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April 11, 2009 | Werewolves | 52 comments

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About today’s guest: Larissa Ione

Larissa is a fellow member of the Shape Shifter Romance blog and as of this week, a New York Times best-selling author!! Let’s all give her our congrats! :)

One lucky commenter will win a copy of either Desire Unchained or Taming the Fire (Sydney Croft,) Larissa’s werewolf books.. Just leave a comment on this post to be entered. Winner will be announced at end of Full Moon promotion. Last day to enter Saturday, April 25th at midnight central U.S. time.

I’ve made no secret of my “horror roots.” Oh, no – I cut my teeth on Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Gary Brandner, Whitley Strieber, Peter Straub, etc. I LOVED horror novels when I was growing up.

But I also loved horror movies. I gravitated more toward “monster” movies than “hack and slash,” so vampires, werewolves, and the blob were totally my thing. And my favorite? Werewolf movies!

Remember The Howling? Wolfen? American Werewolf in London? And who can forget Silver Bullet? Or the classic, The Wolf Man? Oh, Lon Chaney Jr., how I miss you.

Then, more recently, we have the Underworld series (which are probably my favorites,) Blood for Chocolate, Bad Moon, Hybrid. Man, I love the werewolf horror movies.

But have you ever noticed that werewolf movies ARE horror? It’s rare for the cinema to show werewolves in a positive light, a romantic light, the way books can and do. Oh, there’s a romantic element to the Underworld movies and Blood for Chocolate, but still, at their roots, they are gory horror-fests.

I can see, however, how these powerful creatures became the heroes and heroines in romance novels. They are strong, feral, and they possess a primal aura of danger that just makes a reader shiver. Plus, there is an element of unpredictability that keeps us on edge. What if the man (or woman) we’ve fallen in love with loses control and rips us apart? Yeah…that’s an issue.

So we watch these movies and feel for the characters who are good people, but who, once a month, are reduced to creatures who operate on rage and instinct, and who might just tap into our basest fears. Because really, could any one of us snap under the right conditions?

So anyway, this is windy way of saying that I love werewolf movies. I think my favorite is Underworld, but The Wolf Man comes in a close second, followed by An American Werewolf in London for third place.

What’s YOUR favorite werewolf movie? Tell me, and you’ll be eligible to win your choice of either Desire Unchained or Taming the Fire (Sydney Croft,) which are my two werewolf books.

Thanks for playing!!!

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  1. Kristen

    That would have to be Wolf with Jack Nicholson. I just love that movie!

  2. Roberta Harwell

    Hello Larissa,

    I’m with you on the Underworld. Every time it comes on, I have to watch. I can’t seem to get enough of the movie. Have a great day.

  3. Brandy W

    I love the Underworld Series and Silver Bullet rocked. Something that popped in my head when you were talking about there not being romance wolfie flicks; Teen Wolf. I know not romance but it totally popped into my head.

  4. crystal adkins

    I have to agree, my fav werewolf movie has to be Underworld but I also liked and American Werewolf in Paris :)
    I loved Desire Unchained, it rocked!!

  5. Lillie A.

    I have to go with the Underworld movies as well. I recently watched Rise of the Lycans, and even knowing how it was going to end, it kept me completely enthralled. :eek:

  6. Venus Vaughn

    Teen Wolf, Michael J Fox :D It’s soooo, wolfy.

  7. BookstoreDeb

    I’m afraid I’m not into scary movies at all and werewolf movies rank in that category to me. About the only one I’ve ever watched and enjoyed was Teen Wolf. Yeah I’m a wimp when it comes to visual but I love reading about them!

    Congrats on hitting the best seller list!

  8. Lea

    Good Morning Larissa!

    Happy Easter and congratulations on being a NYT bestselling author! That is just phenomenal!

    I too like the Underworld movies. But my favorite all time Werewolf movie is “An American Werewolf in London”.

    Warm Regards

  9. Mishel

    I really liked Wolf with Jack Nicholson and Michelle Pfeiffer. I recently saw a rerun on tv and I forgot how much I enjoyed it! I just love Pfeiffer!!

  10. Willa

    Hi Larissa *waving* – followed the breadcrumbs again!

    I loved American Werewolf in London & Wolf too!

    Huge congratulations on Wraith giving you your NYT bestselling Author status – don’t you just love him? :wink:

  11. Melissa

    Hi, Larissa!!

    I love werewolf………and underworld is SO awesome……….I cant’ wait to see Rise of The Lycans.
    Remember Teen Wolf with Michael J Fox???
    That was like the greatest movie when I was like 13, lol. Whenever I see himm, I always think of that movie.

