Plotting: The Inciting Incident

When plotting your book the scene you probably know immediately is the Inciting Incident. It's the event that kicks off all of the action in your book. The Inciting Incident is what pushes your character to make some choice or embark on some journey that is the main...

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How to Write a Romance

How to write a romance? Contrary to what some people seem to think, writing a romance is no easier than writing any other type of book. In fact, if writing romance and relationships doesn’t come naturally to you, it may be harder than writing any other type of book....

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Plot a Book with a Clothesline

So you want to plot a book... Not every writer is a plotter; I realize that, but I'm also a strong believer that your writing will be more efficient if you have at least some idea where your story is going. So, if the idea of writing out a hundred scene cards or even...

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