30 Days of Vampires—Interview with paranormal fiction author, Lynda Hilburn & Prize!

December 6, 2008 | Author Interviews | 43 comments

30 days of Vampires Schedule

Today author Lynda Hilburn is joining us to celebrate 30 Days of Vampires. She’s giving away a copy of her book, Dark Harvest, and the winner’s choice of one of her guided hypnotherapy CDs (can be seen on her non-writing website: www.lyndahilburn.com)
To be entered…Describe the vampire you’d like to see floating outside your window in the comments section of this post. Contest ends December 11 at midnight. Ships to U.S. and Canada addresses only.

Author of: The Vampire Shrink and Dark Harvest, books 1 and 2 of the Kismet Knight, Vampire Psychologist series
Favorite Candy: Anything chocolate! (I’m sure I emotionally scarred my son for life by biting the heads off his chocolate bunnies every Easter!)
Favorite Cartoon Character: Count Duckula! A vampire duck – what’s not to love?
Super Power Most Covets: It’s a toss-up between mind reading, being invisible and being able to fly.
Favorite Vampires: I can’t choose one, so I added an “s” to the end of vampire. Bela Lugosi is a fave for filling my childhood with fangs, Frank Langella’s 1980 version of Dracula introduced me to the notion of an overtly sensual vampire. And, of course, my own vampire character — Devereux – 800 years of gorgeous undead maleness.

Q.) First can you tell us about your Kismet Knight series?

L.H.) I’d love to! Kismet Knight is a Denver psychologist who has become a little bored with her life. She yearns for excitement – for professional fame and fortune. When a new client comes to her office claiming to be part of a hidden vampire underworld, Kismet thinks she’s found a new, trendy diagnosis, as well as the key to an Oprah appearance! Vampire wannabes! Of course, she doesn’t believe the story for a minute. Everyone knows vampires don’t exist. Or, do they? When gorgeous, 800-year-old Devereux shows up in her waiting room, she finds herself falling through the Looking Glass into an alternate reality. He says she’s his long-awaited mate. She thinks he’s mentally ill. And then there’s the bad vampire leaving a trail of blood-drained bodies and the handsome FBI profiler . . .

Q.) What about your take on vampires, do you stick with tradition or tweak it a bit?

L.H.) Like most authors, I use what I like and leave the rest. My vampires are nocturnal creatures who love drinking blood. Most of them don’t feel guilty or shameful about their need for the crimson elixir. They don’t have to kill humans to feed, although – like humans – there are “good” vampires and “bad” ones. The bad ones often kill just for the enjoyment of it. My bloodsuckers aren’t affected by religious symbols/places or garlic, and they can use mirrors. (In fact, they’re rather vain!) In my world, the vampires can move through thought. They can travel through space and time, and the main vampire character, Devereux, spends a lot of his days literally living in the past (which accounts for his odd speech patterns and European accent). They can be killed by fire, by walking into the sun, or by having their heads chopped off. Vampires are always so remarkably creative about destroying each other!

Q.) If you were given the option, would you be turned?

L.H.) It would really depend on the situation I found myself in. If I could be like many of the vampires in my fantasy world, and could spend the centuries learning, acquiring knowledge and becoming wise, I’d definitely consider it. Of course, I would have had to be young, built and gorgeous in order to make the most of the opportunity. But if I had to spend my existence struggling to survive: hiding in graveyards or constantly stalking humans for blood, smelling bad, I think I’d prefer to die. I like reading about the monster variety of vampires sometimes, but I wouldn’t want to be that! But if I could hang out with Devereux for a few centuries . . .

Q.) What would you do if you met a “real” vampire? Would you be a vamp groupie or would you dash for the nearest stake?

L.H.) I’m too much like my heroine to make either one of those choices. I’d want to understand him or her. Explore the species – analyze the differences. Write up case notes. Get the bloodsucker on my therapy couch! Unless, of course, the vampire was of the primitive variety, then I’d grab the stake!

Q.) Who makes the best hero–slayer or vamp? Why?

L.H.) I don’t really have a lot of knowledge about this. The hero of my series is a fascinating vamp. There is a slayer in the second book, but he’s a vampire, too! I will be adding in a human slayer character in one of the upcoming books, but this person will be part of the humorous aspect of the story – a less-than-successful vampire killer who can’t quite seem to get the job done. My main female character did take out a vamp in the first book, but she managed to do it by instinct, in spite of herself.

