Recipe: Morning After Cheese Ham Strata

April 8, 2017 | Lori's Life, Recipes

Ham is almost a must have at a lot of Easter brunches/lunches/dinners. Which means… leftovers. And let’s face it, you can only eat so many ham sandwiches.

So here’s a great way to use not only that leftover ham, but any older than you’d like bread that is sitting around too.


  • 10 slices of your choice of bread, french, whole wheat, sourdough… remove the crusts if they will bother you.
  • 1 onion, minced (medium)
  • other vegetables of your liking: mushrooms, spinach, peppers… about a half a cup and make sure dry. (So if use frozen spinach, thaw and get the water out)
  • 1/4 cup butter
  • 2 cups ham, cut into cubes
  • 4 cups shredded cheese (I suggest sharp cheddar)
  • 2 tablespoons flour
  • 8 whole eggs
  • 3 cups milk (pick your fat)
  • 2 tablespoons mustard (Dijon, but could get creative with this too)
  • 1 teaspoon garlic powder… or I like to use the minced “fresh” stuff you buy in a jar
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt

Grease a 13 x 9 inch baker (no cover) and put the bread in the bottom. In a skillet, melt the butter and saute the onions and other vegetables. Drop in spoonfuls onto the bread as best you can so well distributed. Put the cheese, ham and flour in a bag or bowl and toss/shake to mix everything up and then pour onto vegetable/bread in the baker. Beat eggs, milk, mustard, garlic and salt together and pour over everything else.

Cover and put in the fridge overnight or at least eight hours. The next morning, take out and get the chill off by letting the dish sit at room temperature for half an hour.

Bake at 350 degrees for an hour or until a knife stuck in the middle comes out clean. Let set/sit (both!) for ten minutes and serve!