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How to Write a Romance

How to write a romance? Contrary to what some people seem to think, writing a romance is no easier than writing any other type of book. In fact, if writing romance and relationships doesn’t come naturally to you, it may be harder than writing any other type of book....

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How to Create A Scene That isn’t Boring

All stories (books and screenplays) have information that needs to be told. Often it is boring information. Too often writers solve this with a big old info dump that no one wants to read. Should you just leave the information out? Maybe. Often the reader doesn't need...

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Point of View Whiplash: Head Hopping

Head hopping. You've probably heard the term, but have you been accused of it? Do you know what head hopping is and why you want to avoid it? How to avoid it? When you sit down to write a story, you can start a lot of places—plot, character, setting—but very early you...

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