolf Tales 12 (or XII)

    Eshani, the women are definitely the leaders among the Chanku. While I enjoy my role as the “uber alpha” leader of all the Chanku, I will always defer to my mate. I have nothing but respect for Keisha’s decisions, even when I don’t always agree. Thank you for taking the time to comment.

  58. kh

    very hot kate i love thie stories

  59. Anton Cheval

    Thank you, Donna. I hope you get a chance to at least read the first book in the series. Wolf Tales will let you know if you’re going to want to know more.

    kh, thank you! It’s been a humbling experience to have so many of you say you’re enjoying the tale of our lives.

  60. Marie

    The Wolf Tales series sounds great! I haven’t read any of them yet. Would love to win a copy.

  61. Evelyn

    Anton, I love you! I love your world, I love your friends, I love everything about it. My whole life I have felt that I didn’t fit in anywhere, although I have friends, I was always an outsider. Your world gives me hope that I am not alone. I think I would fit nicely in your world. Give the babies kisses for me and don’t ever pull what you pulled Wolf Tales VII when you threaten to not come back to life…I will never forgive you. Although you didn’t ask to me leader of the pack, your powers, knowledge, soul, and spirit are what keep everyone together. Please tell Kate thank you and I can’t wait for the rest. Much Love :D

  62. Anton Cheval

    Thank you Marie, and good morning. And Evelyn, I think a lot of Ms. Douglas’s reason for writing about the Chanku is similar to what you’ve said–that sense of always being on the outside and wondering why you’re different. All of us who are Chanku have experienced similar feelings as we grew, and it wasn’t until we finally realized our true heritage–that all of us are something more than human–that those feelings finally made sense.

    And I am sorry to have upset you in WTVII, but if you think YOU were upset, think of how I felt! Horrible…just a horrible experience, but also very life-affirming. Ms. Douglas went through a box of tissues writing that scene, which is good. If she hadn’t appreciated the emotions we were experiencing, she could not have shared it with her readers.

  63. Annie Frazier

    I am excited-there will be at least 5 more Wolf Tale books after WTVII. Now will there be any more Sexy Beast books after SBVI?
    I really drive my husband and mother in law nuts with these books. I mean I make my husband go to the book store as soon as they open up on the release day then drive to my work place with the book. I love this series and hope it continues for years to come. :D
    I love the way that Kate describes how when Lily and Alex are in the same cribe how Lily finds her way to be next to him. I thought that was so cute. I think she is steaking her claim to him already….

  64. Mel K.

    No! Now, Anton! I can treat you sooo much better then Keisha. :wink:
    Don’t tell Kate! She won’t let you play. Just knock on my back door, laddie.

  65. Kat S

    Hey I love the books, but I have a question. I know I remember seeing the exact ages of some of the characters, but not all of them. Does it say in the books how old Stefan, Xandi, Keisha, Tala, Jake, Bay, AJ, and Mik are. I might have missed it and if I did please let me know which books it is listed in. Thanks.

  66. Ilona

    I haven’t read the series but I will certainly be on the look out for the books now. They sound really good.

  67. Carmen R

    Sounds like being a Chanku could be a lot of fun. I’ll have to go out and find these books.

  68. Mandy Morris

    Anton, to you and your family, thank you for sharing what it is to have ‘family’ in all it’s many forms, and for making us all realize that love in whatever form it presents itself, is precious and pure and whole.

    I wish you and yours health, happiness, love, and most of all … good hunting!

    From your biggest Canadian Fan… :wink:

  69. Venus Cahill

    What a great post. I can’t wait to run out and pick up the first book and learn more about the Chanku.

  70. Hope Giroux


    You are one very hot and dominant male. I believe that my husband is threatened by me reading about all of you and your families. He says I read to much. Just let Kate know that I am a very devote fan, and will continue reading anything she writes.

