Writer Wednesday: Interview with Historical Romance Author, Marsha Canham

May 11, 2011 | Author Interviews | 1 comment

I want to welcome Marsha Canham to my blog! I met Marsha recently on the new road of publishing–digital self-publishing. Her previously out-of-print pirate romances have found new life in ebooks and readers are gobbling them up!

Here is her “official” bio from her web site:Romance Author Marsha Canham

Marsha is the author of sixteen Historical Romances and one Contemporary Romance.

She has won multiple awards for swashbuckling romance, including a starred review from Publishers Weekly touting the sizzling pirate adventure The Iron Rose as one of the six best mass market books for the year.

A USA Today Bestselling author with a loyal readership, many appreciate her use of history, action, and adventure to place the reader right into the heart of the story.

Which of your books is your favorite? Why?
I have always had a total soft spot in my heart for The Wind and the Sea, mainly because it was my first real big swashbuckling adventure. I had Errol Flynn swinging across every page, the dagger clutching my teeth, the sword in my hand. It was great fun, and to cap it off, won me my first three awards. One was from Romantic Times, who didn’t have a catagory at the time to place it in, so they came up with “Swashbuckler of the Year”. Then there was Affaire de Coeur, who awarded me a Silver Pen for Excellence. The third award was presented for being the best selling romance across Canada. I was crushed, absolutely crushed when the publisher went bankrupt and TWATS vanished into oblivion. If this ebook revolution has done nothing else, it has allowed me to breathe new life into The Wind and the Sea.

Where should a reader who is new to your books start?
Well…page one is always a good place to start. LOL I hope they have fun. I hope they can let themselves go and escape into another world and another time period. I hope they can feel the wind on their face and smell the gunpowder from the cannons. I hope they can feel that same thrill I do when I close my eyes and see the hero silhouetted against the sunset.

How long have you been writing?
I started writing when my son was four and kindergarten was looming. I had no desire to back out into my nine-to-five job; I wanted to be a stay at home mom. A neighbor challenged me to try my hand at writing, and voila. I found my niche.

How long did it take you to write your most recent release?
My books usually take a minimum of a year to write. I tend to use the historical aspect of “historical romance” as a character in itself, so I’m very big on finding some obscure event in history and using it as more than just a colorful backdrop for a love story.

About The Wind and The Sea:

This action-packed swashbuckling adventure is a classic tale of romance, revenge, and breathtaking exploits on the high seas. The time is 1804 and the U.S. Navy is attacking and destroying pirate strongholds on North Africa’s infamous Barbary Coast. Courtney Farrow, daughter of one of the most feared and successful corsairs, is captured by Lt. Adrian Ballantine, proud, handsome, and determined to tame her spirit. Constantly battling their attraction, they must become reluctant allies in order to discover who is selling secrets to the corsairs, and who has sold out the Farrow stronghold. Says Publishers Weekly: “Packed with well-drawn characters, fiery sea battles… this book is a good read.”

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