Looking Back, 2011 The Year of the Author?

January 2, 2012 | Inspiration | 2 comments

At some point in 2011 I read on some blog (that unfortunately I can’t remember the name of) that if 2010 was the year of the ebook, 2011 was the year of the author.

I can live with that.

In fact, after going through 2010 reading what to me were asinine claims by various publishing pundits that authors would never go it alone, (the insinuation being that we were too dense to figure all that complicated formatting and editing stuff out on our own) it is satisfying to see authors not only doing that, but thriving.

Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against big publishing in theory. I do think, however, that somewhere along the way many publishers forgot how important authors are to the process. Authors became a cog rather than the most important and valued part of the process (with the reader being right up there with them)—at least in the minds of many publishers.

Early in 2011 I listened to a podcast where a publishing representative (a high up representative) explained what made books successful. This publishing representative talked about all the things that “made” a book in a way that completely left one rather important piece out—authors. He talked a while, with a lot of self-satisfaction, and NEVER mentioned the author. It was like the book itself didn’t matter.

It was…mind-blowing.

But those days are quickly disappearing.

Now publishers actually talk about what they do for authors and try to sell authors on those things.

I’m not saying that I don’t think some of those claims are…delusional…but just the fact that publishers realize authors have enough value that they want to make those claims is a huge improvement.

So if 2010 was the year of the ebook and 2011 was the year of the author, what will 2012 be? Maybe if some of the things that started in the year of the author continue and authors can afford to write books to smaller markets and price books affordably (not cheap mind you, but affordable) 2012 can at some point become the year of the reader.

I could live with that too.

Lori Devoti is the multi-published author of romantic comedy, paranormal romance and urban fantasy. She also writes the Dusty Deals Mystery series under the pen name Rae Davies. Look for her workshops at Write by the Lake (DCS University of Wisconsin), at RWA conferences and meetings, and here at the How To Write Shop. For more information, visit her web site.


  1. Lynn

    So if 2010 was the year of the ebook and 2011 was the year of the author, what will 2012 be?

    However they’re published, I hope this turns out to be the year of amazing stories. ;)

  2. Lori Devoti

    Me too, Lynn. :)