Full Moon of Werewolves: The Magic or Curse of the Moon & Prizes!

April 14, 2009 | Werewolves | 36 comments

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About today’s guest: Jennifer St. Giles
USA Today Bestselling Author, Jennifer St. Giles writes Contemporary Paranormal for Pocket Books and Gothic-Paranormal Historicals for Berkley Publishing. Former nurse and homeschooling mother of three, Jennifer has won a number of awards for writing excellence. She lives in a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia with her husband of twenty-four years, and a boat load of kids and pets who make the household the wildest most wonderful Grand Central Station in existence.

One lucky commenter will win a copy of Kiss of Darkness and a second will win a copy of Bride of the Wolf. So, TWO winners today! Just leave a comment on this post to be entered. Winner will be announced at end of Full Moon promotion. Last day to enter Saturday, April 25th at midnight central U.S. time.

We’ve all felt the lure of the moon. That ghostly orb in the night that adds mystery to the dark, romance to an evening stroll, and the magnetic pull that moves oceans and thrusts werewolves into the primal darkness of their hungers. So during Lori’s Full Moon of Werewolves Event that celebrates the release of her rocking story Dark Crusade, tell us what is your experience with the full moon?

Bride of the WolfFor me, I know it’s no myth or accident that lunar brought about lunacy. As a nurse I spent many full moons working the night shift in hospitals and whenever a full moon hung fat and bright in the sky, everything that could go awry from the ER to the OR did. And so it is with my werewolves in my Shadowmen series. The moon holds these warriors captive to their base cravings and as they battle the evil threatening the world, they must also fight the growing urges within themselves.

Excerpt from Bride of the Wolf by Jennifer St. Giles Coming April 28, 2009.

The moon crested over the trees and sent a slice of light down, casting the shadows from his face.

Her breath caught at the thrill of his roughly hewn features, towering strength and yet gentleness. How could she explain her confusion? “I…I feel the pleasure. Dios, it is something I’ve never known and will never forget, but–”

“Aaah!” Navarre cried out, his back arching and his limbs shuddering. His cane flew from his hand and he nearly flung her off balance before he released his death grip on her hand. He cried out again and his body twisted forward. He landed on his knees and looked up to the sky.

“By Logos…save me!” he yelled.

“Navarre? Dios mio, what is wrong?” Marissa grabbed his shoulder, wishing she could see into his mind as he saw into hers.

A scream of pure torture ripped from his lungs and suddenly his muscles bulged, everywhere, nearly doubling his body mass. It seemed to her that bones cracked and stretched in painful succession, one after another. His neck, back, arms changed, then his hands, his fingers turning into sharp-nailed claws. Legs, thighs, calves, and feet. Black hair erupted from his smooth skin, covering his chest, back, arms, and face. Fangs projected from his upper jaw.

He was the creature again, only this time even bigger. But it was more than that. She sensed a primal savagery oozing from him. She stumbled back, lost her step, and would have fallen into the water if he hadn’t reached out and grabbed her arm. His claws painfully scratched her skin.

“Navarre? Madre de Dios, what has happened? You’re…you’re the creature again. What has Herrera done to you?”

Breathing heavy, he released his hold on her arm and she saw she was bleeding.

“Blood,” he said harshly. “I smell blood.”

He grabbed her arm again, bringing her scratches to his nose and inhaling. Then he licked the blood on her arm.

She cried out and he jumped back, pulling away from him.

“Hurt you,” he said, his voice grated like broken glass.

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  1. Audrey A

    I so can’t wait to read Bride of the Wolf. I wish it was out right now so I could read it. Actually I haven’t read Kiss of Darkness yet either because alas there just isn’t room in the budget for books right now. I am however number one on the hold list at my library. If only I didn’t have to eat then I could get all the books I want.

  2. Zita Hildebrandt

    I agree, Audrey. I wonder if werewolves have these budgeting issues. They don’t really need to budget for groceries since they can hunt for their food, so they’d have more money left over for books. On the other hand, do they do much reading? I imagine shifters have the same money trouble as everyone else. Though I’m not sure I’d want to be the librarian who has to tell the werewolf that the book is out and the wait list is three weeks! :wink:

  3. Chris

    This series has some really good covers!

  4. Roberta Harwell

    Loved the post. Can’t wait for the book to come out. Have a great day.

  5. theo

    HAH! I worked E/R and a step-down from ICU. Why doesn’t anyone else, but hospital personnel, believe that all the nuts crawl out of the woodwork on full moon nights?

    Great post and loved the excerpt.

  6. Teresa W.

    Enjoyed the post and good luck on the release!

  7. Lori Ann

    Great excerpt. This series sounds so good. I just bought the first two books in the series a few days ago and cannot wait to read them.

  8. Colleen

    Enjoyed the excerpt… Loved the post… and I agree the moon has powers!

  9. Jody F.

    Great excerpt! I really look forward to reading this!

  10. kanarytx

    The book sounds great. I get real nervous,and my temper goes crazy on a full moon. Once I had to go to the ER and people were all over the place even in the hall. I said what happened? A nurse said its a full moon.People had been in fights some stabbed each other, it was strange.

