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March 24, 2008 | Other Interviews | 1 comment

I’ve never met Angry Romance Girl, but I stumbled upon her blog and thought she might provide an interesting and intellectual take on romance novels and how others perceive them…
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Basic Facts: Single-ish. Likes Pink – deal with it. More of an angryromancecat person than a doormatdog person.

Author of: AngryRomanceGrrl blog And working on a book: Romance my ass, or some other equally inappropriate title.

Favorite Candy: Pink Peeps. “Chick shaped” my ass. They are blob-like–frosting-colored-sugared-coated Easter marshmallows. I don’t eat them – I blow them up in the microwave and celebrate by eating dark chocolate. I have a dark side.

Favorite Cartoon Character: Leela from Futurama. She’s a smart-ass with a mean roundhouse kick. What’s not to admire?

Super Power She Most Covets: The power of perfect timing. It’s not glamorous, but when you think about it—you’d always make the flight and would get the free upgrade. You’d play the lottery and win because you were at the right place and the right time. Super deluxe power!

Q.) Who is AngryRomanceGrrl? What does she love/hate? What makes her tick or just ticks her off?

A.R.G.) Love: I read romance – duh! and am partial to action-adventure, suspense, and some paranormal, comedy. Oh hell-I like them all, what can I say. I want that happy ending and, no matter what the Oprah book club (or my mother). thinks, it IS NOT unrealistic,. Call me crazy (though I might smack you) but why revel in total dysfunction? Do that on your own time.

Hate: People who slam romance novels. now THAT makes me angry! Stupid comments make me burn with the passion of a thousand red-hot fiery suns! 98% of these ignorant remarks are from people who have never read a romance novel. Dumb asses love to make blanket statements based on sheer ignorance.

I have one message for them, and one message only: “Bite Me’”.

Q.) How about the blog. What happens over there? What caused you to start it?

A.R.G.) Mostly, I like to vent about those things or people (mostly people) that annoy the crap out of me. As for why—don’t ask why – I find that annoying.

Q.) Recently on a blog I read that “romance readers need to get a sense of humor.” What do you think about that? Are we all just way too sensitive?

A.R.G.) Ahh – but what they really meant to say was ““romance readers need to be able to laugh it off when people make fun of them” Puh-lease! What a load of crap. To them I say –“ I have a sense of humor – why don’t you try and say something funny first – then maybe I will laugh!”

Q.) I was at a conference last week where more than one person referred to romance as “formulaic”. Is that an insult or fact? And do you know where the romance world is hiding the manual, because it was missing in my romance writer starter kit.

A.R.G.) Wait – that’s the best they could do? It’s not an insult – to me – but my guess is they meant it as an insult. Perhaps they should take a writing class and come back with a less hackneyed comment. Writing 101 – Formula = structure. If you are going to insult me at least be smart about it.

Q.) How about romance covers? Do they bother you? Should romance readers hide them behind fancy cloth covers? Or bare them freely?

A.R.G.) Romance covers are HAWT! They may want to hide them if they are around small children or nuns, however. The only covers that bother me are the one with ‘plastic poser people’. They look like expressionless Barbie dolls. While I played with Babies growing up, I don’t want them on a cover. It’s creepy.

Q.) What is your all time favorite insult and come back?

A.R.G.) “Bite Me”

Q.) And finally in the words of Rodney Dangerfield, why can’t we “get no respect?”

A.R.G.) Don’t ask. Get. Assume you have it and if people treat you otherwise, tell them in no-uncertain-terms that their behavior is not acceptable. Or, if you prefer, “Bite Me”

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  1. Cathy in AK

    Oh, A.R.G., you get right to the heart of the matter, don’t you?

    Great interview, and thanks for the inspiration to stand up for the genre!