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March 27, 2009 | Werewolves | 37 comments

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About today’s guest: Linda Thomas-Sundstrom
Linda Thomas-SundstromLinda Thomas-Sundstrom is a native of California, where she lives with her husband and teaches at a major California University. Linda writes in the genres of fantasy and romance, and at the moment has two more books in the works in the paranormal romance genre. She prefers reading and writing dark historicals, with plenty of gothic-style atmosphere, but on a challenge from an editor is finding light contemporary paranormal also a kick to write.

Oh…. Those sexy…. Werewolves.

Hi. My name is Linda Thomas-Sundstrom, and I’m a paranormal-a-holic.

To be more specific, I’m a werewolf-aholic.

You know, werewolves…. Those guys who run naked in the moonlight, with all that silver light cascading off their truly spectacular muscles. Those guys with backsides you could, if you dared, bounce a quarter off of? The ones who nip at your neck and make low growling noises when they’re excited or happy?

I’m addicted, big-time, to the idea of sexy, hot-blooded alphas with longish hair, incredible large light eyes of whatever color, and plenty of danger genes hot wired into their DNA. Yum! I like that these guys are for all intents and purposes normal most of the time, and only have three days per month, maybe less, when they cross over that line separating Human from Other. And I am so very lucky that I’ve been able to spend some time with these guys lately, with the promise of more contact in the future.

Barbie and the BeastYep, I’m a writer with a penchant for the furry side of the paranormal romance genre. Though I also write about vampires (Kensington Brava), one day I just decided I preferred warm — and werewolves hopped onto my pages. They’ve been there ever since.

There just seems to be a werewolf for every occasion, in my estimation. So I put them to paper as they appear. Need your lighter side ticked by some soft male fur? Need a laugh at the end of your day?

My quirky, girly, light-as-air paranormal romance “Barbie & the Beast” might be the ticket. It sure was fun for me to write. “Barbie & the Beast” hits bookstore shelves this April 1, published by Dorchester. The idea behind it? I loved the doll, but always felt sorry for her. Poor little Barbie never ever got Ken (Dream Wedding Barbie, Bridesmaid Barbie). So, I wondered, while staring at my original Barbie on my bookshelf, what would Barbie’s namesake, if she were a twenty-something Miami high school teacher, do to finally get her man? What sort of guy would my Barbie end up with? Answer — Darren Russell, part time graveyard caretaker, part time Miami PD consultant…. and part-time furball, as in werewolf. This scenario cracked me up.

And hey — Anyone here superstitious?
I think it might be fate that “Barbie & the Beast” is coming out on April Fool’s Day, and during the year of the Barbie doll’s 50th anniversary celebration. You just can’t beat it when strange event line up. Right? Only thing better would be if there was a full moon on April 1 !! Whoa.

Then there’s the darker side of my werewolfdom. The more dangerous hunks. I know them, too.

My first flirtation with darker Were tales was this past January’s Nocturne Bite titled “Blackout.” The story of two people meeting because of a wolf bite, and how one will help the other with her “transition” from human to the darker thing she will become.

Blackout I followed the January novella with February’s Nocturne Bite “Wolf Bait,” the story of another couple having to deal with a bite, and a transformation.

Super lucky me! These stories were then picked up by Silhouette Nocturne to kick off a series. And the next stories in this series will be full Nocturne books. I’m finishing the first of those full books right now, and loving the process in which the final book, book 5, will see all of the couples in the other 4 books and Bites coming together to take a criminal werewolf down.

I can’t begin to tell you what a great time I’m having getting to know the werewolves in Miami. Light or dark, fun or just plain spooky, there is a werewolf for every taste (no pun intended), and a story in each pair of those wolves’ golden eyes.

Okay. So, since this is werewolf month on this blog, and I’ve just confessed to my addiction. I do hope you’ll chat with me a little bit about the way you like your wolves. What makes you love them? Do you prefer the good guys? The bad boys? Long hair? Short hair? Brown? Blond?

Today, let’s run our own SURVEY. Shall we?

Do tell what your fantasies are. We can see which type of werewolf wins, and figure out what the winner looks like. Are you game ???????

