Full Moon of Werewolves: The wrap up!

April 22, 2009 | Werewolves | 39 comments

Full Moon of Werewolves Schedule

This is it, the last day of a Full Moon of Werewolves. Big thanks to all the bloggers and all the blog visitors! It has been tons of fun and very educational.

This is your last post to comment on for an entry for the $100 worth of fab werewolf books. To make it interesting, let’s talk werewolf books a bit. What was your first? Do you remember? The one that stands out in my mind is Eileen Wilks’ Tempting Danger. This is when werewolves were still pretty new in romance and I loved it. The next werewolf book I remember really finding fresh and reminding me of all that wolfy goodness was Kelley Armstrong’s Bitten. Seriously, a great read.

What is about werewolves we love? Is it the primal animal thing? The pack mentality…the alpha aspect? What attracts you to them?

And, now five years after Eileen’s book came out, do you still love werewolves? Are you feeling the itch to move to new paranormal creatures, away from paranormals all together, or is your love still as strong?

If you could describe your perfect werewolf book, what would it be? What would the hero be like? Would it be contemporary or historical? Would the heroine be a shifter too, would it be a “destined mate” book or just good old fashioned hormones helping along lasting love?

What? Tell all you want and love for one last chance to win!

Last day to enter Saturday, April 25th at midnight central U.S. time.

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  1. Zita Hildebrandt

    Laurell K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake “guilty Pleasures” was the first book about werewolves I can remember reading way back in 1994. Before that, my exposure was all movies. I don’t think I could describe a perfect werewolf book, because authors keep surprising me with different views I would never have thought of. I think I’d prefer contemporary or futuristic over historical, and for the romantic aspect, I’m good with whatever the author dishes out. I like ’em all! :D

  2. Kait Nolan

    I don’t necessarily require a fated sort of mating, but I love the mate for life mentality of wolves. I definitely prefer contemporary or a fantasy setting–not a big historical fan in general. I think the first werewolf book I read was Kelley Armstrong’s Bitten, which I adored. It was just about perfect except that I wished it was a bit more of a classic romance. The heroine need not be a shifter, though that’s fun. I’m not sure what I’d think if she was and he wasn’t. A challenge for someone perhaps :D

  3. Chris

    Probably the Anita Blake books were the first werewolf books I remember reading. I’m exclusively interested in contemporary settings. The mating for life thing is excellent. :) Right now I’m reading the Cascadia Wolves series.

  4. Ashley V

    I can’t remember the first one, it has been so long lol Just recently I have really started to love werewolves. I think it is the alpha-ness, the strong dominant-ness lol

    I think the perfect book for me would be a contemp, with just the hero being a shifter. I am not really into the whole fated thing though. I prefer for it to be more of a choice.

  5. Shell the hockeyvampiress

    I loved the Anita books and the Lora LEigh Breeds books from wayyyyyy back. I would have to say I love my weres dominant and fighting the “mate” situation as much as possible. The HEA may take a while.,…. with many obsticles in the way but it needs to get there about page 200-300 LOL Thanks for the month of were’s Lori…. it has been fun!!!

  6. Diana Owen-Emerson

    The first werewolf book I read was Kresley Cole’s A Hunger Like No Other. It was also my first paranormal romance. After reading that book, I was totally hooked on the genre! Recently, I was persuaded by a friend to read the Twilight series (I’m probably 20 years too old!), and of course, I loved Jacob the best! I like Vampires too, but werewolves will always be my favorite!

  7. ann marie

    Thanks for the month of were stories. My first book would have to be Lora Leigh’s breed series. My favorite part in any were story is the pack family taking care of each other. As far as the perfect book, If I can picture what the author created clearly to me that is a good book. Happy Earth Day. :)

  8. Lori

    I have never really cared for the destined mate thing. It’s interesting to hear that other people like it. What about it appeals to everyone?

