30 Days of Vampires….TWILIGHT and Vamps in YA.

November 21, 2008 | Vampires, 30 Days of Vampires | 32 comments

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By Kerensa Wilson, I Want My YA

Twilight, all I have to do is mention the title amongst a group of people and each of them is ready to gush about their favorite novel. With the movie releasing today ( and you can bet I have my tickets already) I?ve been asking myself what is it about Stephenie Meyer?s Twilight that makes it such beloved story for so many. It would be easy for me to say everything. I love the writing, the characters, the setting, the plot, the action, and most importantly the romance.

But, if you pressed me to pick just one thing that made Twilight a novel that I?ll talk about for years to come, it was that Bella?s character captured everything it was for me to be a teenager and in love. It was easy to transport myself alongside Bella while she fell head over heels for Edward. Granted my first love wasn?t a vampire but I could understand how much Bella loved Edward and that nothing, not even her safety mattered as much as her being with him. Before I knew it I was rooting for team Bella and Edward, I wanted to see true love win out over all obstacles. I?ll even admit that I wanted her to be a vampire and spend the rest of eternity happy and in love. Ok I know I?m something of a romanticist but there was something about Bella?s story and remembering what it was like to be her that had me believing the love she shared with Edward could conquer the sizeable challenges in front of them. Alright I?ll just say it, Bella made a believer out of me.

Of course it wasn?t just her ability to love Edward so completely that made Bella real to me. It was her courage, humor, strength of character that made her such an easy heroine to cheer for and identify with. No matter how much I fell a little in love with the characters in the book Bella will always be my favorite and the reason Twilight has held so much meaning for me.

What about you? Did you find something of yourself in Bella? I?d love to hear what made Twilight special to you and if you?re going to the movie tonight.


By Heather M. Riley, I Want My YA

I’m apparently one of the few remaining people who have yet to read Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight. The saddest thing about that, is that I own the Advanced Reader’s Copy of Twilight. I truly do plan on reading the entire saga, but given the hundreds of books I own I just haven’t gotten there yet. As a bookseller, I can certainly speak to the popularity of the books. Breaking Dawn has only been out for just over three months, yet my store alone has sold over a thousand copies. I can also tell that thanks to Stephenie Meyer, people want vampires. Sure the vamps have always been popular, but Stephenie Meyer’s books have brought even more fans to the vampire scene. People who never thought they’d read about vampires, both Young Adults and the Not-So-Young Adults, are now craving even more vampire fiction to slake their thirst.

Here’s a few books that I like to recommend to those of you who can’t get enough of vampires.

Sucks to be MeSucks to Be Me by Kimberly Pauley

Mina Hamilton is the very human child of two vampire parents. She’s always known her parents were blood-sucking freaks, but hey they’re her parents. Problems arise when the vampire council finds out about her. Humans are not supposed to know about vampires, even if those vampires are her parents. Because of her knowledge, Mina has to make a choice: remain human or become a vampire. She now has to attend special vampire classes to help her make her decision, but can Mina really make such a life-altering choice at only 16?

This book is just plain fun, and I really can’t wait to see more of Mina.

The Eighth Grade Bites (Chronicles of Vladimir Tod), Ninth Grade Slays by Heather Brewer

In Eighth Grade Bites we meet 13-year-old Vladimir Tod, an average teenager, except for the fangs. The child of a vampire father and human mother, Vlad has plenty of secrets. Only his best friend and his Aunt know what he really is. Vlad’s parents were killed years before in a fire and now Vlad wants answers. On top of everything else going on in his life, Vlad also fears there’s another vampire in town.

Ninth Grade Slays brings us a slightly older and more experienced Vlad. He’s learning to better control his vampiric abilities. Vlad is also experiencing his first year of high school, which brings its own set of challenges, including a growing distance between Vlad and his best friend Henry. If high school wasn’t bad enough, one of Vlad’s greatest fears has come to pass: a vampire hunter has come to town.

