Setting the Scene in a Story

You are reading along, a scene ends a new one begins and... Wait... Where am I? Who am I with? WHAT IS HAPPENING? I'm lost... Have you ever had this experience? If so, that writer was guilty of not setting the scene in their story or as I sometimes call it, not...

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What are Beats in Fiction Writing?

Beats in Fiction Writing? Honestly, beats isn't a term I use a lot, but it is a term I hear a lot, so I thought it would be good to define what beats in fiction are and why they matter. Beats in Fiction Writing Defined According to Sandra Scofield in her book, The...

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How to Create A Scene That isn’t Boring

All stories (books and screenplays) have information that needs to be told. Often it is boring information. Too often writers solve this with a big old info dump that no one wants to read. Should you just leave the information out? Maybe. Often the reader doesn't need...

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