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January 4, 2017 | Book List

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Books by Lori Devoti

Paranormal Romance Novels
-Nine Worlds-

Based on Norse Mythology
(Previously Unbound series with Harlequin/Silhouette Nocturne)

Captured (short story)
Unbound (Book 1)
Guardian’s Keep (Book 2)
Wild Hunt (Book 3)
Dark Crusade (Book 4)
The Witch Thief (Book 5)
The Hellhound King (Book 6)

-Stand Alones-

Zombie Moon (Werewolf hero)
Moon Rising (Vampire hero, Werewolf heroine)
Trust Me (Vampire hero, set in St. Louis)

Paranormal Romance Novellas & Shorts
-Lost Series-


Lost (Story 1)
Found (Story 2)
Claimed (Story 3)
Rogue (Story 4)

-Stand Alones-

Lured (Werewolves)
One Soul to Share (Vampire hero, Mermaid heroine)
When Gargoyles Fly (Gargoyle hero)
The Vampire Who Stole Christmas (Vampire hero)

Urban Fantasy
-Amazon Series-

Amazon Ink (Book 1)
Amazon Queen (Book 2)

Young Adult
Demon High (Demons)

Books by Rae Davies

Cozy Mysteries
-Dusty Deals-

Set in Helena, Montana

Loose Screw (Book 1)
Cut Loose (Book 2)
Loosey Goosey (Book 3)
Let Loose (Book 4)
Lucy and the Valentine Verdict (Novella)
Loose Lips (Book 5)

Romantic Comedies
-Looking for Love-

Set in Missouri Ozarks
(Previously published under Lori Devoti name by Kensington Books as part of Zebra Debut)

Love is All Around (Book 1)
Love is All You Need (Book 2)