Waiting to hear from you…
And though I won’t have any power at my house with which to access the internet, after this is posted, I’ll scoot myself down to the local library as soon as it’s open and read and respond. Sine I’m on the west coast, this might be later for you easterners. But do stay tuned. I’ll be here!

And if you’d like to see more about me and the books, please visit my web site at www.lindathomas-sundstrom.com

Looking forward to it.


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  1. kanarytx

    Hi Linda
    I love the werewolf wars. The good versis evil ones, with one evil one that tries to help the good ones when he can,and not get caught by the evil ones. As far as looks, I like them all. And if they are werewolf-vampires all the better with magical powers.

  2. Jamie

    Wow my fantasies!! I have so many. One would be to be part of the underworld (like in the books I read) and to have some of the unbelievable romance that some of these characters have. Oh I also want to be bitten..lol. I know that sounds crazy but I would love to see what it feels like in a fantasy..lol!!

  3. Pamk

    both of those stories sound great. Love either funny or darker stories. Either works for me as long ast hey are well written,.

  4. LadyVampire2u

    I love werewolves because they have that possessive, primal animal side of them. They are wild, unpredictable most of the time and still tameable by the right heroine.
    When it comes to looks I imagine a bad boy with dark smoldering eyes, long black hair and a ruggedly handsome face. Personality wise, he would be rough, tough and stand-offish at first while hidding a big heart inside. It would take patience to coax out his inner feelings while he grudgingly lets go of that tight hold of his emotions enough to let himself care and be cared about.
    Would my ideal werewolf hero be a good guy? Maybe, maybe not. I wouldn’t mind his being a bad guy that through a story is slowly converted to the good guys side. Or he could straddle the line between good and bad in the beginning. Either way, he wouldn’t start off being the classic hero in anyone’s eyes…at first.
    Anyhow, thats my ideal. Great post.

  5. Roberta Harwell

    As I have never read any werewolf books as of yet, it’s hard for me to say what kind I would like. I’ll go off of what I have seen instead. I would have to say short hair, brown, and definitely a bad boy. This is what I go for in most genres. Have a great day.

  6. Pam P

    I like the tough, possessive wolf, all-out protective, though he does show a tender side at times. He’d be tall and dark, a bit wild, somewhat aloof to most, but with a bit of wry humor or wit that comes out at times.

  7. crystal adkins

    Linda is a new author for me, I really enjoyed your blogging today!
    Ok, my were-guy would be the short haired type, a dirty blonde maybe, bright green eyes, and a fantastic smile! His personality would be kinda badboy-ish but on the good side. He can be rough and tough, kicking butt like nobody’s business, but gentle when it’s needed :)

  8. Jenna Reynolds

    I have to say I do like tormented werewolves. The one torn between their human and animal natures. I also like the protective nature of most modern werewolves toward their pack, their mates, and if they are so blessed, their cubs. I mean, kids. No, that would be goat young. Their young, their progeny, whatever. :)

    Werewolves in the classic horror movies were so solitary, so alone. Which is to stay, I like them if they’re also the solitary, loner types too.

    I guess to sum it up, I like my werewolf heroes pretty much the way I like most of my romance heroes: dark, complex, sexy, romantic, bold, tender, tormented, and totally in love/lust with the heroine.

  9. Lisa W.

    I love werewolves doesn’t matter if blond, brown haired. I just love them I think because you think of them being in great shape and very protective of their mate and their pack.

  10. Jody F.

    My ideal would be dark haired, green eyed, with washboard abs. I’d want him to be protective, but with a sense of humor like I like all my fictional heroes to have.

  11. Linda Thomas-Sundstrom

    Good morning everyone! Love the chat so far, and the descriptions of your favorite sort of Were. So far, they’re really terrific reads, and I nod my head with every single one.

    Dear Jamie – about being bitten….. yikes! You have to read my January Nocturne Bite – “BLACKOUT before deciding. The book describes the phase where the body rewires itself into the new thing it will become. Not at all pleaseant. Many don’t make it through the Blackout at all. Survival of the fittest deal for werewolves. Could ruin a perfectly good outfit.

    However – a good, playful “nip” on the neck can be a whole heck of a lot of fun. With ya on that one. Wouldn’tmind one of those right now. A nooner.

