Fangs for the Interview. :) Kathy Love

August 29, 2006 | Author Interviews

My friend Kathy Love is with us today. Yay, Kathy!! For those of you not in the know–Kathy writes romantic comedies for Zebra and vampires romances for Brava. If you like sexy and fun, you’ll love Kathy Love. :)

Q.) You started with romantic comedies set in Maine and now are writing vampires. Why vampires?

K.L.) Hi Lori and Lori’s blog buddies. Thanks for having me. Even though I did start with romantic comedies, the first book I ever wrote and completed was what eventually became Fangs For The Memories. Rhys and Jane were the couple of my heart. I started thinking about them in, I guess, 1998 or 1999. As far as why vampires? I’ve always had a thing for them. Since Love At First Bite.

Q.) Your vampires are far from the stereotype. Can you tell us what gave you the idea? Do you have a favorite?

K.L.) Thanks, Lori. I hope they are far from stereotypical. I think I came up with my brothers and all their odd quirks, because I was reading vampire romance and I wasn’t finding what I wanted to read. I wanted vampires that were sexy and emotional, but that were also a bit funny. Not slapstick funny–but funny because of what they are. Dark, brooding vampires are good–but they get a little old. And yes, I do have a favorite. Sebastian. He loves being a vampire and he’s not ashamed to tell anyone. His book, I Only Have Fangs For You, will be out in December 2006

Q.) What is your writing process? (character sketches, plotting with index cards, just start writing, etc.)

K.L.) I know the beginning and the end, but pretty much everything in the middle, I just figure out as I go along. Unless I get stuck, then I basically outline a few chapters to help me clarify what is important about those chapters and where I need to go.

Q.) What do you consider to be your greatest strength as a writer?

K.L.) Hmm. That’s hard. I think I’m pretty good at combining humor with emotion. That’s what I want to be good at anyway.

Q.) What do you wish was easier for you (as a writer)?

K.L.) The actual writing. I’m a huge procrastinator, and I need to stop that. I end up being rushed trying to meet my deadlines. That really makes writing a job rather than a joy. Whereas if I could actually stick to a schedule, I think I’d be much happier.

Q.) Can you name one author whose work you admire and specifically tell us what you like about it?

K.L.) I don’t think I can name just one. Sorry.

Susan Elizabeth Phillips is my idol. She is brilliant at write funny, yet very emotional books.

Linda Howard. Her emotion is also fantastic.

Lisa Kleypas. She is so good at writing heroes that I instantly fall in love with.

Stephen King. Aside the fact that he’s a fellow Mainer, he’s great a creating these characters that you are totally invested in, and then ruining their lives.

Okay, I guess if I truly had to pick just one, it would be Susan Elizabeth Phillips.

Q.) I’ve heard rumors werewolves are in you future. Can you give us some details?

K.L.) Ah yes. I do have my first werewolf coming out in July of 2007. I can’t give you many details other than the werewolf is a she. She’s a little obsessive-compulisive about hair. And she does tie in to the Fangs series. And her hero is a human, and a veterinarian.

Q.) Where online can readers find you?

K.L.) Readers can find me at And keep checking back, because my website should be getting a major overhaul very soon.

Thank you again, Lori!