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Lost Series, Book 3


Rachel Daniels made it out of the cursed canyon alive. But she was forced to leave behind the man… vampire… who saved her and the one friend she still has hope survived the car wreck that took two others.

Now, back in the real world, Rachel has a choice to make. Does she go back to life as she knew it, forgetting everything she thinks she learned in that canyon, or does she accept that the impossible is true—that vampires are real and she is in love with one?

Cameron Renault knows Rachel doesn’t belong in his world and to keep her safe he’s willing to walk away, but will the rogue werewolf pack that has taken over Crystal City let him?

CLAIMED is the third short story in the Lost series of vampire romances. If in print, it would be about 75 pages long.

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Fire & Fangs
August 5, 2012

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