Lori at Ninc!

October 2, 2009 | On The Road

Hi, all! I’m checking in from the Novelist Inc. conference in St. Louis. The actual conference starts today, but yesterday was dedicated to Forensics. It was chock full of some great information. I think my favorite was listening to the FBI agent and Franklin County Sheriff’s major who were involved in solving the Shawn Hornbeck case.

Last night I went to what they call a Night Owl session–more casual chatty type sessions after 8 at night. I chose Grumpy Old Writers. Lots of talk of how to refill the well when you have written more books in the same sub-genre than you can count, how to survive years with no new book contract, what to do when your editor doesn’t return your calls. You know cheery stuff! ;-) There were no big solutions given, but it was interesting to listen to people talk who have been doing this a lot longer than me.

Oh, and OF COURSE there has been food! Kathy Steffen, Ann Christopher and I checked out Gian Tony’s on The Hill in St. Louis Wednesday night. It was fab. I love The Hill, but my favorite restaurant there (Zia’s) burned down. So, we tried something new. The food was great and our waiter was adorable. You really can’t beat a place with an adorable waiter, now can you?

Today there are many great sessions, but Ann Christopher and I are skipping out early to go up in the Arch. I am a native Missourian and lived in St. Louis for many years, but I have never been up inside the Arch. I’m looking forward to it. Then we are off for a brewery tour at Anheuser Busch and later dinner in Soulard. (another of the many interesting neighborhoods in St. Louis.)

So, that’s it for me. Check by later. I’ll try and post pictures and more info on what is happening here in St. Louis!