Q.) So, why is a vampire more in need of counseling than say a werewolf or a witch/wizard, or are they? Which do you think would be the best adjusted in real life—have the easiest time “passing” as human?

L.H.) I guess werewolves and witches/wizards are in just as much need of counseling than vampires, but that’s a different series!! LOL. It would probably be easier for a werewolf or witch/wizard to pass as human because that’s how they look. The werewolf only has to worry about his furry appearance occasionally. Being dead, vampires usually have features that stand out as unusual: pale skin, unique dentistry, non-human reactions, and eyeballs that tend to mesmerize. And, since most of them can only come out at night, their “passing” opportunities are limited. While I haven’t personally met any “real” vampires or werewolves yet (but I have lots of unusual clients in my therapy practice and a vampire or werewolf could show up any day!), I do know a few well-adjusted witches!

Q.) Are you a plotter or a pantser? Character-driven or plot driven? Ever try to be the opposite? Do you have a set method you use when starting a book?

L.H.) Things would be a lot easier for me if I plotted, but I’m a pantser. I never know what’s happening in a story until my fingers start to move on the keyboard. Sometimes I laugh out loud at what I see on the screen. (I know – I need to get a life.) I haven’t tried plotting yet, but I think often about writing an intricate synopsis. Yes. I think about it, but I don’t do it. Maybe tomorrow, grin. I’m definitely character-driven. It is possible I could write a plot-driven story, but I suspect I’d have a hard time. What I like to write – and to read – are stories about people. About their feelings, thoughts, choices, influences, and psychological patterns. “Inner action” as well as outer action. I just tend to lose interest in a story if I’m not given the opportunity to explore the interpersonal aspects. I don’t really have a set method. Mostly I nag myself until I sit in front of the computer and start writing. I seem to resist beginning, but after that, I can become obsessive. In fact, if I have a deadline and I’m excited about a project, I’m a typing fiend.

Q.) What is the smartest thing you’ve done so far as advancing either your writing or your writing career? What is something you wish you had done differently?

L.H.) The smartest thing I’ve done was to join Colorado Romance Writers, my local RWA chapter. I had no idea such an extensive romance network existed or that there were so many great resources available to me. Romance writers are the most generous and creative writers I know. As for doing something differently, I wish I would have understood more about the business of writing before I started subbing. I probably would have saved myself some pain and made less mistakes. But then, every writer has to pay her/his dues, I guess.

Q.) Can you describe three things in your writing area that tell us something about you?

L.H.) The first thing people notice about my writing area is that it’s messy. Papers, books, files, manuscripts, supplies, promo materials everywhere! Sticky notes abound. And, along with my writing materials, there are all the books, files, papers, etc. for my psychotherapy business. It looks like a tornado touched down. I think my space is a perfect symbol of my inner world: chaos!

Q.) Any new projects on the horizon? What would you like to try next?

L.H.) I’m working on the third Kismet book and thinking about ideas for an additional series about a psychic who lives here in Boulder, CO. I’m a paranormal fan, so I’ll probably focus predominantly on that genre, but I’d also like to explore some other areas of psychological fiction – maybe a thriller or mystery. I look forward to the release of The Mammoth Book of Paranormal Romance, which contains my story, “Blood Song.” I was going to submit a story in Kismet’s world for the anthology, but this other idea – involving sound healing and vampires – just wouldn’t leave me alone. I hope I get the opportunity to participate in more anthologies. It’s nice to write something short once in a while.
Thanks for interviewing me, Lori! It was fun.

Order Lynda’s books:
The Vampire Shrink
Dark Harvest


  1. crystal adkins

    The first poster never wins lol, but I’d love to see any of the Black Dagger Brotherhood just hanging out. Mostly Zadist but I promise not to be picky *grins*

  2. Brooke

    I love the idea of a vampire Psychologist. I guess vampires need someone to talk about their problems with too. :)

  3. Colleen

    Hmmm… a vampire outside my window… he would be tall, dark, & sexy with hypnotic light blue eyes! :D

  4. Mel K.

    Hi Lynda,
    Nice to “see” you here on Lori’s blog. I want to read THE VAMPIRE SHRINK so badly. No kidding, I’ve looked for it in bookstores in VA, RI, and FL. No luck. If I win a gift cert. in the near future I’ll order it. I’d love to read DARK HARVEST just as badly so I hope I win.
    The vampire I’d like to see floating outside my window would be from Scotland!

