Where did Lucy get her love and knowledge of antiques?

August 20, 2012 | Rae Davies, Q & A

Lucy and I have a lot in common. Her love of antiques and how she came by it is just one example. Both of us grew up in antique crazy families.

AuctioneerMy father was the first president of our local Collector’s Club and I spent most of my childhood going to various shows, shops and then later as an adult, auctions.

My husband and I did the auction/yard sale thing for a while gathering merchandise for a booth we had at an antique shop in Helena, Montana. A lot of the information on auctions both in Loose Screw and in Love is All You Need was garnered through first hand experience.

The old antique/junk shop owner in Love is All You Need? He’s based on a real man I knew as a child. He truly had a hook for one hand and nothing for the other. My mother used to bring him coffee with cup and saucer. He would pour the coffee from the cup into the saucer, let it cool and then drink it.

I met a lot of wonderful characters like that growing up and love sharing them now with readers. I just hope I do all of them justice.