Guest Post: Michele Hauf’s Entry into Tina Folsom’s Venice Vampyr world

March 22, 2017 | News!!, Vampires | 1 comment

Hi! And thanks to Lori for hosting me here today at the blog. I’ve been writing vampires since my very first published novel, and I have a new vamp story out this month. It’s my favorite genre, the historical romance. And if I can combine that with vampires than nothing is more fun, for me, to write about.

Venice Vampires by Michele HaufI know we authors have complete control, and get to define, enhance, and decorate our characters anyway we see fit. But it’s not often, when writing contemporary paranormal romance, I can get away with donning my hero in velvets and frock coats. I do love a froth of lace at a man’s wrist. Ha! You all know where my affections lie now.

Anyway, I had a great time stepping back into early-19th century Venice and imagining what it might be like to live as a vampire. Sunlight and stakes are a real threat to my hero. But so is the headstrong and flirtatious heroine a threat to his heart. I was glad the time period still allowed for corsets, because those are always fun to work into a scene, especially when the hero is trying to get beneath what those whalebones and damask are covering up.

Do you think vampires from centuries past would have survived as long as our present-day vamps do? Was it easier for them to get by with the bite, and leaving their victims lying about, than it would be in today’s world of super-connected and CCTV cameras? If you love vampires, which do you prefer? The historical or the modern-day versions of those sexy fanged bad boys?

Michele’s current release is WICKED SEDUCTION, a super-steamy novella set in Tina Folsom’s Venice Vampyr world. It is available at all online retailers!

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