I’ve fallen hard for Vlad and I can’t get enough of these books. Tenth Grade Bleeds comes out sometime next spring and I can’t wait. If you want to learn more about Vlad and Heather Brewer be sure to stop by Want My YA today. Heather Brewer is guest blogging in honor of Vlad’s birthday. Check it out and be sure to leave a comment for Heather.

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  1. Lou

    I actually have not read Twilight and I do not see the big deal. The movie, quite honestly, doesn’t look that appealling and the girl playing the lead is horrible, especially with the word “vampire” she pronounces it “vuhm-pie-r” instead of “vam-pi-r” and i dont think that will translate well with American audiences.

  2. Deidre

    I was amazed by Twilight from the very first line, it held me and would not let go. It is just one of the most magical stories ever told. As a teenager, I probably related most to Bella, in the sense that she begins a new life in Forks and she’s lost, it’s alien to what she’s always known. She doesn’t have a lot of self-confidence or assurance and finds it hard to make true friends. I can relate to all of that even now.


  3. Danielle

    i have to say i love the books… even the last one… im a bit of a romantic too and LOVE a happy ending… especially when finding your soul mate…

    and im sure there’s a little of Bella in all of us…

    as far as the movie goes… im waiting a few weeks to go see… im not a big fan of a packed theater… so im gonna be patient… which is really really hard right now and stick it out and wait… ya… i can do that… :neutral: …. i hope…

  4. Danielle

    ok so i just added…

    Sucks To Be Me
    Eighth Grade Bites
    Ninth Grade Slays

    …to my wishlist…*sigh* so many books so little time…

  5. Kerensa

    Thanks for sharing! You know I couldn’t understand what the big deal was until I read Twilight either. Now that I’ve read it and the rest of the series. I’m a huge fan.

    I love happy endings too. Happy to see we could come up with some other titles you might enjoy. Let us know how you like them.


  6. Brooke

    I enjoyed the first three books a lot. While reading I would remember what it was like in high school, and falling in love and how important and heart breaking when it would end. So Edward and Bella’s love story definitely seemed like a high school romance. I think I stuck with the books (especially after New Moon) to find out what would happen to poor Jacob! I’m definitely team Jacob :)

  7. Brooke

    Oh yeah, I wanted to say that the Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead is REALLY good too! I also enjoyed House of the Night series by P.C. and Kristin Cast.

  8. Linda

    I’m going to the movie this afternoon. To me, Twilight captured so much of the high school, first love experience, but made it magical. (Edward sparkles? How cool was that?!) I don’t know that I saw any of myself in Bella, but I could empathize with her, and I think that’s important.

    I’m with you on the Vlad books! I heart Vladimir Tod.

    Another vampire book to add to your list is Boys that Bite by Marianne Mancusi.

  9. Heather

    The Vampire Academy series is another vampire series I want to look into. Both series that you mention, Brooke, are extremely popular. I swear I’m gonna read ’em at some point. lol My sister read and loved the House of Night books. And considering that Sami hardly ever reads, that’s really saying something.

    Thanks everyone for all of your comments. :) And thanks again Lori for inviting us to be here.

  10. Mel K.

    I haven’t read the books *gasp* and I’ll see the movie when it comes out on DVD.

  11. Heather

    Thanks Linda. I do own Boys that Bite (and Girls that Growl, and I’m thinking there’s a third one in there somewhere). I fell in love with Marianne Mancusi’s Romance novels, so when I found out she wrote YA too, I figured I’d try those. Unfortunately, once again I haven’t had a chance to read them. lol So many books so little time is the motto of my life.

  12. flip

    Both my 18 year old daughter and 15 year old son loves the Twilight series.

  13. Colleen

    I have not had the pleasure of reading the TWILIGHT series… to be honest, the author and her books were unknown to me until a week or two ago! This movie is creating quite a buzz… people camped out for a few days to get tickets to the midnight showing last night… I think I will wait until it dies down a bit before seeing it! :D

  14. Leigh Savage

    I’m also one of the few that haven’t read the Twilight books yet ….I can’t wait to see the Movie and at some point read the books too.