    “Bela Lugosi’s dead
    The bats have left the bell tower
    The victims have been bled…”



  5. Danielle

    what a coincidence…

    I just added Lynda’s books onto my wishlist yesterday :)


  6. Lynda Hilburn

    Hi Crystal! Thanks so much for dropping by. Wow. Zadist floating in the window. He’d probably take up the whole view!! Good choice.

    Brooke: I’m still waiting for a real vampire to show up in my waiting room, but in the meantime, it’s fun to write about it happening in Kismet’s world!

    Colleen: I’m with you: tall, dark and sexy with hypnotic eyes! Mine probably has long, gorgeous hair, too. Thanks for your comment!

    Mel! I’m so sorry you’ve had such a hard time finding my books. What I noticed was, since the first book came out in October 2007, it got easier to find it as the year went on. And there’s always Amazon! I hope you win! Thanks so much for trying to find my books. You’re a sweetie.

    Danielle: I’m so happy you added my books to your wish list! Thank you so much. I hope you enjoy them. Please keep in touch.

  7. Darlene

    I loved this interview, I only recently discovered Linda by an interview she did of another author and though have not yet read any of her work I do plan to after I start my new job in two weeks and the money has returned since the money tree in the back yard refuses to grow.

  8. Darlene

    I got so carried away with the interview I forgot to answer the question. Not being very familiar with vampires, I would first want to make sure he was available, not mated, no significant other, then he would have to be sexy, honest and really good…. ah… you know… :blush:

  9. Lou Gagliardi

    I haven’t gotten to read any of the books from these authors. I’d love to though! Their all so different and interesting–just like the vampires their about! How do you like that

    As for my vampire, I think I’m gonna surprise alot of people here.

    HE’d have to be tall, handsome, have a decent skin color like pale but not deathly, either black or red hair, maybe blonde. Built, with blue or brown eyes that have that soulful look–you’d be able to see his soul and his emotions just by looking into his eyes. Of course he’d have to have a Scottish, Irish or Romanian accent (as that is my ancestry as well as Hebrew, German, Italian and Native American)!

    He’d have to be kind, nice and gentle in personality but also loyal and ready to defend me as much as I am him.

  10. Rain

    Hmmm… Mick St. John is a sexy vampire, and a good guy so I wouldn’t mind seeing him outside my window.

  11. Semet Torres

    Great interview Lynda…whom I discovered via MYSPACE :cool:
    I’d have to say for one floating at my window..any sexy vamp with a great sense of humor, I love a good laugh. lol

  12. Lynda Hilburn

    Hi, Darlene! Yeah, I think lots of peoples’ money trees are having a hard time blooming these days. I hope yours regenerates really soon!

    Lou: It’s so great that you know exactly what you want! After all, we can’t have what we wan’t if we can’t imagine it first. I tend to be attracted to men (vampires and otherwise) who are Celtic or European (my heritage is English and Scottish). Maybe they seem more mysterious and unique to me for some reason. Thanks for dropping by.

    Rain: I agree. I thought Mick St. John was cute. I’ve seen that actor in a couple of things now and he always makes me smile. I wish some more of the vampire TV shows would’ve stuck around longer!

    Semet: I couldn’t agree more. A sense of humor is crucial. Often the main vampire in my books (Devereux) says things that turn out to be funny because he’s out of touch with contemporary slang. He takes things very literally and sometimes that’s a hoot. I’m so glad you stopped by!

  13. J.K. Coi

    Lynda, I’ve just finished reading the Vampire Shrink and I thought it was awesome! You mentioned you were thinking about another series, and I’d love to see you do a suspense!

    Great interview, take care!

  14. Kimberly B.

    Well, ideally I’d want a vampire who let me know he was coming, so I could clean up first! :D Not to mention making sure I was decent! Other than that, what fascinates me most about vampires is how long they live, and I’d want somebody who had lived a long and interesting life. How cool would it be to learn about the past from someone who’d been there! And if he looked like Jason Patric in The Lost Boys, I wouldn’t complain a bit!

