30 Days of Vampires: Vampires-The Ultimate Bad Boys

December 27, 2011 | 30 Days of Vampires | 17 comments

Angelique Armae with TabbyAngelique Armae is a native New Yorker who’s as zany as the city she grew up in. As a child her favorite toy was Emerald The Witch, a small doll with green eyes, green hair and purple skin.

Miss Armae’s books and novellas have garnered numerous awards and nominations, including the Sapphire Award, P.E.A.R.L. Award and Word Weaving Award. Her books have also been featured on Midwest Book Review’s Book Watch TV. Angelique’s first novel, COME THE NIGHT, made Fictionwise’s Best of the Best list, rounding out the top five best selling dark fantasy books of the year.

Aside from writing, Angelique also dabbles in digital art. She is the recipient and two-time nominee of the Dream Realm Award for best cover art.

When not working, Ms. Armae enjoys traveling, learning about the ancient Celts, exploring history and learning new languages. Angelique studied history and French literature at Skidmore College.


I love vampire heroes.  They’re dark, brooding characters and they make the ultimate bad boy lover.  I think the allure of the vampire in romance fiction is due to the dark side of human nature.  They’re usually wounded heroes and need nurturing.  Yet they never turn their back on a good friend, family or their heroine.  Despite their flaws, they always come through for those who count.

When I wrote The Protectorate, I fell in love with my hero Donovan Bramwell.  He has a very tormented past, yet rises up to face the challenges thrown his way.  He’s a loyal friend and is always willing to help those in need, even if at times he’s torn between duty and his personal torment.

I’d love to know what attracts readers to vampires.  Is it the dark side of the character?  Their tormented past?  Or is it the lure of a powerful creature who knows his limits and is always willing to sacrifice for those in need?

Book Blurb:

(Book 1 of the DEAD WALKERS Vampire Series)
By Angelique Armae
ISBN 1-893896-36-6 (Paperback)
Publisher: ImaJinn Books

A Quasi Vampire…
A Celtic Princess…
An evil entity as old as time…

In Regency Ireland, a dark legacy re-emerges from the depths of the Vampire realm, leaving three souls trapped between two worlds…

Donovan Bramwell is a dead walker, a soul who walks on the dark side of life. He’s also heir to an ancient Celtic vampire kingdom and its earthly branch known as the Protectorate, a secret society of vampires and humans protecting the mortal realm from evil dead walkers. But when the time comes for him to ascend to the throne, Donovan refuses. He’s been harboring a deadly secret?he’s the one soul capable of destroying the very world he was born to protect. Now his greatest enemy has returned and Donovan is determined to save the Protectorate, even if it mean’s sacrificing his own soul. But as Donovan prepares to carry out his secret plot, a female quasi vampire thwarts his plans and forces him to relive a past he’s spent centuries trying to forget…

Born a royal Celt with Vampyric blood, Iceni lost her family and her tribe to the Romans and the deadly vampires who befriended the Empire. After spending centuries trying to fight the dark souls who took away her world, Iceni now has the chance to finally avenge her parents’ deaths and take back the sacred relic housing her father’s ancient powers. But to do so, she needs Donovan Bramwell to join her cause. And considering she didn’t exactly use conventional means to get the man’s attention, she must first convince the Protectorate heir she’s not the enemy…

Suffering from a bite gone wrong, Vastos–a Vampyric prince and dead walker as old as time–returns to man’s world determined to cure the ailment afflicting his soul. But to do so, he must fight his greatest antagonist, Donovan Bramwell, the one soul keeping him alive and yet killing him at the same time. Vastos has two choices: Conquer the Protectorate and take the throne away from Donovan, or destroy Iceni and take full control of her father’s powers. And to a dead walker vampire running out of time, choosing one option over the other really doesn’t matter…

Giveaway:  I’m offering one signed paperback copy of The Protectorate.  Each blog comment who tells me why they love vampires will be entered into a random drawing.  One winner will be picked.  (US addresses only, please)

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  1. SandyG265

    I like vampires because there are so many variations possible on the vampire legend

  2. WildAboutBones

    I adore vampires. They are mentally tormented, usually by things they’ve done in the past when they were “new”, they are usually bad boys with hearts of gold, long-lived which may or may not be a good thing, they are sexy from their eyes and fangs down to their strength, speed and other abilities, most have great stamina and know how to make a woman feel cherished, the way danger can surround them and make it so they may accidentally take too much of the life force. Vamps rule!!

