Writer Wednesday: Interview with Scottish Historical and Vampire Romance Author, Jackie Ivie

June 1, 2011 | Author Interviews

I “met” Jackie Ivie at the very beginning of my career as a published author. She and I both had our start as part of Kensington Zebra books’ debut author line. (Love is All Around, in case you are interested.) I read that first book by Jackie (Lady Of The Knight) and I was blown away! It broke a number of rules–one being we never got inside the hero’s head–but it was a helluva read. I highly recommend that book and all of Jackie’s books.

Now, here’s Jackie…. (and yes, that is Fabio in the picture with her.)

Where should a reader who is new to your books start?

Anywhere they want.  All my works are stand-alone reads.  I’m not a plotter, and I think it’s essential to a well-worked sequel.  Only two of my historical books are actually linked:  The Knight Before Christmas and Once Upon a Knight.


What do you most hope readers get from reading one of your books?

A huge feeling of satisfaction – because it all came right in the end. Somehow, despite the incredible odds, the heroine and hero will be together and true love really does conquer everything.


Which of your stories are you excited about right now?

For historicals, I’d have to say, my  upcoming October release Knight Everlasting.  It just got a review from LONG AND SHORT REVIEWS that deserves a copy/paste:


Jackie Ivie is a fantastic story teller.  Her descriptions of extreme emotion, whether it is a fight to the death or love making that transports to heavenly ecstasy, give the reader a vicarious experience in the thirteenth century Highlands where life was hard and the people who survived lived only by embracing extreme measures.  Ms. Ivie weaves superstitions, humor of the time, unique customs of the Highlanders, and the unending struggle to hold on to power into KNIGHT EVERLASTING, as she assails the reader’s senses and revs up the heartbeat with sensational love scenes.  WOW!”


In Paranormals, I have to say Be Still My Heart , (Book #2 in my Vampire Assassin League series).  It was a hoot to write a beta-male with a alpha-female siren.  I’ve rarely had such fun.  I can’t wait to start the next one.

You are so well known for Scottish Historicals, and so loved by your fans, why vampire romance?

I absolutely LOVE historicals – and Scots historicals are at the top of my favorites things to dream and write about…but when my editor called me with an opportunity to write a short story featuring a Scot historical featuring a vampire, I couldn’t resist.  It was a chance to really stretch my imagination – and write a completely different hero and heroine.  And setting.  And plot-line.  And…well…just about everything!

That explains A KNIGHT BEYOND BLACK.  It’s a 35,000 word anthology that’ll be out in the trade paperback HIGHLAND HUNGER this September.  But I found out something.  I had such fun writing it that I was hooked.  Not only on writing short stories, but on the paranormal angle!  Wow.  So…I wrote an Old World Scot vampire (KNIGHT AFTER NIGHT) with a young contemporary heroine, and I followed it up with a really hot female vampire and a Beta-male hero (BE STILL MY HEART).

I used to think I couldn’t write two different genres.  I didn’t think my imagination could keep up with it.  Well…I was wrong.

But, I’ll never change my first love:  Historical Romance.  And there’s lots more in the works – coming out with Kensington.  After KNIGHT EVERLASTING, I’ve got A PERFECT KNIGHT FOR LOVE in 2012 another one in 2013 that I’m titling A KNIGHT LIKE NO OTHER.  Because there’s not much better than a Hunky Highlander.

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