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Jackie IvVampire Romance Author Jackie Ivieie was born and raised in a suburb outside Utah’s capital, beautiful Salt Lake City. The second in a family of four daughters and one son, Jackie was constantly amusing her siblings with her invented games, escapades, and stories. And she was always reading. She would even walk the family dog, with one hand holding the leash, while the other held the ever-present book.

In 2001, Jackie and her family took a huge step and moved to the largest state of the nation; Alaska. Although it was her job that brought her here, Jackie has grown to love this land of amazing contrasts, breathtaking vistas, and the ever-present resident, the Alaskan moose. There’s nothing else like it, and the very long days of summer lend themselves to hours and hours of energizing tasks, while the long winter nights are just right for her real love…writing.

Visit her web site at: www.JackieIvie.com

Keep Reading for an Excerpt from Jackie’s new vampire romance series, Vampire Assassin League and a coupon code for a free copy!


“VAL headquarters.”

“Is this the Vampire Assassin League?”

“Possibly. Who’s asking please?”

“Stephanie. Stephanie Bowker.”

“You have 69 seconds, Miss Bowker.”

“Before what?”First in Series of Vampire Romances by Jackie Ivie

“This conversation ends, and tracing efforts with it.”

“But I have permission to use this number!”

“Then I suggest you use it.”

“Are you Akron?”


“The leader?”

“You have 55 seconds left now.”

“I need to ask some questions, and you’re making it difficult.”

“I stand ready to answer while you waste time.”

“You’re a vampire, right?”


“I’m really getting annoyed with you, Mr. Akron.”

“I am not the one who called, Miss Bowker. You now have 42 seconds. Your next question?”

“OK. Let’s just assume – for my article – that you’re a vampire. And you run an organization of vampires, and they’re assassins, and they kill people and drink blood…”

“30 seconds.”

“I can’t do an interview like this!”

“An interview? I don’t recall agreeing to such a thing.”

“Let’s just say you did and get to the heart of the matter.”

“With pleasure. Hearts are my speciality. What do you wish to know? You do have 22 seconds left.”

“Why are vampires so…sexy? So dangerous, and intriguing? So fascinating? Why? Can you just answer me that one question?”

“That one is easy, Miss Bowker.”


“Vampires belong to a world the living cannot enter; a realm they can only glimpse; an existence they can only imagine.”

“Sum it up in one word. Can you do that?”

“One word? To describe us?”

“I’ve still got five seconds or so, don’t I?”

“Good-bye, Miss Bowker. And good luck. You should check your locks tonight. The one on your basement window is loose.”

And the line went dead.


Hi! Jackie Ivie here. Author of the Vampire Assassin League series. I’m currently at work on my fifth novella; this time focusing on one of the hunters, rather than the hunted. I absolutely love writing vampires. That was a complete surprise. I’m a historical romance writer. Why…if anyone had told me that I’d write a short little paranormal, fall in love with the genre, and have it grow into a series, I’d have laughed. But the laugh would’ve been on me. I’ve never had such fun with fiction. I tried to figure out why, and I have to admit. I’ve got the same quandary as Miss Bowker in my phone call above. What makes a vampire so darn fascinating?

I tried to break it down. I did. For one thing, they’re sexy. My vampires have got that going for them in spades. They’re confident, smart, fit, capable. Charming. Exquisite lovers and dangerous foes.
Swoon-causing. A side-long look can create shivers while one touch guarantees it. They’re more than sexy. They’re masters.

Then, there’s the blood angle. The slide of a tongue along an artery. The skim of lips on flesh; finding an erogenous zone; stimulating sensitive tissues… What can I say? My vampires have a primal sensuality, and know exactly how to find a sensitive area; that erratic pulse that just tempts a taste.

Then I add in the historical angle. I’m a huge history nut and vampires have lived any part of it I envision. I mean, it’s the perfect life! Gliding in a gondola in Venice and attending carnival; running the stone corridors of a castle while under attack; dancing at a debut ball during the Regency period; attending a masked ball in the court of King Louis the XIV of France; accompanying a wagon train going across the prairie… There’s so much history out there, and my vampires lived it!

