Willy Street Fair…

September 16, 2007 | At Home

We had a very Madison day today. Madison is frequently called the Berkley of the Midwest if that gives you any clue what I’m talking about. (We didn’t hand out flyers or stage a sit in, in case that is what you are thinking.) No, we went to the Willy Street Fair.

The Willy Street Fair is an annual event and one I’d heard of before, but for whatever reason we have never gone. This year we even got there in time to watch the parade–a short, but fun and eclectic event. It had everything from a bubble-blowing car to jugglers, unicycle riders, and a car covered with tiny statues and nicknacks. (That was my son’s favorite, because it had an elephant on it. Not a political statement by the car’s owner or my son. (G) )

The fair itself is made up of food booths, vendors and causes. I bought a lion key chain (see below) to benefit “African Youth Outreach”. The money goes to areas affected by aids. Lion Key Chain My daughter was given $325 of shredded dollar bills, and both kids got lots of tootsie rolls and fruit leathers. (Where else but Madison would they be handing out organic fruit leathers at a parade.) I resisted the urge to buy a political T that I thought my conservative dad wouldn’t get and might wear. (I am a good daughter.) And my husband resisted the lure of the $5 beer. (If had been warmer than 60 degrees that would have been a tough battle.)

Anyway, a good time was had by all and it really reminded me why I like this city. It isn’t generic. It has personality. And that is always a good thing.


Oh my gosh, I almost forgot. There was also a woman selling these purses that were the cutest things… Check them out. This one was my favorite. Isn’t that about the perfect purse for a romance writer to have? Except there was also a big one in HOT PINK. C’mon–someone reading this needs that!