    And YEAH on NYT Bestseller!! Them Demons Rock!!

  12. Teresa W.

    I’ve enjoyed all the Underworld movies they’d have to be my favorites!

  13. Virginia Hendricks

    I suppose saying the micheal J fox one would get me banned? LOL. Seriously, I’ve probably seen far more vampire movies than I have werewolf movies. I like the Dakota Cassidy The Accidental Werewolf as a book. Does that count? :)

  14. Chris

    Hmm. It’s been forever since I saw a werewolf movie… I guess Underworld.

  15. Uncommon Jen

    American Werewolf in London has to be my favorite. I’m a sucker for a tragedy.

    Werewolves are awesome. Mostly because they don’t have a Dracula-like source book.

  16. Delilah

    Oh dear to pick just one? Well I’m going with two –

    Wolf with Jack Nicklson – I’m not really a fan of his but that was one I did enjoy.

    Underworld: Rise of the Lycans. Even though having watched the other two I knew how it would end – I couldn’t help hoping things would change.

  17. Sara M

    My favorite werewolf movie is Blood and Chocolate. Don’t get me wrong, the book is sooo much better, but I think it’s one of the better adaptions I’ve seen. Another favorite is, of course, Underworld.

    Am I the only one who thinks that Werewolf Lupin in the third Harry Potter looked absolutely ridiculous?

  18. flip

    My kids love American Werewolf in Paris. The ghost of a werewolf victim had them in stitches. We all love Underworld. My girls love Blood and Chocolate. Honestly, I haven’t seen all of the Underworld and Blood and Chocolate. I must.

  19. Kait Nolan

    I’ve gotta say it’s the latest Underworld movie. I really enjoyed seeing Lucian’s story, and I felt like it was the best prequel I’ve seen done in a long time.

  20. Jody F.

    I love the Underworld series! It’s a great mix of romance and action. And, quite frankly, it has some really hot guys.

  21. kanarytx

    I agree with you. Give me a Stephen King and I’m in horror heaven or the blob or the body snatchers. Can’t wait to read your book. thanks for the post.

  22. Terri W.

    I haven’t watched many werewolf movies mostly vampire ones.

    Hmm if I had to pick it will probably have to be the classic Howling movies.

  23. Jessica Kennedy

    Larissa is amazing! I would love to win a copy of her Sydney Croft series!

  24. Colleen

    Hmmm, fav werewolf movie… it is a toss up between BLOOD AND CHOCOLATE & UNDERWORLD.
    Congrats on your New York Times best-selling author status!!! :D

  25. Jackie B

    That’s a tough choice! I love the Gingersnaps movies, but I’d say my favorite was Gingersnaps 3: The Beginning. Something about the music and the growth the actresses made from one movie to the next, I think.

  26. Ashley Madden

    My favorite werewolf movies have to be the Underworld series. They’re just awesome.

    I read Pleasure Unbound, and I absolutely loved it!! I can’t wait to read Desire Unchained and Passion Unleashed!!

  27. Lisa F.

    I love the Underworld series! I’ve watched them so many times.

    But I would have to say one I can’t get enough and it is a classic is American Werewolf In London.

    Larissa I got to say I just love your books. I can’t wait to read more from you. And Wraith’s book, WOW! Loved it.

  28. Cybercliper

    My favorite would have to be the Underworld movies also. Like you said, most movies paint our beloved shape shifter, vamps, and all things bump in the night in a really bad light…guess that’s why I’m mostly a reader instead of a movie viewer

  29. Angela Drane

    Has to be Underworld, but I really liked Ginger Snaps movies too.

  30. Jamie

    COngrats again Larissa for making the NY Times Best sellers list. You so deserve it.

    I would have to say my favorite movie is The Underworld series. i just love it.

  31. limecello

    Hi Larissa & Lori – great post! As for my favorite werewolf movie? :X I have to admit, I don’t think I’ve seen that many! I did enjoy Underworld I & II – and thought they were perfect for the silver screen.
    I know I’ve seen more – but can’t think of them. And you’re right. The poor things always are depicted in the most terrible light in movies; good thing they’ve got a place to be “good” in books. And I’ve really enjoyed the werewolf romances I’ve read. :)

  32. Erin

    I’d have to say my favorite werewolf movie is American Werewolf in Paris.

  33. theo

    A HUGE congrats, Larissa! I saw the NYT announcement on twitter. :)

    The Wolfman, with Lon Chaney, Jr. Because he was a beautiful, angst filled man. And because I grew up on the b&w movies and they’re still my favs.

