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March 30, 2009 | Werewolves | 45 comments

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About today’s guest: Terry Spear
Terry Spear is an award-winning author of urban fantasy and medieval historical romantic suspense. Her novel, Heart of the Wolf was named as one of Publishers Weekly’s BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR.

Also one lucky commenter will win a copy of either Heart of the Wolf or Destiny of the Wolf (your choice). Just leave a comment on this post to be entered. Winner will be announced at end of Full Moon promotion. Last day to enter Saturday, April 25th at midnight central U.S. time.

Destiny of the WolfWhen creating worlds, shapeshifter werewolves or any other, we stimulate the imagination. For me, creating an unreal world but making it as real as possible gives the reader a place to connect with snippets of life that we have actually experienced perhaps, but in a world that cannot be real. We are storytellers who love to weave tales of mystery, suspense, romance, and adventure. To allow our readers a form of escapism. There’s nothing better than a good book to let go of the every day stresses, the boredom, the desire to experience other worlds for ourselves, that we cannot explore otherwise, whether they are real or unreal.

I saw a funny article wherein the author talked about how lawyers are storytellers. I never thought of it that way, but think of a lawyer who is trying to get a really bad guy off the hook. Everyone knows he is guilty. But if the lawyer can make the story believable enough, create enough doubt in the jurors’ minds or the judges, just maybe, he or she can get the guilty party off.

And so in that instance, the lawyer is the greatest storyteller of all, weaving a real, if it is true, or unreal world, if it will get the client off who is guilty.

I was just reading a romance where the heroine had gotten a really bad guy acquitted of a child murder and she retired from the practice because she knew he had gotten off when he was guilty as sin.

This reminds me of another story where the lawyer creates enough reasonable doubt in the courtroom, this time concerning the viability of there being a real Santa Clause. Remember the story? Miracle on 34th Street.

So here’s to storytellers who make us dream, escape, and believe, and to wolves and their human halves, that are just plain fun to read and write about!

Come and check out my werewolf tales, Heart of the Wolf and Destiny of the Wolf, available now, and To Tempt the Wolf, coming Sep 1. Also, Deadly Liaisons, vampire romantic suspense is coming March 31!

Terry Spear

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  1. Terry Spear

    Thanks for dropping by! Commenters will have a chance at a copy of either Heart of the Wolf or Destiny of the Wolf, your choice! :D

  2. crystal adkins

    HI Terry!! I loved the cover art!! And would love to read books! My fingers are crossed, I hope to win!!
    Great reading about you!

  3. Teresa W.

    I’d like to be included, count me in!

  4. Roberta Harwell

    Hello Terry & Lori,

    I never really thought of lawyers as storytellers but I do now. Thanks for the contest. Count me in.

    Have a great day.

  5. DinahT

    Books have aways have been my escape. Everyone has one, they vary on what the are. But for me it has always been a good story. One of my elementary teacher commented that I neglected my studies for reading and it hasn’t changed.

  6. kanarytx

    It sounds like either book would be great to read. I hope I am a lucky winner. I am looking forward to the other books of yours.

  7. Terry Spear

    Thanks, ladies, for commenting! When I was a kid, I’d immerse myself in story worlds. I don’t have as much time to do so now, but I love the escapism when I can make time! :)

  8. Lori

    Also, Terry’s new release Destiny of the Wolf is in the grand prize package! :)

  9. Elora

    Oh neat !! i would love to be able to win either books !! :mrgreen: Anyway hope you have a great day/night and i gonna hope like H*** i win !!! LOL ~smile~ -Elora-

  10. Pam P

    Love the cover Terri. Need to get Destiny, Heart of the Wolf was great.

    So true about lawyers being story tellers, they have to get those juries to believe the tale they weave in courtl. Ever notice just how many authors are lawyers, they had practice, lol.

  11. Jody F.

    I never thought of lawyers that way before. I very much like that description.

    And here’s me crossing my fingers and toes that I can win your book.

  12. Shell Bryce

    Terry We meet again!!! It is great inspiration to an aspiring writer like myself to see the comraderie that a lot of the writers in this genre share!!! Great blog today !!!

