30 Days of Vampires…Sex, Blood, and Rock ‘n’ Roll – The Vampire’s Immortal Mystique and a Contest!

November 24, 2008 | Vampires, 30 Days of Vampires | 47 comments

30 Days of Vampires Schedule
by Jeri Smith-Ready

“Trying to seduce an audience is the basis of rock & roll.” ~ Jon Bon Jovi

“It’s better to burn out than fade away.” ~ Neil Young (and, separately, Def Leppard)

Vampires and rock ‘n’ roll go together like peanut butter and chocolate. The mesmerizing power, the glamorous lifestyle, the nocturnal hours—all perfect for our fanged heroes. So it’s no surprise that many literary vampires can be found in front of a microphone with a Fender Stratocaster strapped across their eternally hot bodies.

But the connection between the two phenomena can be even more profound. Spencer Wallace, the 1950s vampire DJ from my urban fantasy Wicked Game, explains it better than I ever could:

“Lotta people say rock ‘n’ roll is about goin’ all the way, seeing as that was the original meaning of the term.” From beneath his long, dark lashes, he sends the women to his left a look that says, I wouldn’t know anything about that, but maybe you could show me.

“Rock ‘n’ roll is really about immortality,” he continues. “Thanks to Mister Edison’s invention, your great-great grandchildren can hear Elvis and Jerry Lee like they were sitting right there with them in that Memphis studio. That’s living forever, folks.

“But immortality isn’t just about not dying—it’s about never growing old, never growing up, never wanting to grow up.” He tosses off another self-effacing smile, as if surprised by his own conclusion. “You might say being vampires has given us the ultimate rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle.”

My vamps take the immortality business one step further. They’re psychologically and culturally ‘stuck’ in the era in which they were turned. They speak the slang and wear the fashions of their original lifetimes (which makes them great DJs, but sometimes odd conversationalists).

We all know people who are stuck in the 60s, or the 80s, or whatever time period they grew up in, who believe that after a certain point in their lives, the world ceased to offer anything worthwhile. In my opinion, when someone stops changing and stops learning to love new things, they’ve stopped truly living. They’ve become, well, vampires.

That being said, I love old music of almost every kind (sorry, disco!). I also love learning about the history of our world’s cultures—the music, art, and games that everyday people used to enrich their lives. As immortal creatures, vampires can provide windows into past eras, whether it be the Roman Empire or the 1980s hardcore punk scene.

But let’s not forget the most obvious commonality between vampires and rock ‘n’ roll: sex. Music transports us, gets our blood pumping and our bodies moving—not unlike the hypnotic power of the vampire’s gaze. Who can forget Lestat’s stint as a rock star in Anne Rice’s Queen of the Damned? He had audiences eating out of his hand and fighting each other for the chance to be his next meal.

Vampires and rock ‘n’ roll both combine power and sex and eternal youth. Through them we tap into our passions and indulge our darkest dreams. Best of all, they come in every flavor for every mood. Is it any wonder we keep coming back for another taste?

* * * *

Which rock or pop star do you think might secretly be a vampire? (My guess: Keith Richards. How else could he still be alive?) Who would you most like to see ‘vamped’ and preserved forever at their current stage of scrumptiousness?

Or, for the more philosophically inclined:

Would you want to be immortal? How would you keep boredom at bay? Would you reinvent yourself every decade or century? When would it be better to burn out than fade away?

All commenters will be automatically entered to win a choice of a signed copy of Wicked Game or a signed Advance Reading Copy of the sequel Bad to the Bone when it becomes available in February. International entries welcome. Contest ends at midnight December 11th 2008.

Good luck, and rock on! (and on…and on…and on….)

For more about WICKED GAME, check out www.jerismithready.com/wicked-game. To visit the DJs and listen to a sample of their shows, go to www.wvmpradio.com.

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  1. crystal adkins

    I love this topic! I’ve also got Jeri’s book on my wishlist, but hubby says I can’t buy any more books until after the Holidays :(
    OH and by the way HI JERI AND LORI!!!