  9. theo

    My first book? I can’t remember, I’ve been reading paranormal for a long, long time and only in the last four years or so, when I started writing it, did I get hooked on paranormal romance.

    I have an affinity for regency werewolves, probably because my stories are set then. I’m a wolves-mate-for-life kind of girl and I love my wolves to be the male in the story. Just so much more…alpha *sigh*

    I can’t remember not loving werewolves though and I think it’s all due to The Wolfman with Lon Chaney, Jr. He was a tragic character that made me feel for the wolf (didn’t hurt that he was a good looking man when he was young either! :razz: ) But it’s been werewolves for me ever since.

  10. Roberta Harwell

    I’m just now reading my first book in this genre. It is “Midnight Cravings”. I’ve finished Michele Hauf and Karen Whiddon stories. I’m currently in the middle of Lori Devoti’s story. I’m having a hard time putting it down so I can get my work done. These short stories have me hooked. I can’t wait to learn more about each individual author and their writing styles. Have a great day.

  11. Pamk

    can’t remember my first shifter but I love them all types. and I love all types of paranormal books. Keep em coming as long as they are good stories. I don’t have a preference over destined vs hormones as long as it works in the story

  12. Jessica Kennedy

    I’m guessing the first book would be Twilight and New Moon….

    I wasn’t much into reading paranormal romance until that series. I know! Weird huh?

    I can’t really say how I’d like a werewolf book to be BUT I just LOVE Rachel Vincent’s Shifter series. It’s based around cat shifters but it’s still the same concept. It would definitely be the male lead as the natural born were with maybe the female being subject to an attack and the male is needed to help her through the change and the new way of life. He would be there for her support but she wouldn’t accept it full out but rather have a nasty attitude that the male would have to overcome. He knows she’s going through tough times and willingly takes the heat from her. He ultimately breaks her and they live happily ever after…..

    Yeah, that sounds good to me! :)

    This book looks very cool, btw!

  13. Becky Ward

    I don’t remember the first werewolf book that I read was. I know that I still love to read about werewolves even though I do read other paranormal stories. I like the alpha aspect of a werewolf story.
    If I would like a werewolf book that was contemporary even though I do like the historical ones too. It wouldn’t matter if the heroine was a shifter too or not. I like the ones that are to be a “destined mate” book. Something about knowing that person will always be there for you no matter what.

  14. kanarytx

    Thanks to all the writers. I don’t remember my first werewolf book. I like the historical parts along with some fantasie.I feel bad when the wolves mate for life,and they live hundreds of years after their mate dies.So I would want both shape shifters,but keep waiting for them not to mate for life, just have hormone attacks.I also like the protectiveness of the wolves over their love interest. If they both were shifters they would be protective of each other (some heated arguing there). I like books that also have some historical beliefs of past generations hundreds of years ago.

  15. Ashley Madden

    I like the mate for life mentality of the werewolves. You know for a fact they’ll never stray. And of course the protectiveness and loyalty are also very honorable traits. Plus, they’re just so sexy. I love alpha males, and the werewolf is just that.

  16. Colleen

    My favorite werewolf books are Kendra Leigh Castle’s Highland Series… those are some yummy men in kilts!
    I love the variety out there, so many choices for reading… The excitement of seeing a story flow, the characters coming to life. As for story preference, I do not want to nail down specifics… the differences make each book unique and enjoyable… give me romance!!! :D

  17. Carmen R

    I can’t remember my first werewolf book. maybe it’s because I have read so many. I’m not a real big fan of the destined mate thing. It has been done so often that i find it refreshing to read a book that it’s just hormones and free will at play.

  18. Venus Cahill

    First off thank you for this entire event, I’m sad it’s come to an end.

    I never mixed my romance and werewolves until reading about the sexy Richard in LKH’s Anita Blake series and how couldn’t I fall in love. I’m hooked now. I love Rhyannon Byrd’s Blood Runners and I can’t get enough hairy heroes. There’s just something about the mixture of sexy man and untamed beast who falls in love and mates for life. After all you guest entries I’m happy to say that I have a huge must read list.