  13. Ashley Madden

    I love the cover! There’s just something about half naked men on covers that make me drool. Oh, it could be the fact that they’re half naked lol. Nice eye candy :D

    I’ve also heard somewhere that lawyers are the greatest storytellers, and I never gave it much thought until now. You’re completely right.

    My escapism wouldn’t be complete without one of your novels, lol. If I don’t win, I’ll definitely try to read them, unless my library doesn’t have them, then I’ll be out of luck.

  14. Terry Spear

    Thanks so, Pam! I’m glad you liked Heart of the Wolf :)

    Thanks, Jody! :)

    Hi, Shell! Glad to see you again! :)

  15. Pamk

    love the cover for destiny of the wolf. I have the first one of series in my tbr pile. Need to do some adjusting there and move it up.

  16. Lisa W.

    Hi Terry,

    I love your comments on lawyers. I was recently on a jury and that is one of the things I noticed. That each lawyer presented the facts in a unique way and told their story it was very interesting.

  17. Colleen

    Lawyers being storytellers… never did think of that before. Nice post… Wonderful and yummy cover! Thanks for sharing! :D

  18. Terry Spear

    Hi Pam K, absolutely move Heart of the Wolf to the top of the TBR pack. That’s where alpha male wolves belong. :)

    Hi Lisa, In one of the Business Law classes I took, we had to sit in on a case. This one was about a man pulling a knife on his wife. His wife said it was a big old butcher knife. The husband said, “Nah, it was more like a butter knife.” So even those on trial can be great storytellers. The lawyer, can’t recall which side, held up the knife. It was serrated and somewhere in between the two storytellers’ versions. :) Wicked enough, but not as bad as a big butcher knife. :)

  19. Sheila Deeth

    I’d never thought of lawyers that way before. Fascinating. My oldest son used to love wolves, so here I am, loving the book cover for the wolf on it…

  20. Cathy M

    I love to escape into the world of a well written book, especially paranormal romance. My hat’s off to all the storyteller’s out there, especially those that enrich our daily lives with fantastical stories. Would love to read either of your books, Terry.

  21. Cathy D

    Oh absolutely lawyers are the biggest storytellers I’ve every known. My husband’s best friend is a lawyer and he could make up on the spot any story needed to get himself out of trouble. I’ve know him for 35 years and over 60 women and they all believe every lie that comes out of his mouth. Good thing he never married! I haven’t spoken to him for 10 years since we moved 45 miles away, I prefer my stories to between the pages.

    Loved Heart of the Wolf, can’t wait to get a copy of Destiny of the Wolf.

  22. Barb P

    Hi Terry! I have to be very careful about what I say, I have 2 lawyers in the family **LOL** . I do think that lawyers can be verrry good story tellers, they almost have to be. They have to keep a jury’s attention while working on a trial, etc. What a great post! Paranormal romance and Urban Fantasy novels have always been my way of getting away from it all, when I can’t get away. Absolutely loved Heart of the Wolf and Destiny of the Wolf is on my TBB list. Have a great week!

  23. Estella

    I learned about Terry’s books on another blog, and have both of them on my Wish List.

  24. Terry Spear

    Me too, Donna.

    Sheila, at one book signing for Heart of the Wolf, a lady wanted to buy it for her daughter because of the cute dog on the cover. Her daughter loved dogs. No! It’s a wolf, a werewolf, and way too sexy. :) Killed me not to make a sale though. LOL

    Thanks, Cathy M!

    And Cathy D, thanks a lot! That’s what we call Texas Tall Tales out here, and we have several friends that are full of it…I mean, them. :)

    Thanks so much, Barb. We had one in the family who became a judge, but before that he tried to cheat my grandfather on his will. Hmmm, and then he told a story about how confused he was–the lawyer, not my grandfather, who hoped my grandfather was so confused he wouldn’t notice the change. And he became a judge. :)

    Thanks, Estella!!! :)

  25. Ley

    I can completely relate to this post; escapism keeps me sane. :razz: Thanks for the contest, Terry. Either way, these books are definitely on my list!

  26. Jamie

    I would love to try out your work. Your books sound fantastic. I have put them on my wish list!! I love your lawyer stories also!!

  27. blackroze37@yahoo.com

    lol not to be meany, but is there a joke about a werewolf and /is lawyer?