Then, there’s that immortal part. Vampires never die. They never get sick. They’re forever young and vibrant. That doesn’t mean the can’t get hurt. Wounded. Pained. And nothing can injure my vampires more than their mates. That just makes it perfect when they get their HEA.

Ah. Vampires. I haven’t answered Miss Bowker’s question. I don’t think I can. There’s no one word to what makes a vampire so fascinating. Is there?

Want to try one of Jackie’s Vampire Assassin League stories for free? Download the first, Knight after Night, right now completely for free. Just visit the Knight after Night Smashwords’s page and enter coupon code YC47M for your copy, available in all major formats including PDF. (coupon expires December 31, 2011)

Web site: www.JackieIvie.com

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  1. Elaine Breault

    Thanks so much for the free read, I had not read this book yet. I have read a lot of the other works but not this series. .

  2. Viki S.

    You’re new to me. Thanks for the free read. It’s so nice when authors do this because we can get a feel for your writing this way. Thank you.

  3. Kimberley Coover

    I am a giant fan of your historical…Loved the interview(or the almost interview) between the reporter and possibly Akron.

    Thank you for the coupon for the free story. I will be heading over there as soon as I hit submit comment. Getting tinglely just thinking about a new book for my new ereader!

    The one word, to me, that makes vampires so fascinated is: EVERYTHING lol
    Thank you again. Happy Holidays~!

  4. Tam Linsey

    I never thought about the match up between a history buff and a vampire author. That is probably part of why your vampire novellas are so awesome! I enjoyed the insight, thanks!

  5. StacieD

    Thank you for the coupon code!!!

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    Thank you for your generosity. A friend over at FB told me to hop by and I am glad I did. I look forward to following your journey.

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    Please enter me in this contest, and thank you for the free read.


    Thank you for the free read. The book looks great!
    I can’t wait to read it all!

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    Please enter me in the giveaway. Following along with the hop.

  10. WildAboutBones

    Appreciate the intro to a new (to me) author and series.
    Thank you so much the free copy of Knight After Night. Can’t wait to read it.
    I think I would love to move to Alaska, except for the very high cost of living there.
    I love vampires as well, every flavor of them. Don’t think I could pin down the reason either.
    Ya know, Jackie is the third or fourth author I’ve read who’ve said they are former historical writers who have fallen in love with writing the paranormal genre.
    I hope to win the giveaway as well.

  11. MJB

    Thank for your post and free book! I am also a vampire lover and am always looking for new authors to show me yet another world in which these sexy creatures live!

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    Thank you for the giveaway! I loved the excerpt! thank you also for the free copy! Your books look great and I look forward to checking the series out!

    books4me67 at ymail dot com

  13. Stephanie

    Thanks for the free book! What a way to introduce us to your series! My one word sum up of a vampire is….. FANTASTIC!!!!

  14. Deb P

    Vampires ,what a kick. Or bite

  15. sue brandes

    Thank for the free read. Loved the excerpt and cover.

  16. Jackie Ivie

    Thanks all! I do think vampires are divine – and I can use all sorts of the history trivia that makes me a “history nerd”. Talk about a Win-Win. I actually came up with the word LUST, but since Akron is my leader and nearly impossible to pin down to anything, I decided to leave it open to Stephanie’s own interpretation. And just wait until Stephanie gets her chance to find out!

    Oh! This is too much fun!


  17. Cathy P

    Hi Jackie! You are a new author for me. The only vampire stories I have ever read were Kimberley Raye’s. Loved the excerpt of the call between Stephanie and Akron. Also, thanks for the free read. Have it downloaded.

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    Thanks for the free story. It’s a great way to try a new author.

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    That sounds so good, I have to buy this series!

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    Can’t wait to read your Vampire stories, loved your medievals

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    Thank you so much for the free read. I love vamps and am always looking for a new series to read.
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    Thanks for the freebie…sounds like a GREAT series! Can’t wait to read this first one! Happy New Year!