Thor: Ragnarok

November 19, 2017 | Lori's Life, At Home, Valkyries, Norse Mythology | 3 comments

Let us all pause and say it again… THOR… RAGNAROK.

Have you seen it? Have you seen the other Thor movies?

ThorIf not…. WHY NOT?

So I’ve been watching from the beginning. Honestly, before I even made the whole Marvel connection… I mean… it’s Thor. The Marvel thing wasn’t even secondary to me. Since then my son has become a hard core Marvel fan. This has been a huge plus since it means he, my daughter and I have a shared love. (He also refused to see Wonder Woman with us because… DC, but that’s another story…)

The first Thor movie was great. The second not so much. But I am happy to report the third is excellent. There are honestly very few things I didn’t love.

The pluses…

Thor and Chris Hemsworth. Great to look at and a great actor.
Loki and  Tom Hiddleston. Also great to look at and great actor, but more…. I really love a trickster and Loki is one the originals and one of the best. And in this movie we get to see him in true trickster form, not as the trickster is frequently misrepresented as a straight up villain. Tricksters aren’t villains. They are TRICKSTERS. Whole other thing.
Hel and  Cate Blanchett. Loved the character and the actress, although I do have to complain a “tad” that Marvel moved away from the real mythology so much with her… but it is Marvel and I have certainly taken my own liberties with the actual myth…
Valkyrie and Tessa Thompson. (I did keep wondering where I knew her from. Turns out it was Westworld!) Valkyrie is a great anti-hero. I really hope we see more of her. Also valkyries in general are really under-represented. (Except OF COURSE in my book, Wild Hunt.)

So those were my favorites. I’ll also give a nod to Helmdall/Idris Elba. I actually liked him better in the original Thor, but still was glad to see him back in the game. AND despite my bias against Hulk from the horrible TV show of my youth, he was highly entertaining too.

So what about you? Have you seen it? Who did you love? Who not so much?

If you haven’t seen the movies. There is no time like a holiday weekend to get caught up!!! Start with Thor (link to Amazon) then follow up with Thor: The Dark World (link to Amazon). You won’t regret it!!


  1. Kelly

    I share a love of all things Marvel with my son also. My Mother’s Day present every year is a the latest Marvel movie.

    Best present ever!

  2. Lori

    You will have some hard choices this year! Lots of good Marvel movies to choose from!

  3. paul wagner

    oy!!!(no not british, just watch too much BBC America) what was wrong w/the original Hulk series?? I liked it. Havent seen Ragnarok prob wait til the book. Seen the first 2