  15. Pan Zareta

    Hi Lynda! Great interview! A vampire outside my window would have to be tall, dark, mysterious, and have a Romanian or Scottish accent.

  16. Debby

    I have both books. Now for the time. They look great.

  17. blackroze37

    both vampire shrink and dark harvest is GREATTTTTTT books! i highly recomend her books to any who hasnt read them

  18. Pam P

    Good interview, Lynda. I like mysteries and thrillers about pyschics, good idea for a future book. Now I’d be happy if Angel floated by, and into, my window.

  19. Bertena

    Ok. I haven’t read any of your books but they are being added to my wish list. I am currently working on my master’s thesis about ” the rise in popularity of vampire literature”. I know why I read…wishing of that vampire that I will describe floating outside my window..
    Here you go…Crooked smile, golden honey eyes, strong chin, dark eyes with lighter highlights, mid to late twenties, strong chin, broad chest, a complex to rescue me, strategically placed tattoos on chest, arms, or stomach. A strong tie to the past. There to comfort me and to make everything ok. I would love a British accent and a very classy dresser that can also pull off a tight black tshirt and jeans too.
    I am currently staring out my window wishing he would come rescue me.

  20. Amy S.

    I would like to see a vamp like Kiefer Sutherland from The Lost Boys. Great interview!

  21. Walt M.

    I enjoyed this interview and will have to look up the Kismet Knight series.

  22. Lisa F.

    Great interview! I have these books on my birthday/Christmas list (birthday is around christmas, so you know how it goes.)

    Hmmm…. a vampire I like see floating outside my window, how about tall, wide shoulders, shoulder-length black hair, blue eyes, an accent, and tight pants to show off his long………ummmm legs (yep that was what was on my mind)! Plus a twin brother floating next to him! :mrgreen:

  23. Lori T

    Hi Lynda~

    Did I read that you are in Colorado? Do you ever do book signings…that is almost close enough for me to actually make it to…I am in Wyoming. Your books sound great and they are being added to my ever expanding list.

    What vamp would I like to see floating outside my window?? I would love to have a chance to meet Malachi from Shiloh Walker’s Hunter series. He has fascinated me since the first time I read about him.

  24. Caffey

    Oh what a fun question! I would love dark, and deep and disheveled vamp out my window wanting to come in! I love when they are sexy and that loose look too! I haven’t had the joy to get yours yet but when I think of a vamp now, it would be a recent read of Christine Warren’s Dmitri!

  25. Treebaabie!!!!

    Hi Lynda,
    It is so wild how we met how many yrs now– like 3-4?? with out Marty Casey and I’m so glad- so proud of you and if I haven’t of met you– my world would be boring because you are an awesome author– I LOVE your books and you are going far………………………. We just need to find out how to get to Marty and hold him into us……….. hahahaha Love ya Gal,

  26. Lynda Hilburn

    What great comments! I just got back from doing an author event in south Denver and it’s so cool to find all these awesome descriptions of vampires! We just can’t get enough of those bad boys, can we? grin :mrgreen:

  27. Lynda Hilburn

    J.K.: I’m so glad you liked The Vampire Shrink. I sure enjoyed writing it! I love suspense. It’s definitely on my list of things to brainstorm about! Thanks for dropping by.

    Kimberly B: LOL! I’d want him to let me know he was coming, too! Yay to Jason Patric from The Lost Boys. One of my fave vampire movies!

    Dear Donna: I’m so glad you enjoyed my books. That makes me very happy! I’m with you on the vamp description!! Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment!

    Dear Pan: Yes! I love those accents, too! Thanks for dropping by!

  28. Lynda Hilburn

    Debbie: I hope you enjoy the books! Thanks so much for stopping by!

    Blackroze37: It’s so great to see you here! Thanks so much for the sweet words. You’re always a dear. I appreciate you!

    Yeah, Pam! Let’s hear it for Angel!

    Bertina: Good luck with your master’s thesis. What a great topic! Sigh — wouldn’t it be great to open that window and invite him in?

    Amy: Keifer was definitely a bad boy! Loved him and the whole cast of the movie (the sequel wasn’t so great, though. :sad:

    Walt: Thanks for stopping by! I’m glad you liked the interview. I hope you enjoy Kismet’s world!