    Thanks for the introduction to a new (to me) author.

  3. Viki S.

    I love vampire heroes because they all seem to struggle in one way or another with what they are. I just love the tortured hero :). Thank you.


  4. Cindy Holub

    I like Vampires because of the Twilight movies.

    cholub1968 at aol dot com

  5. SharonS

    Come on people! No one is going to go *there? . the SEX! Sex with a vamp would be so good on so many levels ;) someone had to say it…

  6. tammy ramey

    i think it is because they are dark,dangerous,sexy,shape-shifters(sometimes),charismatic,need us to survive,and according to all the books/movies i have read/seen when they love it is for eternity. what’s not to love? LOL!


  7. Deb P

    They are tall ,dark and so sexy.

  8. wanda flanagan

    I love the eternal life ,strength and other powers that authors give their vamps The devotion they show their mate when they find him or her .

  9. Wilma

    My attraction to vampires is the tormented vampire who hasn’t yet accepted his curse and is looking for that one way to reclaim his soul and yet must commit terrible acts in order to survive and help mankind.

  10. Angelique Armae

    Thanks for all the comments! I have to agree with everyone on the various reasons why Vampires are so cool and sexy. And of course, as Sharon pointed out – THEY ARE VERY SEXY! :)

    The winner of a signed copy of The Protectorate is Tamy Ramey. Congrats!

    As an added bonus – my first vampire novel, COME THE NIGHT, is free for Kindle until December 31. You can get it at Amazon at: http://tinyurl.com/7lc8x8g

    Thanks again for visiting Lori’s great blog and commenting. Here’s to many more Vampire books in 2012!

    Angelique Armae

  11. June M.

    I like the way they are sexy, somewhat dangerous, generally have some supernatural powers, and are immortal.
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

  12. MJB

    For me, it is definitely the allure of the dark side that attracts me to vamps. Even though there are plenty of really Bad, bad boys who would sooner stake their friends in order to get what they want, most do have the qualities you describe.

    The Protectorate is just the type of vamp story I love. It sounds loike you’ve created an entire world and world history. I also appreciate an author who joins vamps and humans who work together to protect humans from those Bad Vamps! I hope I win this!
    msmjb65 AT gmail DOT com

  13. Kimberley Coover

    I love the mystery of the vampire. How can one live a life for centuries..losing loved ones and friends. Seeing the world change(bad and good) and still see the value of “living”.

    The knowledge, the redemption, the possibilities!

    Happy Holidays

  14. Yadira A.

    Basically all the reasons you listed are what attracts me to them. Alot of it is curiosity of the unknown and unfamiliar.


  15. LadyVampire

    I love vampires because they are attractive yet dangerous. They fight their thirst to retain their humanity and seek love and acceptance. They are the predator that looks unassuming, like human, while being otherworldly. Vampires are the unknown and so are tempting.

  16. Lori H

    My first experience with a paranormal book was Christine Feehan’s Dark Desire. After reading it I was hooked and started reading every paranormal romance I could find. It’s not only the dark tormented souls but the mystery that surrounds vampires that intrigues me.

  17. Barb P

    I’m sorry, but I have to say it ** What’s not to like!!!** Vamps are the ultimate get away from it all reads. I also started out by watching Dark Shadows when I was a kid. Gotta love those vamps. Thanks for the contest.