Interview urban fantasy author, Chris Howard

Fav candy Gummi bears--and not those squishy, pretending to have something to do with real fruit flavor junk you see at the grocery store, but the original ones. There's a candy store in Hampton called Sanborn's where I get mine. Fav cartoon character I don't really...

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Interview, urban fantasy author, Marc Paoletti

This the second of my interviews with the writing team of Patricia Rosemoor and Marc Paoletti. As I said yesterday, they've teamed up to write a new urban fantasy--The Last Vampire, (in stores June 24th) where the vampire is (gasp) truly the bad guy. :D Author of: THE...

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Interview with Nocturne author, Pamela Palmer

Pam and I both have June releases for Nocturne! This is Pam's second book for the line. Her first was The Dark Gate, which received all kinds of acclaim. If you're heading to the stores to get Wild Hunt, you'll want to pick up Dark Deceiver too. Author of: The Esri...

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