Full Moon of Werewolves, There’s Something “Were” for Everyone

March 26, 2009 | Werewolves | 25 comments

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About today’s guest: Amy Wilkins
Amy Wilkins is Digital Production Coordinator at Harlequin. Among other things, she brings you Harlequin’s paranormal scoop on the Harlequin Paranormal Romance blog at www.paranormalromanceblog.com.

Confession: I don’t think I could fall in love with a werewolf. Why? I am, and always have been, afraid of dogs, especially the large, ferocious type. The idea of my man – even a drop-dead sexy one – turning into a big bad wolf… well, let’s just say that would keep me up at night…and not in the good way!

But luckily, even a cynophob like can still enjoy the werewolf genre, especially since books feature a wide variety of “were” creatures. For example, Rachel Vincent as her werecats series “The Shifters” with books Stray , Rogue, Pride , and Prey (coming in July). In the Silhouette Nocturne Bites line, we’ve had stories featuring a lynx shapeshifter in Claws of the Lynx by Linda O. Johnston and in May we’ll have a book about a woman who can change into a cheetah by Doranna Durgin called Wild Thing.

It’s not just cats who are getting the were treatment. It seems like every day I hear about a new species being brought into the shapeshifter genre. One of my favourite fantasy authors Juliet Marillier has two books in which characters transform into birds. I’ve even heard about a were-moose, a were-bear (try saying that three times fast), and a were-beaver! Apparently there must be a lot of shapeshifters in Canada.

All that being said, I DO understand the appeal of the classic werewolf – and appreciate how authors put their own unique stamp on the werewolf myth and bring variety into the genre. For starters, there are endless ways to explain how people become werewolves that go beyond the bite. Viruses, DNA, genetic experimentation are all explanations I’ve come across recently. Then there’s the characters – those amazing alpha heroes in particular. A werewolf can be the ultimate lone-wolf (literally) – tortured about his condition and afraid of hurting others, he retreats from the rest society to hunt and live alone…at least until he finds his mate. Or, he could be the leader of the pack, a natural leader who also takes care of his clan. Or he could be a man leading a double life, the seemingly regular guy who has kept had hidden his shapeshifting abilities until someone discovers his secret. Or…or…or…

Ultimately, the ability to shape and change the werewolf myth and introduce something totally new to the genre is what I think keeps bringing both authors and readers back to werewolf stories. Though werewolf myths have existed for centuries, as long as there are creative writers out there, the hunger for shapeshifters will never fade.

Plus, werewolves aren’t real…right?


  1. Jamie

    Werewolves aren’t real …thud. Lol Great article. I never knew their were so many were species!! Off to check out some of these titles.

  2. Ley

    Werewolves…. well, part of me says, they’d better not be real!, and the other part says… yum. :-) LOL I think I’d better stop before I get myself in trouble.
    And I so need to start a list…. :wink:

  3. Ashley Madden

    I love weres! Over at another blog, there was a discussion over what sort of were animals should be written about. It was a very interesting topic to say the least. There were a lot of species that people came up with.

    Of course werewolves aren’t real…at least I’m pretty positive…I really hope not…unless they’re sexy, then we’re good :D

  4. Zita Hildebrandt

    Well said! Of course, I think you’re delusional for thinking weres are not real, but that’s just me :D

  5. kanarytx

    I love were animals Nocturne had dragons a few months ago that was a good book. But wolves and vampires are my favorites. I need to try and find the books you mentioned.

  6. LadyVampire2u

    I love werewolves. Shapeshifters of any kind are fascinating to me. But as you said, there are many types out there and some can surprise you. I think the oddest shifter I read about in a book was a Komoto Dragon shifter. Talk about unexpacted. But the villian who had that were shape actually fit it. And surprisingly I don’t find it difficult to read about different shifters. In fact I think its cool that shifters are branching out and surprising us the way they are. While wolves will always be shifters near and dear to my heart, I’m a fan of of all shifter species and the awesome authors who share their stories with us.

  7. Colleen

    I love the variety of WEREs and how authors get creative on bringing their WEREs to life… Thanks for a great post! :D

  8. Amy W.

    Thanks for the nice comments everyone! I’m sure I’ve missed tons of other kinds of shifters, too…

    I think the animals has to fit the character’s personality… like a villain becoming a snake or the komoto drago LadyVampire2u mentioned. But could you imagine a hero turning into a slug or a heroine turning into a rhino? I’m sure a very gifted author could pull it off, but still…not exactly sexy, lol.

  9. Roberta Harwell

    Wow! I need to start a list of some of the shape shifters. The bird one sounds intriguing. Have a great day.

  10. Lisa W.

    There are lots of shifter out there and I really love reading the different ones. Some of my favorites are wolf, cat and dragon. There are some amazing dragon shifter stories.

  11. crystal adkins

    Well, I don’t think I could fall in love with a werewolf either… too much hair would be clogging up the sink EEEWWW!! :)

  12. Estella

    I really enjoy reading about the different shifters, but weres are still my favorite.

  13. Pam P

    Don’t thinkI could handle a werewolf myself either, but I sure do like reading about them.

  14. Shell Bryce

    Were’s are just plain YUMMY!!!

  15. Karin

    Great post. I’m really loving all the new were creatures that are showing up in books. I do love me some were wolves, especially those written by Shelly Laurenston, but she also does cat and dragon shifters (the latter as G.A. Aiken) and has secondary characters that are bear shifters. With all the fun I’ve been having reading all the shifter stories, I think I’m going to have to check out those were bird stories.

  16. blackroze37@yahoo.com

    well thats the funof it, always wondering IF there are others out there
    im open on anything

  17. Jessica Kennedy

    You’re a new author for me! I saw the post on your publisher’s blog.

    I’ll be checking out your book!

    Also, I love shape shifter books. Rachel Vincent’s series is one of my favorite!

  18. Catherine Bybee

    Life is much stranger than fiction, ladies. I’m a believer! Okay… not really, but it sounded good.

  19. Diana Worshill

    I think my husband is. He’s hairy and he walks around the house growling.

  20. Barb P

    Nice post Amy. It’s really fun to think of the different kinds of were’s that could be out there. I think that I might actually know a few! ** LOL ** Although they are not the kind that my imagination thinks up. You know the tall, dark with plenty of muscles kind. I think that my favs are the wolves and the panther shifters.

  21. Jody F.

    My favorite presentation of were-creatures are those of Sherrilyn Kenyon. She has such a variety and they’re all good looking too.

  22. Greta

    Great post. As long as authors can up with a good story that draws me in – I’ll keep reading werewolf stories. I really hope they are here to stay.

  23. Carmen R

    I don’t think i could fall in love with a werewolf either. I mean I spend enough money on my cats and dogs getting them flea medicine. I don’t want to have to do that for my man as well. lol

  24. pamk

    wish they were real most shifters are mated to one person for life. That sure beats what some guys do.