30 Days of Vampires: Scare me… please?

December 24, 2011 | 30 Days of Vampires | 14 comments

India DrummondIndia Drummond knew from age nine that writing would be her passion. Since then she’s discovered many more, but none quite so fulfilling as creating a world, a character, or a moment and watching them evolve into something complex and compelling. She has lived in three countries and four American states, is a dual British and American citizen, and currently lives at the base of the Scottish Highlands in a village so small its main attraction is a red phone box. In other words: paradise.

The supernatural and paranormal have always fascinated India. In addition to being an avid sci-fi and fantasy reader, she also enjoys mysteries, thrillers, and romance. This probably explains why her novels have elements of adventure, ghosts (or elves, fairies, angels, aliens, and whatever else she can dream up), and love stories.


Some people find vampires oh-so-yummy, while others insist the idea of an Azuri Faeamorous encounter with a dead man just leaves them cold (so to speak). I would have placed myself in the latter category, but then I remembered how much I loved the vampire Lestat, the jumpy chills I got watching Lost Boys, the slightly less scary but no less compelling vampires of Charlaine Harris’ Southern Vampire series (True Blood), the fast-paced thrills of Blade, and any of a half-dozen other vampire series I’ve read over the past couple of years.

Time for a reality check. How could I say I didn’t find vampires appealing, when that obviously wasn’t the case? Then I realised my conscious mind was getting hung up on the dead aspect of the undead, while my subconscious mind was responding to the thrill and danger. The thrill came from the scare. This is why the Twilight vampires didn’t do much for me, why of the True Blood vampires, Bill makes me say, “meh”, but I find Eric delicious.

Vampires should scare us. That’s the reason we read books about them, rather than books about accountants. Sure, we might prefer to have lunch with an accountant; we might marry one. After all, having a real life relationship with someone with a dubious moral compass and a taste for blood would be exhausting. But when it comes to an hour-long television show or a four-hour read, we want to do the mental equivalent of sky diving or a roller-coaster ride: to have our hearts pound, to scream all the way down, then to land safely at the end, perhaps a bit flushed and flustered, but in one piece.

Blood FaerieMy own books aren’t about vampires. I am not sure I could come up with something new to say about them that hadn’t already been done, and I try to create unusual worlds. My Caledonia Fae series starts with Blood Faerie, an urban fantasy about a serial-killing outcast faerie. A bit of danger and (I hope) a fresh concept. But when it comes to my reading, on the other hand, I will doubtlessly continue to dip my toe in the bloody pool of vampire fiction, looking for books that give me that rush that comes with reading about dangerous men who know what they want…and take it.

Today I’ll be giving away a digital copy of Blood Faerie to one commenter. Tell me… why do you like vampires? Do you like ones that sparkle or the more ruthless variety?



  1. SandyG265

    I like vampires because there are so many ways to go with vampire stories.

  2. Viki S.

    I like the modern version of vampires. They have all these really cool powers. And authors tend to make them loveable :).

  3. Stephanie

    Thanks for the interview!

  4. Stephanie

    Oh, answer to your question…I like the ancient vampire in a modern setting. I tend to enjoy the more ruthless, rugged vampire with a deep devotion to their mates.

  5. tammy ramey

    in 1979 i saw Frank Langella in Dracula(the best ever). it was my first “horror” movie and my first vampire. the thing was that Frank had something in playing the character that no one before or since has had. i don’t know if it is charism or that elusive something that you sometimes see when a star just makes the part. anyway,after that i ran to get the book and i’ve been hooked on vampires ever since. i do have to say that i prefer to read about them now instead of watch movies as i am usually disappointed in the movie version of the book or in the actor playing the part.
    I hope you and your family have a happy holiday season.


  6. wanda flanagan

    I like all vampires I would say my prefered version are the more ruthless variety. A tough guy maybe emotionally scarred ,loyal to his mate once he finds her and I love the possibility for redemption.


  7. MJB

    I feel the same way about Lestat. Before reading that book and then many more Anne Rice books until I just couldn’t tolerate her anymore and how many times she used the word preternatural in her writing!

    Along with the cool new worlds authors are creating for vamps, I also love the creative world building in other genres. It looks like that is what you went for starting with Blood Faerie. It may be too late to have a chance at winning it today, so on it goes to the top of my To Buy list. If I’m lucky enough to win this blog’s grand prize, my book buying fund will be replenshied and I will be able to buy Blood Faerie sooner rather than later!

  8. Deb P

    Sparkle is O.K, but prefer romantic.

  9. Yadira A.

    Is there such a thing as the sparkly and ruthless variety of vampire? I’m kinda partial to the dark hero types… the ones that are a bit broken until the right woman comes along:)


  10. WildAboutBones

    I adore all vampires but am especially fond of the bad boys who have hearts of gold such as JR Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood vamps and Bones, Mencheres, Vlad and the guys of Jeaniene Frost’s Night Huntress series. But then again Lynsay Sands and Katie MacAlister’s vamps are awesome as well.

  11. June M.

    I don’t want a blood-thirsty creature, but I don’t want a sparkly vamp either. My faves are a little dangerous, but all hot, sexy guys.
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

  12. Kimberley Coover

    I like Vampires because…mysterious, sexy, intriguing, unknown qualities. Danger and risk figure into it as well

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

  13. LadyVampire

    Give me a powerful, dangerous, love starved vampire any day. The sparkle variety is okay but not my favorite. I want the alpha male of the species that is worth the rocky road to getting to know and love.

  14. Lori H

    I like a mixture of both but definitely not too sparkly!