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November 7, 2005 | Author Interviews | 1 comment

Yep, an interview! With Lucy Monroe. :) Lucy, hmm how to describe Lucy? Contemporary author? Sensual author? Author of historicals? Paranormals? Yes, to all. How about publishers? Brava, Harlequin, Berkeley, Zebra? This woman is everywhere. What an inspiration.

Anyway, I caught up with her and asked her a few questions..

(me) You write for three publishers and a number of lines. When you started out was this a goal of yours? How do you balance it?

(Lucy) This absolutely was one of my goals. I’ve always written lots of different types of stories and it works well for me creatively to keep doing that. As for balance…there is insanity and there is utlra organization of my time. The prevaling approach depends on the book and what day of the week it is. :)

(me) What elements can readers count on finding in your books no matter the publisher?

(Lucy) Strong emotion and strong sensuality with characters that I love so I hope they will too.

(me) What is the absolute best compliment a reader could pay you? (besides buying your books)

(Lucy) To tell me that I touched their heart. It’s why I write for publication rather than just myself. I want to touch the emotions of others, to make their day a little brighter and maybe help them to keep believing in happy beginnnings.

(me) Your current release, Touch Me, is your first historical. What made you decide to try a historical?

(Lucy) I started writing historical but sold contemporaries first. It has always been a love of mine.

(me) Was it more difficult for you than the contemporaries?

(Lucy) It didn’t used to be, but now that we’ve got teenagers and live in the middle of my extended family again, it’s a lot harder to get into the historical period for writing when the phone rings so much more and there are a lot more drop ins that keep me in the present reality a littel too firmly at times.

(me) What about the Regency era attracted you?

(Lucy) I actually love most eras of history for many different reasons, but the Regency era worked best for the characters in this trilogy. It’s usually about the character for me, when you get right down to it.

For more information on Touch Me visit the Your Virtual Book Bag blog. :) Oh, and Lucy blogs too.

Next Monday I hope to have an interview–so check back.


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  1. Lucy Monroe

    Lori…thanks for doing the interview! You’re a total sweetheart and your blog is lots of fun. I’m uber impressed with the graphics and content!