    Van Helsing, though not a werewolf movie, when Van Helsing turns into a werewolf, it’s probably the best looking/closest to my image of a werewolf cgi out there.

    Underworld, because I wanna wear that latex outfit :P

    Silver Bullet, because it leaves the werewolf up to the imagination for most of the movie and the scare/tension is great.

    Dog Soldiers, because I think it’s just awesome!

    And a silly movie titled, Never Cry Werewolf, which is a campy little movie that Kevin Sorbo overacts in to a T.

    And loads of others that would make my list way too long for here.

  34. Ley

    I am obviously undereducated in this area (‘course I tend to read like ten times as much as watch movies)! I love the Underworld movies though. I need to see Rise of the Lycans! And Van Helsing was very good, too, though its been awhile.

  35. RachieG

    I LOVED Underworld. I liked all of the kicking butt and the special effects were awesome. :)

    Larissa, just wanted to tell you I am on page 273 of Passion Unleashed. It’s fab! :) I don’t know if Wraith has replaced Eidolon as my favorite demon..but he might have (wink wink!)

    P.S. I’ve never read “Taming the Fire”..I better get on the ball!

  36. Pam P

    Wolf for me, too, and An American Werewolf in London.

  37. Estella

    I have never seen a werewolf movie. I have read lots of werewolf books, tho.

  38. Barb P

    Hi Larissa! I really do like most of the werewolf movies, but my favorite one is the classic The Wolfman. But I was reminded of 2 movies that I recently saw ( like yesterday ), Wolf with Jack Nicholson and I also like Cursed with Christina Ricci. I absolutely love the Demonica Series But I have not yest read the new ARCO book, Taming the Fire. Have a great Easter everyone!

  39. Rena Morris

    I don’t watch movies too much, I’d rather read the book. But of the werewolf movies I’ve seen, I’d have to say that American Werewolf in Paris is one of my favorites, I loved Tom Everett Scott in that movie. It was funny too. I also liked Wolf with Jack Nicholson. Jack was good in it, but I LOVED James Spader, even if he was a bad guy. Congrats on making the best sellers list!

  40. pamk

    congrats on the bestseller list. Loved this book.

  41. Sue

    I love the Underworld movies. I mean the plot was just done so beautifully. It was actually that movie that made me love werewolves more than vampires. :eek:

  42. kh

    teen wolf was fun
    an american werewolf in paris

  43. Marie

    I have to go with Underworld aswell. Kate Beckinsale kicks butt, and Scott Speedman – yum!

  44. Teresa

    Okay–this doesn’t really answer your question, but the werewolf I love is Oz from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. His arc in that series is so poignant–a gentle, rational soul dealing with the monster within that he can’t control.

    And then there’s the way it comes between Oz and Willow.

    Time to dig out the DVDs.

    Congrats again on the NYT list!

  45. The_Book_Queen

    I’d have to say Underworld as well– even though their idea of a werewolf was a bit ugly and definitely not the kind of sexy alpha-male shifters we’re used to in our favorite books of choice, I still enjoyed the movie.

    And Blood and Chocolate wasn’t too bad, though it was nothing like the book, I still enjoyed it a lot.

  46. Karin

    My favorite werewolf movies definitely have to be the Underworld movies. All of them are fantastic but the most recent one, Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, is definitely my all time favorite. It really does a great job of showing the romanticized view of werewolves.

  47. Venus Cahill

    I’d love to tell you my fav vampire movie but I’m too much of a chicken to watch scary movies ;-)
    Does it count that I love Wolverine in X-Men?

  48. Shell Bryce

    Rise of the Lycans was awesome and I got to go see it with 2 of my sons. The ticket guy asked me if I was really going to stay in with them because of the rating I couldn’t sneek out and leave them in there. I gave him “the LOoK” and said “It was my choice tonight. Hell yeah I was staying to watch!”

  49. Carmen R

    The Underworld movies are my favorite. I love the fact that they show you the human side to the werewolves.

  50. LadyVampire2u

    My favorite werewolf movie has to be Underworld but I have really like just about all of them. And speaking of the Wolf-Man, there’ s a remake of that classic in the works. Might not be as great as the original but I’m still dying to see it.

  51. blackroze37@yahoo.com

    underworld, then blood and chocolate

    also, anyone every watch , wolf lake series on tv, with lou diamond phillips, i just found it on sci fi channel every so often, i wonder why it did continue

  52. Eshani

    The last time I saw a werewolf movie was a long, long time ago =) I think my favorite would probably have to be Blood and Chocolate.
    I much prefer books to movies though!


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