On the Road in New Gulf Stream Travel Trailer!

July 20, 2012 | Rae Davies, Rae's Life

When we lived in Montana and were care-free (read pre-kids) my husband and I had a fifth-wheel trailer that we loved. We bought the trailer to accommodate our (then) three dogs: a 120-pound malamute, a 75-pound Siberian husky and a 55-pound Aussie/German shepherd mix.

Even without the kids, it was a full house, a very full house.

We bought that trailer because of the dogs. Have you ever tried to find decent hotel rooms with three large to very large dogs? This time around we bought for the same reason. Our current Aussie mix has a few “issues” and we just couldn’t see leaving him in a kennel.

So, being completely rational human beings, we bought a travel trailer. Emoticon Winking Smile

Here’s a pic.


That, btw, is the DH packing up and our two dogs: Nigel (reason for purchase – Aussie/Pug) and Despereaux (husky rescued via Adopt a Husky)

Do any of you like camping? If so, do you choose a tent, travel trailer, RV or camping cabin? How often do you go and what trips do you have planned for this summer?