Don’t you know it’s illegal to sell endangered species like in the auction scene in Loose Screw?

September 3, 2012 | Rae Davies, Q & A

Pow Wow Dancer I did know that. Emoticon Smile

There are a few laws that regulate the sale and possession of parts taken from endangered species and other protected animals. There are also laws specifically regarding Native American Art (or artifacts like those sold in the auction in Loose Screw).

Loose ScrewIf you recall, at the auction Lucy attended, the bear claws and eagle feathers were removed from the medicine man outfit before it was sold. They were not “technically” sold to the winning bidder. They were “given” to the winning bidder.

Would this hold up in a court of law?

I don’t know, but I do know it is how I have personally seen it done at auctions where Native American artifacts were sold.

So 100% legal or not, it’s how it is done, at least in some instances.

(Note: This picture is of a Pow Wow dancer, not a medicine man as in Loose Screw.)