  2. Brooke

    Maybe Shirley Manson is a vampire, that woman is gorgeous and what a set of pipes! :) If i were immortal…I’d probably not change from what I’m doing now lol. Being immortal doesn’t mean that I’d get to quit working or going to school. I mean, I’m not rich, and being immortal won’t make me that way. I’d enjoy seeing how music progresses over time though.

  3. Steff

    Which rock or pop star do you think might secretly be a vampire?

    My mind immediately went to Keith Richards as well! But since you already mentioned him I am going to say Tommy Lee for pretty much the same reasons. Tommy may be younger than Keith but with everything he puts his body through and his eclectic circle of friends (including Backstreet Boys members) I can find no other explanation than has been vamped. :mad:

    Who would you most like to see ‘vamped’ and preserved forever at their current stage of scrumptiousness?

    I would have liked to have seen Heath Ledger preserved forever. Unfortunately we are too late so may he rest in peace. I guess my second choice would be Jon Bon Jovi. Is it just me or does he seem to be getting better looking the older he gets?

  4. Mel K.

    I think David Bowie, Grace Jones, and Slash are vamps. And I’m with Brooke on Shirley Manson!
    I would not want to be immortal unless certain people and pets could be immortal with me. Although I do think it would be fun to reinvent yourself if you were immortal and I would do that.
    There’s never a good to burn out!

  5. Mel K.

    OOPS..There’s never a good time to burn out!

  6. flip

    Keith might be a zombie, he is definitely not a vampire. On the other hand, Tina Turner is a vampire.

  7. Colleen

    Hmmm… rock or pop star who is a vamp… don’t know… :D As for being immortal myself, no thank you. It may have it’s pros, but the cons outweigh them for me! Living forever would be the pits.

  8. Danielle

    Which rock or pop star do you think might secretly be a vampire?

    I hate to say this but Ozzy Osbourne…

    Who would you most like to see ‘vamped’ and preserved forever at their current stage of scrumptiousness?

    Oh! James McAvoy… he could bite me anytime… LOL

    As far as me being immortal… to be honest… ya id do it… (if i was being turned at the age i am right now (20)… if i was older like in my 30’s then id say no… but ya id definately wanna be immortal… As far as keeping boredom at bay I’d get A LOT of reading done… and I’d work a lot too… go traveling… things like that… as far as reinventing myself… probably not… id probably find new things i like and change my appearance/name but i will always be me inside… i don’t think its really possible to reinvent your “whole self”

  9. Jana Stocks Brown

    Heh…so voting on David Bowie and Bon Jovi as vamps…


  10. Tessa Gratton

    David Bowie, for the win. Esp. circa 1985.

    And unfortunately, I think I’d keep myself from boredom by finding more and more creative ways to kill people. If I was a vampire, I’d be a freaking VAMPIRE. :D

  11. David H

    Which rock or pop star do you think might secretly be a vampire? Keith and Mick definitely but they must not be feeding enough ;-)

    Jimmy Page and or Richie Blackmore since you don’t see them out much except at night …

    Who would you most like to see ‘vamped’ and preserved forever at their current stage of scrumptiousness? so many so little time

    Would you want to be immortal? Yes, i’m sure I could keep busy and there is so much to do and see in this world and one day others. There are problems with it but with all the time in the world i’m sure we could find a solution.

    Great questions and Wicked Game Rocks!!!

  12. Breia B.

    Which rock or pop star do you think might secretly be a vampire? I think Madonna is secretly a vampire. She gets better loking every year.
    Who would you most like to see ‘vamped’ and preserved forever at their current stage of scrumptiousness? John Barrowman because that man is pure hotness and doesn’t deserve to get any older looking than he does now. His hotness needs to be preserved for future generations.

  13. blackroze37

    roger daughty of the who

    boy george LOL

  14. Christine

    I’m thinking that Glen Stefani is about as close as you get. And Amy Winehouse wants to be one so badly it hurts to watch. Ditto Courtney Love.

  15. Serena

    Um, NO ONE SAID CHER?!?!? :eek:

    Yeah, Cher has got o be a vampire. Look at the clothes man! Well, then there’s the body, the agelessness, the truly out there everything.

