Character Interview, Loving Miranda

November 21, 2005 | Character Interviews | 2 comments

This is something a little different for me, it’s an interview, except instead of being with the author it’s with a character. :) Miranda Chase is the heroine in my friend second book–Loving Miranda. For more information on the book, you can visit the Your Virtual Book Bag blog.

I met up with Miranda Chase when she stopped in Denver on her way from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Fort Victory in Colorado Territory. Let’s see what she had to say:

September, 1868.
Denver, Colorado Territory

?: You’ve been away from Colorado Territory for a year now. What brings you back?
Miranda: My sister sent a letter asking me to come. This might sound strange, but Mercy ain’t never needed me. Once I got that letter, you couldn’t have kept me in Philadelphia if you tied me to a tree.

?: Last I heard, you were planning to marry Harold Pearson. What ever happened to him?
Miranda: Harold? He found a gal who suits him better. I had hopes he would choke on his wedding cake, but last I heard he was still kicking.

?: You’ve lived in the big city and on the frontier–which do you prefer?
Miranda: You want some fun in Fort Victory you can go to Rita’s Saloon or a church social. Pa and Mercy never did allow me inside of Rita’s so that left the monthly socials. And my sister wearing her gun and glaring at every man who asked me to dance. In Philadelphia I chose my friends. It wasn’t near as easy as I reckoned it would be.

?: Can you describe your ideal man?
Miranda: My pa. He’s not a handsome fellow, but he’s good and kind.

?: What are your hopes and dreams for your future?
Miranda: Truth be told, I’m afraid to hope, but I reckon I still have dreams. From the time I was a little girl playing with my doll, I thought sure I’d have my own family one day. I still think maybe it could happen. When you grow up you learn there ain’t no such thing as sure.

To find out what happens to Miranda check out Loving Miranda by Teresa Bodwell, or start with her sister’s story, Loving Mercy. Both from Zebra. :)


  1. Jennifer Yates

    I loved the interview and both of Teresa’s books…such hot covers, don’t ya think?

  2. Lori

    Yeah, I agree–I especially liked the cover of Loving Mercy. Sexy but classy. :)