    Thank you again.

  19. Lisa F.

    I can’t remember my first werewolf book. I do love the whole mate for life in some books or imprinting. Some of my faves are Sherrilyn Keynon, Lora Leigh’s breeds (Elizabeth’s Wolf- I love that book! Dash is my favorite wolf!!!) Jacob from the Twilight saga. Richard from Anita Blake series. I love a strong alpha male!

  20. Estella

    Lori Handelands first Moon book was my introduction to werewolves.
    I like both contemporary and historical were stories.
    It doesn’t matter if the heroine is a shifter or not.

  21. Jody F.

    I want my perfect werewolf story to be contemporary with a leather loving, Harley riding hero who can call forth his inner beast whennever he wants. He’ll be thought of as a bad boy by everyone in town but shows his softer side to his heroine (whose description kinda matches me hee-hee). Good ol’ hormones are enough to bring this couple together. This of course will lead to a very steamy HEA.

  22. Lori

    Jody, Harleys and werewolves really do go together, don’t they?

  23. Barb P

    Hi Lori! I guess that I am probably dating myself here, but the first werewolf that really made an impression on me was Quentin Collins on Dark Shadows. Dark Shadow also had books that went along with the series, as a matter of fact I still have some. Being a romantic at heart, I really love the whole lifemate thing. You know the whole tough werewolf finds mate, protects with his life thing. Yum! Some of my favorite authors are ones you have had guest blog, such as Cynthia Eden, Lori Handeland and Rebbecca York. I also love Patrice Michelle and Kresley Cole, that is just to name a few. I’ve really enjoyed your Full Moon of Werewolves month. Thanks for the fun!

  24. theo

    Oh! Quentin! I loved him. I used to run home from school so I would only miss the first fifteen minutes of the program. I was a total Dark Shadows geek! :mrgreen:

  25. Jamie

    Cry Wolf was my first real Werewolf book because I am just getting started. Thanks to all the fun things you have done this month I have a lot more added to my TBR list. I am excited to dive right in and sink my fangs into them. As far as were stories I am PNR all the way.

  26. Ley

    My first werewolf was probably a Nocturne…. Come to think of it, it might have been Unbound… Oh wait, wait! But before that came Never Ceese by Sue Dent. Really good book!
    I definitely like a protective wolf. I like the mating for life concept, but not neccesarily the destined fate. There’s something to be said for choice. :-)

    Thank you so much for this fun month, Lori! I’ve found so many new authors to read.

  27. Virginia Hendricks

    The perfect werewolf book? The main character is hunky, the heroine is pretty cool and can hold her own. and a little bit of romance. oh and it has to have either an HEA or a cliff hanger ending.

  28. Amy S.

    I think my first wolf book was by Lorie O’Clare. My hero would have to be an alpha in a contemp setting. Thanks for the great contest!

  29. Caffey

    This has been a blast here Lori!!
    My first werewolf book was a Anthology of 4 called PRIMAL HEAT with Lora Leigh, Jaci Burton, Sherri King and Lorie O’Clare. Whew, I so loved it!! This was maybe 3 years ago or so. But that was a great way to start because I discovered four authors at once that had a series!

    I’m always looking for more to read! I loved that here these last few weeks and more because I found a bunch more. I read a variety so I never get bored of what i’m reading in genres. I go from one genre to another!

    I know I’d love to see more Werewolves in historicals. I’ve only found one or two. Really love to see them in Medieval! LOL I’d love a strong alpha one too! Really I’m so flexible, LOL. I love anything unique!

  30. Linda

    I can’t remember the first shape-shifter book I read. I love them all dearly. I too loved Quentin Collins on Dark Shadows, in fact I named my youngest son Quentin because I loved him so much.
    I like the fated mates but I’m not locked into them. Mates for life is a really great concept, be nice if humans could do that.