    I totally agree with Keith Richards as a zombie and definitely see Bowie as a vampire. Wow, too much fun!

    If I were a vamp, I think it’d be coolish (would have to be a vegetarian though, no people biting for me) but would NEED the money to live that long. Would rather start out rich then add to it, yah know? Maybe I just need to find a rich vamp to pay me to turn?

    Thanks for the fun….looking forward to Bad to the Bone!!!

  16. Lori Chapman

    I have two for you. I am thinking Marily Manson cause he just looks like a vampire. And maybe vampirism would explain Michael Jackson? Just a thought. LOL!

  17. Christine

    Crikey- I meant Gwen Stefani. Not Glen Stefani. Sigh…It’s Monday.

  18. Crystal

    Good questions.

    As to the first, David Bowie has to be a vampire. I mean, come on. The guy has looked great since the 70s. Awesome. I cannot think of anyone in the current crop I would like to see vamped. Maybe Thom Yorke. He’s got such an innovative bent that it would be interesting to see how he would adjust and how his music would develop over that amount of time.

    As to the second, well, I’m a mommy. I could think of no worse fate than outliving my children. So, no, immortality would not be for me. If I raise them right and they become good people who can speak fondly of me, then that will be immortality enough for me.

  19. Ruth Schaller

    I think that Rob Zombie would make a fabulous vampire. Although he could probably pass for one now, but he’s got the looks and the bad ass attitude!

    Count me in for this one!

    ruthiesbookreviews AT yahoo DOT com

  20. Jackie M (Literary Escapism)

    Great topic. There are a few rock stars where I wonder if they are “immortally” good looking. I asked my husband who he thought and he said Keith Richards. He says all of Aerosmith comes in at a close second.

    Loved Wicked Game and I can’t wait to see everyone again in Bad to the Bone.

  21. Jackie M (Literary Escapism)

    My husband also wants to nominate New Kids on the Block’s career as being a vampire. After all, it’s been dead for 20 years and now it’s back.

  22. Kimberly B.

    I think Sting must definitely be a vampire. How else could he keeping getting older and still look so good? (OK, I know the yoga helps. . .)
    I’m not sure I’d want to be immortal. You know how when you talk about the eighties movies or music with teenagers and their eyes gloss over because you are so old and unhip? Well, when you’re a vampire, everybody would be doing that!
    On the other hand, if I were a vampire, I’d have enough time to write all the novels I have stuck in my head!

  23. Karin

    I don’t really have anything to add to the list of which rock star might be a vampire as the ones I would’ve mentioned have already been posted about.

    Personally, though, I wouldn’t want to be immortal. While there might be specific time periods in history I might’ve enjoyed visiting and I would love to visit the future, I wouldn’t want to live in either place. I have a feeling that part of the reason the vampires don’t change is that they see their era as being the best and, if that’s the case, why would you want to live past that?

  24. Bella

    gotta go with david bowie =)

  25. ingrid godoy

    The three persons that could secretly be vampires are: Avril Lavigne, Pink and Gerard Way(My Chemical Romance). The person i would love to see “vamped” is Stuart Townsend(Queen of the Damned, Lestat) and all the authors of vampire books so they could keep writting amazing books.
    Of course i would love to be immortal, not just because i could stay young(current age 17) and live for ever but to have fun. I would keep myself out of boredom by reading more vampire books, learning killer fighting moves, listen to rock, gothic music, buy morwe gothic like clothes, travel and a bunch of other stuffs. I would not reinvent myself, maybe change my hair from brown to black with some wicked highlights, get tattoes, find the hottest rock like guy like Shane that would be awesome. It would be best to fade away, i think, anything mainly except be burn by holy water.

  26. Tez Miller

    Amy Winehouse. Blood addiction may kill her.

    Have a lovely day! :-)

  27. Carmen R

    I think Elvis is a vampire lol. That would explain all of the sightings. Or how about Ted Nugent it would explain why he doesn’t drink or do drugs and also why he’s so into killing things.

