Rae Davies
Loose Ends

Loose Ends, Book 6 in the Dusty Deals Mystery series available now!

What you don’t know can’t hurt you…

At least that’s what they say…

But when unknown to Lucy, her parents sneak into town, more than Lucy’s feelings get hurt.

Her mother is obsessed with winning a beef cookoff and meddling in Lucy’s love life. Then to make matters worse, one of her mother’s competitors turns up dead, and, of course, her mother finds the body.

Once again, Lucy is caught in the middle of a murder investigation and this one just might be the end of her and her mother…

Can Lucy keep her mother out of trouble, save their relationship, and keep things on an even keel with Peter? Or could Lucy’s troubles with her family spell the end of her relationship with Peter too?

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Questions About my Writing Process

Questions About my Writing Process

How does my work differ from others of its genre? My mysteries are heavily influenced by books I’ve read and loved. Joan Hess, especially her Maggody series,  was always a favorite and I think you see that in the somewhat goofy humor I use. Susan Conant is an obvious...

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How Can Lucy Love Bud Light?

Hmm, well… Bud Light was for years the best selling beer in the world. It was still the number one selling beer in America in 2011. (I’m guessing will be for 2012 too.) So, a lot of people do drink it. Actually, it was my favorite beer for years. Which considering I’m...

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