    I’m right with you on the tormented (sort of) and the shifting, not only of loner-hood, but in perspective when he meets the girl.

    Like those…..
    Then again, can you just see the humorous side of this, too? Poor Darin in “Barbie & the Beast” wants to share about his little “issue” but has to find the right person. Someone who might understand what it’s like to have problems. HA.

    Now – I have to run and change locations again, so I can get on another computer. I’ll be back shortly. Hate these power outages. The discussion here is lively – one after my own heart. So much fun.

    I’ll describe my new werewolf hero for you when I get back – see whose description he fits best, so far.

    Keep on talking !

    Linda :lol:

  12. Colleen

    Wow, I never really thought this out… I love the wounded hero type… Tall, Dark haired, with beautiful light blue eyes, and a smile to die for!

  13. Linda Thomas-Sundstrom


    Okay. So far in these comments, the sort of tortured-soul-Were-guy is standing out.
    The loner. Body type= Big, tall, muscled, rugged, but with great hair, and gorgeous eyes that can take us in. Slighty wild. Protective genes wired in there with the other stuff. Danger vibe going on.

    Et voila! The perfect werewolf hero.

    Is the descriptionin this consensus due to the fact that we love to see the Bad Boys tamed by us (women!)? The Wolf turned pussy-cat, due to our loving female temperaments and ability to adapt?

    So, what about the lawyers, doctors, detectives, and cops who are werewolves? Who have to walk around acting normal (human) most of the time?

    Or would the next consensus be that Weres need to LOOK like they might be MORE than human all of the time? If they’re here in sufficient numbers, they have to have jobs, right? Or should they just run wild… and live on love?

    Can’t wait to hear your take on this question.

    Bring it on!


  14. Linda Wisdom

    Hey wolfie Linda!

    Plus weres can keep you warm at night. :D

    Great post, lady!

    witchy Linda

  15. Estella

    I like were guys who are torn between their wolf and human sides.
    Bad boys with long brown hair tickle my fancy.

  16. Jeanne D

    Hey Linda!

    You asked, anyone here superstitious? Yep, and isn’t it funny how the universe caused you to have so much success at the same time with your furry friends??? And well deserved, too!

    Do you think maybe all the howling at night in California might be weres and not coyotes???

    Love your writing!


  17. Samantha Sommersby

    No way, Linda. I want to tame the bad boy. Great post!


  18. Barb P

    I personally fantasize about the good guy werewolf w/the dark side. The tortured hero who happens to be goodlooking, masculine and can turn realy hairy when I’m in trouble. I think that this sounds alot like everyone elses comments but it gets my motor running let me tell ya. Have a great weekend!

  19. Linda Thomas-Sundstrom


    Man, our imaginations are running wild – with the pack. And it just goes to show that there’s a Were for everybody, right?

    However, I have “dibs” on the long-haired one with the blue eyes. Oh, wait. I’m supposed to be nice here? So, maybe I’ll share him…. but you have to have him back by midnight. Okay?

    Now – in this Nocturne series that started with the Bites, Blackout and Wolf Bait, my Weres are, in order of those “Bites,” a district attorney (genetic werewolf) and a psychiatrist, turned detective (bitee, recent transformation). The fun and the challenge of this was putting them into semi-normal situations, and then letting them go wilder beneath the full moon.

    My heroines in both Bites are strong women – a female cop and a psychiatrist, also in order of the Bites releases. They also are Weres, though not by choice.

    With Were heroes and heroines together, one of them going through a transition from human to Were, the chemistry is out of this world. And very sexy. Very hot. With both of the Weres at some point, they don’t have to hold back when they’re “together,” if you know what I mean. Whoa. Burn it up !

    My current book is backstory for those first two Bites, or maybe actually side-story. Folks from the Bites make appearances in this full book, and we get to know them a bit better, since there’s a much higher word count and time to explore personalities.

    PLenty of crazy wolves here, plus a sexy male cop and genetic Were woman going at it. :eek:

    Sometimes the woman just has to be strong.
    And I can’t wait to get back to my story, and see how it turns out.