    Blessed Be,
    Leigh Savage


  15. Kerensa

    I love your take on Bella. It was exactly what I felt when I was reading her story. Glad to hear the movie was pretty good. I’m on my way to go see it shortly.

  16. Kerensa

    I thought the House Of Night series was awesome. It was a really original twist on the old vampire theme. Thanks for reminding us!

  17. blackroze37

    im a adult and love th YA books!

  18. blackroze37

    O im waiting to see the movie, till can actaully GET in the theare

  19. Karin

    I haven’t read the Twilight series either. While I do love vampires, I’m not quite ready to jump on the bandwagon. I may eventually read the series, but I’m not sure. As for the movie, it looks interesting, but there are others out there I’d like to see first.

  20. Pam P

    I haven’t read the series either, I may check it out in the future but for now too many others I’m into right now and trying to keep up with.

  21. Liviania

    Great suggestions! I love vamps, be they YA or adult. I enjoy Twilight but find the sequels less absorbing. When I read it I could really identify with Bella, but don’t know if I would now that I’m older.

  22. Debby

    I have not read the books but I do plan on going tot he movies to see what it is all about. Just not right away

  23. Sidhe Vicious

    I’ve read the whole Twilight series and loved it! I’ll be waiting at least a few days to go and see the movie as I don’t want to brave the really enthusiastic crowds, lol.

    Sucks To Be Me is a fun read and I have Eighth Grade Bites in my TBR pile. PC & Kristin Cast’s House Of Night series is excellent, as-well-as Richelle Mead’s Vampire Academy series. I also love Rachel Caine’s Morganville Vampires series and Ellen Schreiber’s Vampire Kisses series too! :)

  24. Kimberly B.

    I’ve read Twilight, and am planning to read the others, but haven’t yet. An older YA vampire romance title I read and liked was Annette Curtis Klause’s The Silver Kiss. And then, if you don’t mind a more iconoclastic, science fiction approach, there’s Scott Westerfeld’s books, Peeps and the Last Days.
    I really want to see and watch Let the Right One In!

  25. Debbie

    I haven’t read the series yet and I think I’ll wait awhile before going to see the movie.

  26. Pan Zareta

    I have not read the series yet and I’m undecided about seeing the movie.

  27. Margie

    I enjoyed the books more than the movie.

  28. Carmen R

    At first I wasn’t interested in reading Twilight I was like young adults? nahh not for me but I gace in and now i find myself reading a lot of young adult vampires books.

  29. Lori T

    I have not read the Twilight books yet either. My sister in law has read and loved them and really wanted to go see the movie. I was reluctant to see it, but I saw the movie and really enjoyed it and now I will be pulling my copy of Twilight out of my tbr pile.

    I, also, have to say the Vampire Academy books by Richelle Mead are awesome and I am enjoying the P.C. & Kristin Cast books. Thanks for giving me a few more titles to pick up.

  30. Bertena

    I absolutely love the Twilight Saga and Stephenie Meyers. It was refeshing and yes I know it’s YA- that it wasn’t all soaked in sex. It was pure and true and very emotional. I loved the family ties and the loyalty. Edward at times as a punk but Bella was really courageous in the books. Not too keen on Renesmee- those that have read the books know what I am talking about- don’t want to spoil anything.
    Her Mormon background is shown throughout her writing. I love it and can’t wait till the complete and edited version of Midnight Sun comes out. It’s Twilight from Edward’s point of view and really puts a new perspective on the movie too.
    And while at her Chicago concert she mentioned that the Bella and Edward story is over after Midnight Sun but that she wil take Renesme and you know who and tell their story. Can’t wait

  31. Michelle B.

    Just saw the advertisement for Twilight at the theatre yesterday…someone had painted the cover of twilight on a HUGE canvas on one of the walls…very striking…

  32. Inanna Arthen

    Very interesting post! My (very new and growing slowly) publishing company is releasing a YA novel in a few months, Cat the Vamp by Christina Martine. I didn’t plan to publish YA, but this story was too good to pass up. It’s definitely not Twilight. But I’m now having to pay a lot more attention to YA fiction! It’s really a growing market.