  31. Pam P

    I remember watching Dark Shadows after school. I think my first WW book was Touch a Wof (and the rest of the series) by Susan Krinard, and I’ve been reading them ever since.

    Thanks for another great blog party and interesting posts by all.

  32. Jackie B

    I can’t remember the name of my first werewolf book, but I’ve been looking for it for years. I read it in Middle School and it was set in Canada. The main character ran away to live with her boyfriend. They became squatters in some abandoned building and there was C-4 involved but I can’t remember the name!

    The one I do remember is Bitten by Kelley Armstrong. She was the first “adult” author I read who not only included werewolves in the story, but made one the main character. To this day, it’s one of my all-time favorite books because of how deep she went into human nature to describe the Change.

  33. Eshani

    The first werewolf book I remember reading was “A hunger like no other” by Kresley Cole. I absolutely love it, read all of her other books, and on to find some more wolfies :wink:
    I love the alpha aspect of a were, how powerful they are, and how fiercely they love and want to protect their mate. A hero like this needs a heroine that can keep up with him. Whether they are shifters, vampire, or humans, I like the heroine to be a little spunky, independant, and fun.
    Thanks for having these posts, I’m always looking for new authors and books to read, and I get so many titles just from reading the posts by everyone else and seeing what they love about the genre.

  34. blackroze37@yahoo.com

    i have had lots of fun, and found some new authors to myself, than you for the wolf month. :D

  35. Lindsey Ekland

    Do not remember my first werewolf but have read many books and still enjoy the premise but also want to read about other shifters. I like the fated matings as well as the strength and loyalty.

  36. crystal adkins

    I had so much fun reading the blogs this month! My idea of a good werewolf book would be, the shy almost geeky type of reg. person but still totally built under clothes… just not too much. Turns into a white wolf with electric green eyes, meets a nice woman that is sort of fragile but is slowly introduced to his world… and then he finds out she is something different from what he knew!

  37. Diane Higgins

    My first werewolves were Rhyannon Byrd’s Blood Runner series. Just starting the Eileen Wilks books.

    I love the primal animal thing, the man/ beast thing. Kinda like Beauty and the Beast appeal. Also like the pack aspect (like in Wolf Tales)

    I prefer heroes that are: 1. alpha 2. immortal
    3. able to love/ be open/ be kind/ be funny

    I prefer heroines that are: 1. tough/ capable 2. intelligent 3. become or are immortal 4. funny

    Historicals are more appealing to me, but I like comtemporaries too. (when there is danger, I prefer sword fights to gunfights)

    If the male is a shifter then YES I feel its practically necessary for the female to be as well. (that was the ONE thing I didn’t like about Nalini Singh’s “Slave to Sensation”

    And definitely a fan of destined mates, love at first sight,etc…

    Thanks for the chance to win such a great prize!! —Diane Higgins

  38. Shell Bryce

    First shifter book would have to be LKH Antia Series. My dream were……?? Hawt and extremely primal, a little bit of bad boy….. Ok maybe my dream were would be someone a little shy and loveable like Sherrilyn’s Wren with a little bit of bad boy like Clay from Kelley Armstrong and of course a little bit of hardcore strength like Rachel Vincents Marc….. Oh hell give me all three I’m a big girl I can handle them….ah yeah!!
    Thanks again Lori for the month of weres!!

  39. Karin

    I don’t really remember what my first werewolf story was, but I know the that stands out as the one that really got me hooked on them is Shelly Laurenston’s The Beast in Him. Her characters are really fantastic and they have completely drawn me in. The hero in that story, Bobby Ray Smith, is one of my all time favorites. I love the way he interacts with the heroine, Jessie Ann Ward, a wild dog shifter. Though he is the alpha, he has a great sense of humor and is really tender in the way he treats Jessie.