30 Days of Vampires: Vampires as Villains

December 4, 2011 | 30 Days of Vampires | 18 comments

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Jane ToombsJane Toombs, born in California, raised in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, has returned “home” to live in the beautiful Upper Peninsula on the shore of Lake Superior–with the Viking from her past. Jane has five children, two stepchildren, seven grandchildren, a calico cat named Kinko and two computers.

She’s the author of over eighty published books, both in paper and electronic.  These include the various romance genres–gothic, suspense, contemporary, historical, Regency and paranormal–as well as other genres such as mystery, fantasy and horror. Jane has used pseudonyms–Ellen Jamison, Diana Stuart, Olivia Sumner–but is now writing under her own name except for her Zebra/Pinnacle romances for which she uses Jane Anderson.


Yes, I‘m one of “those.” No, not a villainous vampire, but an author whose vampires are never heroes because they’re dead. Don’t try to confuse me with undead. To me, dead is dead. Perhaps because I‘m a nurse, who knows? So if they’re dead and up walking (or flying ) around, they have to be a villain in any of my books.

Even though I write a lot in the paranormal genre, I have yet to make a vampire a hero. Although in one of my Witch Series books–that I haven’t started writing, yet–one of my witches is trying to help a vampire whose only wish is to die–only not painfully with a stake in his heart. So possibly he could be classified as a hero.

I have never felt any desire to have a dead person suck blood from one of the veins in my neck. No matter how erotic some books make it out to be, my reaction is–ugh. I definitely am not putting down any reader who loves this idea–it’s just not a turn-on for me.

I have tried to read some vampire-as-hero books just to understand what about a vampire could make him a hero, I did finish several that were very well written. But never once did I bond with the heroine, because I couldn’t. Which was not the author’s fault because she was writing for those who do like vampires as heroes. Again, I have no quarrel with either readers or writers of this genre because I understands it’s just me.

In my vampire-as-villain books I have created some really vicious vampires–some in the Dracula mode–suave and appealing. Some more like Nosferatu who would never appeal to any living women as sexy. If you haven’t seen the movie by that name, you should. Even as an adult I found it scary.

I happened to see the original Dracula with Bela Lugosi when I was quite young and loved it, even if scared me. What an elegant vampire, cape and all, yet still exuding evil.

I have used vampires in my book, but can‘t easily remember where or what book. One time I recall was in Moonrunner Three, Dark Sunrise. I looked it up and it was in Chapter Eighteen. This vampire had an agenda–to kill the woman who’d accidentally forced him to become one. Plus anyone who stood in his way–in this case a young boy. Another I remember was in Turquoise Twilight, a Jewels of the Quill novella and one of the stories in my North Of Nonesuch collection. This was a vampire who’s first choice was random, but when the victim survived, he deliberately set out to kill him–and the woman who’d saved the man’s’ life. .

Another I recall was a Shadows I did for Silhouette–The Abandoned Bride. This villain was a very dangerous psychic vampire, who took the soul as well as the life of his victims. Had a lot of fun writing that book.

Sometimes, as Jacqueline Lichtenberg, has done, the vampire can be portrayed as an alien from elsewhere. In another series she split an alien species into two parts–the taker and the provider, who needed each other, so neither one was either victim or villain. I enjoyed those books.

So, though I have trouble seeing the vampire as hero, I certainly agree that the vampire has a universal appeal no matter how he or she is portrayed.

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  1. Wilma

    I also love vampires and anything paranormal as long that its not to dark. I feel that a little envy on the vampires behalf goes a long way in the decision of being BAD or Bad with just a touch of humanity for what they have lost. LOVE & FAMILY

  2. Kirby

    I have read both types (the vampire as the villain and as the hero) and I have found that if the characters are well written then that is all that matters.

  3. Alicia Tags

    I love vampires. Always fascinated to see how an author can bring them to life.

  4. Samantha

    I prefer a vampire who turns good. It’s always great to see someone who is supposed to be portrayed as evil actually has a good heart. Someone who can always defeat the bad guys. But then I love a good love story. Where the damsel turns the bad guy good also catches my fancy.

  5. books4me

    I enjoy all vampires, good or evil. Each author has their own twist and I love that!

  6. Viki S.

    I like all kinds of vampires. It’s so nice that authors can make them any way they want. I love it all.

  7. sandy

    I love a vampire that is a villian that finds a reason to try to be a hero.

  8. wanda flanagan

    I am a paranormal addict I love all of it IO agree with what Kirby said earlier I also have read both types (the vampire as villain and as hero) and if the characters are well written then that is all that matters.A great story is a great story :)

  9. sue brandes

    I really enjoy any kind of vampire books. I like that each author can make it their own.
    Sue B

  10. StacieD

    I think everyone has their personal preferences. I can believe a vampire as a hero. I love paranormal romance so I’m wired to see many paranormal creatures as heroes and villains. There are other types of characters that I don’t sympathize with and could never believe them as heroic figures. I love that everyone gets to indulge in stories that suit their individual tastes!

    Geishasmom73 AT yahoo DOT com

  11. MJB

    I’ll take the good with the bad when it comes to vamps. As long as they’re sexy as sin, honestly, I don’t car which!

  12. Deb P

    Love ghost stories

  13. Stephanie

    Thanks for interview! Sounds like some great stories!

  14. SandyG265

    I like all kinds of vampires.

  15. Bridgett

    I have never read any of these books, but now I’m off to look them up on Amazon!

  16. Kimberley Coover

    I love vampire heroes, but I also enjoy a really villainous vampire antagonist. So much evil and meaness to work with…lol

  17. Danny

    I like it when villains turn into heroes. I know that it is hard for an author to make this change, but this can be really interesting

  18. June M.

    I generally read more romance vampires sot they are not generally the villains of the stories. There are some bad vamps in them but they are not the heroes, the ones that win in the end.
    manning_j2004 at yahooo dot com