  71. Anton Cheval

    Annie, there will be Sexy Beast anthologies with stories of the Chanku through Sexy Beast VIII and Chanku Spirit, and Wolf Tales, at this point, through Wolf Tales 12 (or XII) though Ms. Douglas’s editor at Kensington says that she hopes the series will continue for years to come. However, there will not be any novellas after Sexy Beast VIII, which will release in the spring of 2010. Lily and Alex definitely have a special friendship, though I’m not all that certain it will lead to romantic love. Sometimes I think they are too much like brother and sister! We shall see. They still need to grow up.

    Mel K, I certainly hope Keisha’s not reading this blog. If she sees your post, you’re in trouble!

    Kat S–you want to know our ages? Well, I’m no child, if that’s your concern, and I’m not certain the others want me giving away their secrets, and it can be confusing, because a few years have passed since the series began, but more years have passed in the real world than in the books, if that makes any sense. In Wolf Tales VII, Stefan turned 45 and I am almost ten years older than he. Ulrich is 64, his love, Millie, is 58. Baylor, Luc, and Oliver are all in their early forties, Adam, Mandy, Keisha, Mik, AJ, Eve, Xandi, Jake and Lisa are in their mid thirties (though AJ at 39 pushes the “mid” just a bit!) and Tinker and Tia were 27 and 26 when they were first introduced in the first book. Tala is 29 and says that’s how old she’ll always be, but age for us is nothing more than a number. We’re discovering that, as Chanku, we do not appear to age as we did before we began taking the nutrients. Now that we’re shifting, our aging processes appear to have slowed. I’m still studying this phenomenon, as I’m not certain exactly what is happening. I hope that helps.

    Ilona, I do hope you are able to find the books. Most stores carry the first Wolf Tales. It’s the purple one with a truly sexy couple on the cover. Not me, obviously. I would never actually pose for a book cover.

    Carmen, being Chanku is an amazing thing. We are truly blessed by the Goddess to have the gift of our alternate shapes and our amazing sensuality.

    Thank you, Mandy. Something we, as Chanku, have learned, is that honor, integrity and honesty are the traits we value in those we love. It’s not our age, our gender, our race–we are, after all, all Chanku. It’s the fact that each of us is unique, that we all have value and that we are loved by the pack, and in turn we love each and every member of the pack.

    thank you, Venus, and if you have any questions at all, please be sure to contact Ms. Douglas. She loves hearing from readers and answers all her own mail…and mine, too, when she has the time!

    Ah, Hope…I often have that effect on other men. They realize they can’t compete with me, and their frustration shows in their inability to accept the fact that their women enjoy reading Ms. Douglas’s stories. However, she claims she receives a lot of ‘thank you’ notes from husbands, so there are unexpected benefits for the men as well. You might want to share your books with your spouse. There are a lot of men who call themselves fans of Wolf Tales.

  72. Ley

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  73. Carol

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    I really enjoy your books and stories.

    I really am glad that you and your stories are branching out to other species.

    I have all the Wolf Tales (just started on the Sexy Beast).

    I share my love for your writing with my daughter. We both are great fans.

    I search everyday for the next book to arrive so I can get to the bookstore and buy it right away.

    For all the fans out there, I know from experience that Ms. Douglas does in fact write back personally and her response is quick.

    Thanks for the great stories,

  74. Karin

    Anton sounds fabulous. He is definitely a great person to go to for information about the Chanku. My interest has definitely been caught and I look forward to reading the books in the series.

  75. Anton Cheval

    Checking back in and I see where there are a few comments I’ve missed. Ley, I do hope you enjoy the series, and if you have any questions, feel free to email kate@katedouglas.com. She’s much better at answering her mail than I am.

    Thank YOU Carol. And yes, Ms. Douglas always answers her email. She claims that her readers are her entire social life…but what does that make me and the rest of the pack? Chopped liver? I don’t understand that woman…

    Thank you, Karin. I do love hearing that readers think I’m fabulous. It’s truly wonderful to feel appreciated.