  28. Terri W.

    Welcome Terry!

    I would love to win one of your books since I love werewolfs. I’ve heard great things about your books!

  29. Amy T

    I think the reason I love paranormal romance is that I love the “willing suspension of disbelief” (or something like that, it was Mr. Gribbin’s 10th grade English class!). When I read I want to escape from my 3D life to a place no one I know has ever been, but still a place that is believable (which means the world-building has to be good). I don’t know whether I’m overjoyed or chagrined at having discovered you – a “new to me” author.

  30. LadyVampire2u

    You know, that was a very interesting post. I admittedly didn’t see lawyers as storytellers but you sure convinced me. Your right, the ability to tell a story convincingly is an incredible talent and really can shape lives in some instances.
    As an author, you have an wonderful talent that you share with the world. With the stroke of a pen you wisk someone on a daring adventure, thrill them to a subtle seduction, encourage them to embrace the new both known and unknown in this world and beyond. And you give us all that while in the safty and comfort of one’s home. No lost luggage or confused taxi cab drivers required. Its amazing when you think about it.

  31. Terry Spear

    Hi Ley & Jamie, thanks so much! I hope you try them!

    Hey Blackroze, haven’t heard it but I wouldn’t be surprised. :) There’s probably a joke about everything.

    Thanks, Amy! Yeah, I like the willing suspension of disbelief. It’s much more fun in a mundane world to think that the hunk who’s mowing the yard next door, and helped you when your car had a flat, might be a shapeshifter….the possibilities are limitless. :)

    LadyVampire2u–exactly! And no having to have a vacation after getting back from a vacation when you’ve taken one via an enchanting story. :)

  32. Julie Robinson

    Great title: Full Moon of Werewolves.
    Thanks, Terry, for pointing out this blog. I’ll be reading the other posts as well.

    Good point about the lawyers.

    I agree with you, Terry, about making an unreal world as real as possible. You give the wolves such human qualities in Heart—even those 3 – 4 mangy reds, I could swear I’d seen them in the local grocery store. I think that’s why I have trouble with some of the futuristic novels.

    IMO, Part of making the world real, whether futuristic or paranormal, is being able to show the human element in that world—and I don’t just mean the lust and sex. It’s the human emotions tied up in the conflict that create a story that is fantastic, yet believable.

    In Heart of the Wolf, I enjoyed the close ties you showed between man and wolf—the similar qualities they share, where one slip could make the man a beast. Which reminds me of a quote on Helen Scott Taylor’s blog: Gentlemen are just patient wolves (anon).


  33. Terry Spear

    Thanks so much, Julie! I’m thrilled you loved Heart of the Wolf! :) I love Helen’s anon quote too. That’s too cute! :) Thanks again!!! :)

  34. Carmen R

    I had to laugh at the lawyers are storytellers part. I have to agree with that though I think they may only tell tall tells

  35. Terry Spear

    lol, Carmen! :)

  36. Virginia Hendricks

    What a great post! :) I think the books sound neat too!

  37. Terry Spear

    Thanks, Virginia.

  38. CrystalGB

    Hi Terry. Great post. Your books sound good.

  39. Terry Spear

    Thanks, Crystal! :) I just sold the next two to Sourcebooks, Plight of the Wolf and Quandary of the Wolf, names to change! :)

  40. Venus Cahill

    I love the cover, in fact I’m trying not to drool on my laptop ;-)

    Can’t wait to read the book.

  41. Terry Spear

    Thanks, Venus! Yes, he’s totally drool worthy! :)

  42. Karin

    Great post, Terry. You make an excellent point about believable world building. Having elements that the readers can connect with in some fashion really makes the story come alive for me, even though I know there’s no way it’s real. I love those little threads of reality that make me feel like I could really visit that world if I just knew where to look. lol

  43. Terry Spear

    Thanks, Karin, I sooo agree!!!

  44. Sue

    Hi Terry!

    Beautiful cover art. Yes, a good storyteller makes a for a good author. I love reading stories that makes sense and that the events that are involved in the plot flows.

    I read paranormal because I love reading on how the authors spin the story; how they can make something unbelieavable believable.

    Thanks for stopping :D

  45. Terry Spear

    I love the paranormal for that reason also, Sue! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!