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December 10, 2018 | Writing Craft, Characters, Plotting | 1 comment

Plotting a book scares a lot of authors. Developing characters and planning a book outline intimidates a lot of writers as well. But, honestly, none of these things are scary. They’re fun. Really.

The key to plotting a book, or planning a book outline, if that is how you prefer to think of it, is to start with your characters. Once you know them, know what they want, and what is getting in their way, the rest will flow easily. 

We have a lot or articles here at the How to Write Shop to help authors with these things.  Using the Enneagram for Developing Characters, The Clothesline Plot, and Plotting with the Hero’s Journey are a few I reccommend.

For those writers looking for a one-stop easy to follow guide for developing characters, plotting a book, and planning a book outline, I’ve also put together all of these things (plus more) in one book: Hello, Plot. Are You Out There? 

plotting a book developing characters planning a book outline

Hello, Plot. Are You Out There? is an easy-to-follow guide that walks you through developing your characters and then the perfect plot for those characters and your story. 

It also includes a free workbook with forms to download, and bonus, as readers of the How to Write Shop, you can post any questions you have here for my personal feedback. 

Check it out and let me know what you think! 

Available in print and ebook at: Amazon | Barnes and Noble| Smashwords | Kobo 

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  1. Carolyn Conway

    Read your review of The Invention of Wings: right on the money! I was also wondering how could I have not heard of these two? As I read the “novel” and so many characters I knew of appeared, I kept wanting it to be a true story, and it qualified! Presented it to my book club and was pleased that you were as enthusiastic about it as I was!
    Question: have you noticed that almost all recent books have slipshod editing? Is it because I read almost everything on Kindle (poor vision: large print!) or is it the same in hardcover or paperbacks? Grammar, punctuation and word usage have really taken a hit these days!