  28. Virginia Hendricks

    I think Steven Tyler of Aerosmith. He’s just scary so he has to be immortal.

  29. Debbie

    I have to add my vote for David Bowie for vamp.

    I don’t think I would want to be immortal. There’s only so many things you could do before getting bored and going crazy.

  30. Debby

    I lovew thispost. Rock n roll vampires. IA gree with KEith being one.

  31. LadyVampire2u

    Who is secretly a vampire? Well at Vamps Anonymous meetings I might have seen Slash and Aerosmith. As for who I think would make for a good vampire, my vote is for Rob Zombie and Bon Jovi.
    Myself, I don’t want eternity. To see my family and friends dying around me while I went on and on would be painful. And life, while sweet, should be passed on to future generations in my opinion.

  32. Margie

    I can’t seem to think of anyone else to add to the list of which rock star might be a vampire.

    Yes, I would love to be immortal! There’s so many things to do – try things you’ve never tried before, take a tour around the world, and read lots of books!

  33. Dani'

    David Bowie definitely :lol:

  34. Cherie K

    I think Jonathan Davis from Korn should be a vampire.

  35. Candice

    okay, um… 30 Seconds to Mars… Hinder… yes I mean the whole lot of them :lol:

    Good Luck everyone

  36. Caprice

    Tommy Lee would so make a good vampire, and so would Ludacris, even though he’s more rap than rock… :mrgreen:

  37. Stacie McClellan

    Keith Richards – no question about it. He must be immortal ( but I thought they weren’t supposed to age – bummer that).

  38. Pam P

    I immediately thought David Bowie when I read this post, gets my vote, and I love his music. Might not mind being immortal, so many interests I can’t find time to explore, wouldn’t have that worry anymore, though I don’t know if I’d like going through losing people over and over I became close to.

  39. Deidre

    I would love to be immortal. I’m just imagining how many more books I would have the time to read. I don’t think boredom would be a problem, because the world around you would be constantly changing and you would adapt and change with it and all the new things to see and do.


  40. Matthew S

    I think Madonna is certainly in the running for being a Vampire…..she’s certainly got the Vamp part down to an art! She’s got the attitude, the porcelain skin, and weather you love her or hate her has already achieved a certain immortality.

    As for me personally, I would love to be immortal! I’m a scientist and could go on learning things until the end of time…and maybe even see if we were right about a lot of things! Life is one big adventure as it is, and I would love for the opportunity to experience as much of it as I could!

  41. Pan Zareta

    Definitely Keith Richards as a vampire.

    I would not want to be immortal. Continually losing everyone close to me would be horrible.

  42. Elizabeth C.

    I don’t think anyone’s mentioned Trent Reznor yet. The man was unearthly throughout the 90’s. Even if he isn’t a vampire, it wouldn’t surprise me if he’s tried blood-drinking on at least one occasion.

  43. Dori Klaproth

    Timothy B. Schmit– come on look at him!! He has got to be a vampire. You didnt ask but I must add. Nicole Kidman–again, look at her!!
    As for immortality, yup. sign me up. 1 life is just not enough. I am greedy. There is so many places to see,cultures to study,people to meet, books to read.
    As for you loved ones passing…Turn them!!!

  44. Lori T

    I would have to say Davey Havoc from AFI…the man is very charismatic and his stage prescence is amazing and this is coming from the Mom who had to take her daughter to see them and then willing volunteered the next time .

    I do think that I would want to be immortal unless my loved ones were also. I could not imagine outliving my children and grandchildren. There would definitely be perks though…like unlimited reading time.

  45. Michelle B.

    Rock ‘n Roll & Vamps definitely gel well together to make a great story…

  46. Robin D. Owens

    Live fast, die young and leave a good looking corpse. (Original quote from the film, Knock On Any Door).

    Loved Wicked Game and am sucking it up to wait for Ba-a-a-d To the Bone.

    :) Robin

  47. Terri W.

    Welcome Jeri!

    I think Billy Idol is a vampire! LOL!

    I would love to be immortal so I could watch over my love ones.