New York, New York

March 27, 2008 | On The Road

Today I’m going to NY–or more accurately am in New York. I’m posting this ahead of time because I decided not to bring my laptop. I always bring it and while it is great to have on the plane for writing, I don’t wind up checking email because Internet service at fancier hotels is getting more and more expensive. If someone needs me they have my cell number!

I’ve never been to NY. I have been to Mexico City which is actually bigger, but I don’t think the part of Mexico City I frequented has much in common with NY. (I went to school there one summer.) The reason for this trip is, of course, a conference. I’ve never been to this conference either–but it looks like it will be a good one and I’m looking forward to “putting a face” on Ninc. I joined about a year ago and while it was started by members of RWA and had a lot of romance authors in it, the personality is different and there are authors of other genres in the mix. I love that. I think spending too much time in romanceland can be…well, not good. It’s like spending too much time in your house–you need to get out and remind yourself there is another world out there and what seems SO important in one world isn’t at all in another.

So, that’s where I am. My travel buddy on the way out is Barbara Vey and my roomie is Sally MacKenzie. I’ll try and post a bit about the conference when I get back.

Have a great weekend!