    Lisa: Happy birthday in advance! Twin vampires! Now why didn’t I think of that? I’ll have to use twin bloodsuckers in one of Kismet’s therapy sessions. What an excellent idea!

    Lori: Yes. I’m in Colorado. Just a skip and a jump from you. I often do signings up in the Ft. Collins/Loveland area. You can check my schedule from my website or my blog. Love your vamp choice!!

    Caffey: So nice to see you! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Yum to your vamp description!!

    Dear Treebabie: It’s so excellent that you’re here! Thank you so much for the sweet things you said. You’re always such a dear. I appreciate you!

  29. Chris J.

    Hi Linda!
    Great interview and I definetly love the Kismet series.
    Dark Harvest is on my list of gotta have! I loved the Vampire Shrink and the hottie on the cover!!
    As to the Vampire I want outside me window: Well let’s give him a Irish accent, a cross between Henry (from BloodTies), Eric (from True Blood) and Edward (from Twilight) and you got the perfect Vampire!!

  30. Michelle B.

    I just received Dark Harvest as well as a CD from Lynda Hilburn from a contest I won…need to get The Vampire Shrink now so I can read them in order…

  31. Lynda Hilburn

    Hi, Chris! Thanks for stopping by. I’m so happy you love the Kismet series! I do, too. Hmmm. Henry, Eric and Edward. Yep, I can definitely visualize that!

    Michelle: I’m glad you got the book and CD. I hope you enjoy them. Please let me know!

  32. Karin

    What a great interview! Kismet Knight sounds like a fascinating character and the books sound really interesting. I love the fact that they’re set in Denver. I don’t see too many novels set there and I love it when I do, since it’s where I have always lived!

  33. Sidhe Vicious

    There are sooo many to pick from! I’m going to have to go with Eric Northman from Charlaine Harris’s Sookie Stackhouse series. He’s my newest “crush”, and he can float right in my window, nevermind outside my window! :lol:

  34. Sara Hurt

    If I have to choose a vampire I am shooting for Jean Claude out of the Anita Blake books. he just seems so delicious

  35. Margie

    Hi Lynda! Great interview! A vampire floating outside my window would have to be tall, dark, sexy, and have dark, soulful eyes!

  36. Debbie

    Hi Lynda! Enjoyed the interview! My vampire would be tall, dark, and have a Scottish or Irish accent.

  37. Lynda Hilburn

    Hi, Karin: I set the novels in Denver instead of Boulder (where I live) because I thought Denver would have lots more room for all the vampires and strange creatures of the night! Thanks for stopping by!

    Hey, Sidhe! I’m with you about Eric Northman (although my imaginary version is very different from the actor who plays Eric on True Blood!).

    Sara: Yum to Jean Claude! He’s right up there with my top three fave vamps!

    Hi, Margie. Yes, indeed. Gotta have those soulful eyes! Thanks for stopping by.

    Sounds good to me! Lots of us crave those Celtic accents!! I’m glad you enjoyed the interview!

  38. Liviania

    Cool idea! And there’s nothing wrong with a messy desk – I have one myself!

    I’m going to show my age: I’d most love Angel hanging around outside my window.

  39. Deidre

    Oh, to be invisible and be a fly on the wall. That sure would feed the nosiness in me. LOL

    I love the sound of your books Lynda. I hope to get my hot little hands on one soon.


  40. Carmen R

    I love the Kismet Knight, Vampire Psychologist series and i can’t wait to read the third book.

  41. Lynda Hilburn

    Liviania: Absolutely! Angel can hang around my window anytime! Thanks for writing.

    Deidre: Thanks for trying to get your hot little hands on my books! Hopefully, your hands will get a little warmer as you read (there are a couple of juicy scenes).

    Carmen R: You are so incredibly sweet to tell me that! I’m so happy you love the Kismet series. I’m smiling so wide right now! Hugs to you and everyone who took time to comment! (I’m madly writing the third book!)

  42. Terri W.

    Welcome Lynda!

    I would love to see either Zarek or Zsadist floating out my window!

    Love the cover for “Dark Harvest” and “Vampire Shrink”!

  43. Lynda Hilburn

    Hey, Terri! Thanks for stopping by. I’ll tell the art dept at the publisher that you like the covers. They’ll smile.