  11. Terri W.

    Thanks for the awesome excerpt and the lovely cover.

  12. Ashley Madden

    I saw both of these books on another blog, and I’ve wanted them since!!

  13. Estella

    Sounds like a good read!

  14. Tracy

    I’ve been seeing these books all over and am so interested in them. Great excerpt.

  15. Lisa F.

    Love the excerpt. Sounds like a great read.

  16. Pam P

    It’s amazing how many strange people I’ve run across acting and doing such weird or crazy things when it’s a full moon. Even at work, when we’d got more than the usual amount of calls from people acting crazy (worked in a law office, things like government conspiracy, lol).

  17. Jennifer St Giles

    LOL Talk about a full moon…… The blog ate my longgggggggg post, argh. and I must add another powerful force that beats the moon in its pull. TAX TIME. I would have been by earlier today but the Accountant made an error on our tax returns and so that had to be fixed the papers redone then picked up and signed before I had to take my husband to the airport to go out of town. then I had to fight through the overwhelming tide at the post office to put them in the mail.
    So I desperately needed the smile you ladies brought to my face today. I am so glad that many of you are going to check out my Shadowmen Series and will then hopefully Catch and spread the Shadowmen fever to others! You can email me at jenniferstgiles@gmail.com if you have any questions. I would also love to hear what you think of my Shadowmen after you’ve had an encounter with one. LOL
    Lori is so fantastic and gracious to share her blog and to give you all a sneak peek of Bride of the Wolf and Kiss of Darkness.
    I hope to hear from you all soon and you can go to my website for more excerpts!
    Happy Reading
    Jennifer St. Giles

  18. The_Book_Queen

    Thanks for the excerpt– I’ve been wanting to read these books for a while now! Love the covers– very beautiful!

  19. Ley

    I’ve never really noticed the dates of the full moon. I might have to watch and se who comes into the library on the next one. :D Of course, we have some nuts who come in on a daily basis….
    Great excerpt by the way!

  20. Jamie

    HOT!! Thanks for the great excerpt!!!

  21. Virginia Hendricks

    Sounds very nice! Can’t wait to read it!

  22. Barb P

    Awesome excerpt! I love this series and have been eagerly awaiting this book. Obviously I would love to win a copy ** LOL **

  23. LadyVampire2u

    I love your books so this one has been on my wishlist for a while now. I know the book will be released the 28th of this month but after reading that excerpt, well it still feels too long a wait!
    Full moons are definitely harbingers of surprise obsticles for me. Every time something is going on around me during a full moon, something usually goes wrong. I end up in the wrong place at the wrong time. Sometimes its just witnessing something strange or unpleasent but its too much of a coincidence that these things seem to move in the cycle of the moon.

  24. Jennifer St. Giles

    Good Morning ladies. So great to hear your full moon stories, and that you would love to encounter a Shadowmen. I hope you have the chance to meet one soon and I look forward to hearing from you!
    Happy reading
    jennifer st giles

  25. Caffey

    I have already read book one and to of this series and been very patient for Sam and Emerald’s story and now too I found out these two are back to back! I love it. I bet its tough on you doing that so know its so appreciated! And thanks for the huge peek into the excerpt for Marissa and Navarre’s story too!

  26. Venus Cahill

    Trust me I worked customer service and I believe the crazy people crawl out for the full moon.

    I look forward to reading your series.

  27. blackroze37@yahoo.com

    my cousin was a rn ,in nashville hosp, she said, on a full moon, more violence happent hat night, more gunshots wounds, knive wounds, beatings

  28. Ilona

    Loved the excerpt, can’t wait to read the full book :D

  29. Jackie B

    I’ve been on the look out for your books since reading your excerpt on Gena Showalter’s blog. It was great to read another sneak peek!

  30. DinahT

    I think that we all feel the pull of the Full Moon, I know that I have and problely will always. As a teen I would go out late at night walking to the marina at the end of the road I lived on to watch the full moon on the water. And just sit for awhile.
    Looking forward to your next book.

  31. Judi

    As someone who has worked mostly nights in both restaurants and lounges, I can definitely vouch that the “kooks” come out in droves during the full moon. It’s great to hear that I’m not the only one who’s come to that conclusion, lol.

    Awesome excerpt! I’ve been looking forward to the release of Bride Of The Wolf!

  32. pamk

    great excerpt and what a way to leave it. A real cliffhanger there lol

  33. Carmen R

    I use to work as a firefighter and I know people say the moon doesn’t cause people to act different but after going on so many crazy calls on full moons I have to disagree

  34. Melissa

    I love the excerpt! But you already knew that. Can’t wait for my signed copy.

  35. Eshani

    Hi Jennifer,
    I’m new to your books, but I love the excerpt! It leaves you exactly at that moment where you just want to know what’s going to happen next :)
    Definitely looking forward to this!

  36. Karin

    I’ve never really noticed much the night of the full moon except for how cool it looks all fat and bright sitting on the horizon when it rises.

    Great excerpt. It has me looking forward to reading the whole book.