    In the meantime, And as opposite as is humanly possible . . . “Barbie & the Beast” is fast approaching book stores. Now – please… this book should come with a disclaimer for all you dark side lovers. It is sort of sweet, though sexy, and pure flufforama. Not serious in any way. Not deep. Think pink cotton candy.

    “Barbie & the Beast” is the book for a chuckle at the end of the day. A “GIRL” book, through and through. I describe “Barbie & the Beast” as: a wacky romp through the world of paranormal dating … And dedicate the goofy book to women of all ages who remember the trials of dating, fondly or not. And of course, to those who loved their Barbie dolls.

    Take a walk on the light side with me?
    Check out my ridiculous “Barbie & the Beast” book trailer on my web site.

    And you can enter my “BARBIE IS BACK” contest – either on the Dorchester home page http://www.dorchesterpub.com – or on my web site.
    to win a really cool Nordstrom’s special edition retro Barbie bracelet, and a copy of the book.

    Hope you do.
    In the meantime —– more wolves here.

    Anybody see those awful, campy movies like Werewolf of London? Paris? Did you know there’s a new WOLF MAN movie being made?

    Sha-zam! I’m there. I’ve watched UNDERWOLD about ten times already.

    Anybody still here?

  20. Linda Thomas-Sundstrom

    Did you know there’s a new WOLF MAN movie being made? I think I’ve watched Underworld about five times now – will be great to have new fodder, eh?


  21. Linda Thomas-Sundstrom

    So – now that we’ve salivated over the dark side of wolfdom……. maybe you’ll take a walk on the lighter side with me. The silly side.

    “Barbie & the Beast” hits bookstores on or around April 1 – and should come with a disclaimer. It is pure, GIRLY fluff. Think pink cotton candy. Sexy but kinda sweet fare. As opposite from my Nocturnes and anything could possibly get. Which makes it all the more fun for me to go back and forth.
    Dark side/light side. Dark side/light side.


    Sexy werewolf there, too? You bet. Loner guy, long hair, muscles and all, who is looking for Mz Right. He just doesn’t know what he’s getting into with Barbie Bradley. I mean – anyone who can teach high school these days deserves a sexy werewolf to play with afterhours. Right?

    I describe “Barbie & the beast” this way; a wacky romp through the world of paranormal dating. The book is dedicated to women of all ages who rememebr the trials of dating, fondly or otherwise, and who really do need a chuckle at the end of the day. And of course I have to add that those who owned a Barbie doll will get a kick out of all the Barbies my Barbie Bradley can channel.

    More in a minute!


  22. Ashley Madden

    I’m also into the long haired light eyed hunkies lol. Now I just need one to fall in love with me, and I’ll be set for life! *grins*

  23. blackroze37@yahoo.com

    well the werewolf, jacob, in stepaine meyers book, (though a older verison,OL) big ole puppy dog that likes to laugh and have a good time,

    though i really do love bad boys :)

  24. Shell Bryce

    Fantasy Were would have shoulder length hair, dark blonde that was wavy and soft. Bright blue eyes that can see through to your soul and a body to die for!!!!

  25. LadyVampire2u

    As someone who grew up with Barbie dolls wishing Ken wore more leather and looked a bit more intimating, this book is definitely a must for me. But then again I’ve had this on my wishlist for a while now so I’ll finally be able to read it soon thank goodness! Congrats on your up coming release by the way. I should have said that in my first post on here but I was busy day dreaming about my favorite Were-hero.
    But in answer to your questions above, yes I think that Werewolves and any shape shifters have to eventually blend in with humans. Money is what makes the world work now-a-days and without it you cannot have a home, food, clothes, or anything. And with humanity branching out farther and farther the wilderness gets smaller. Even the beings of the deep wilds will eventually be bumping into us. So for preternaturals money to buy their own property free of trespassers is practically a must. And while on the job, they might at times stick out with the other-worldliness we humans sense in them but other then that shape shifters will probably blend right in. After all, we humans tend to enjoy dismissing whatever seems inprobable to myth and imagination. How much easier to blend in then, when those around us dismiss the random odd things we see or sense.

  26. Linda Thomas-Sundstrom

    Well Blackroze – a big puppy doggie of a wolf is a neat idea. too. Someone cuddly who laughs a lot. Yep. I can see that. Yet another take on the supernatural, eh?

    And – nighty-night now you all. It’s been great chatting with you. I’ll check back tomorrow and see what’s up. Don’t want to miss anything.

    Also – got a “BARBIE IS BACK” contest on my web site (as well as on the Dorchester web site) to win a really cool retro Barbie bracelet and a signed copy of Barbie & the Beast. Do drop by. Nothing to entering…

    See ya tomorrow! Wishing you all wolfish dreams.


  27. Linda Thomas-Sundstrom

    Okay, Lady Vampire2u – I just saw your last message after leaving my nighty-nite waves, and want to reply, because that was a beautiful post.

    As a gal with acreage in the country – who likes open spaces – but knows I’ve encroached upon coyotees, bobcats, rattlesnakes, etc… I too believe that those Others among us would be blending in by now. I mean – werewolves, etc wouldn’t have HI I’M A WEREWOLF tattooed on their foreheads. So, we who know them and appreciate them have the keenest eyes. We can find them, see them, know them, write about them.

    Man – is it late, or what? I’m feeling poetic – but it’s your fault. You started it, Ladyvampire2u. ha. I could go on and on, musing here.

    And thanks so much for wanting to read Barbie & the Beast, LadyVamp and all the rest of you kind folks here. There is nothing better in the world than writing, unless it’s sharing parts of yourself with like-minded people across the globe.

    Writers are vulnerable souls, you know. Maybe more vulnerable than most. We want to tell our stories. We want most of all to make readers happy. If we can do both of those things, we soar on big white wings of lightness.

    A big thanks to Lori for having me, and sharing her space. Nocturne sisters.

    Till tomorrow.


  28. Greta

    Lauren Dane was my first experience into werewolves. And I love her werewolves. They are very alpha, protective, willing to go to war and have a strong sense of family. Those are the werewolves I dream about.

  29. Mirko di Wallenberg

    I love a good werewolf story where the werewolf, although the bad guy, in the end is in deep trouble and needs the help of a strong women who is in love with the man during his normal day life (?). What will she do to save him, how far will she go to do so and especially will their love conquer all troubles like the urges he feels as a werewolf!

  30. LadyVampire2u

    I know your thinking, Gesh..a third post?! But I honestly couldn’t help but reply back to your kind words Linda. I’m glad you liked my comment as I’ve so enjoyed your post and reading your comments too.
    I have to say I envy you living out in the wilds as I am currently stuck in a big city. Chicago to be totally honest. Far from the wilds but then again sometimes the wild comes to the city too. I will swear to you that I had an armadillo wandering around my house two summers ago. I know you probably think me mad but its totally true. He escaped from a nearby zoo. But we have had coyotes and pumas wandering around here too. Natural and not escapees. But yes, I do think werewolves would blend in as you said. If for no other reason then because its almost a nessessity. Pack members are probably taught at birth that survival now-a-days with so many humans requires blending in. But I bet they never counted on authors telling their tales or making heros of them. Paving the way for that big reveal I feel will one day come. Guess I will hope and wait and see.
    In the meantime I’m enjoying the books. I finally ordered your book the other day too. I’m on pins and needles for it to finally get here. And I already know I’ll adore it because of reading this post by you this week.

  31. Re

    GREAT blog! I’ve not read many werewolf stories yet, however I like them.
    ps: re is like bree, without the b.

  32. Linda Thomas-Sundstrom


    Yipee… werewolves rule. I have gotten a lot of great insight here, great fodder for future books. And I’ve met some new friends. Thanks heaps.

    I don’t have a blog. With my day job (teacher) I need all the writing time I can get. And this is just way too much fun.

    But I do hope you’ll follow my journey… both the dark and the light . . . and find some of your sexy alphas in my territory. I swear I’ll share!


  33. Ley

    I’m all with Crystal, dirty blond, green eyes… gotta love green eyes. And as I note, I see no reason why a hero has to be tames. :lol: I like things a little wild. Predictibility is boring. :roll: *grins*

  34. Carmen R

    I njoy both dark and funny. There are times I’m in the mood for one or the other so i can’t just pick one.

  35. Virginia Hendricks

    I think the Barbie and the Beast book sounds awesome!