Back from NY

April 1, 2008 | On The Road

The Ninc conference was fab. My favorite part was the atmosphere–everyone was so relaxed. For some reason at RWA National the place seems to buzz with nervous energy. But at Ninc I never felt that way, and hardly sensed that from anyone else. I think it’s because everyone is in “writer mode” instead of “being the author mode.” That may seem like a strange statement, but I think it’s accurate.

Aside from the fabulous new people I met like Julie Ortolon, Anne Gracie, and Susan Gable, I also got to meet up with close friends Kristina Cook and Sally MacKenzie. And if you read her blog you know Barbara Vey and I shared a plane ride and a lot of good gossip. :) I also got to see the Harlequin offices and have lunch with Ann Leslie Tuttle, then brave the subway again to meet up with my agent and tour her office.

Getting around NY was amazingly easy and the people were super friendly. My one issue was when I would get off the subway. Somehow in my mind I thought that would be the easy part–you’re at your stop, right? Uh, no. You are set free in a rat maze. 5,000 exits shooting from 3,000 tunnels and no map in sight. Eventually, I’d just pick an exit then go with my gut (which was never right) as to what direction I needed to go. Then I’d call whoever I was meeting and say “Where am I?” Every time they answered with a direction like “Go south.” Everytime I’d respond that I left my compass at the hotel–who knew getting around NY required orienteering skills?

The guests were also great. Everyone’s favorite seemed to be Lou Aronica who gave us some straight shooting advice and answers. Funny how valued straight answers can be by authors…

Next year the conference is in St. Louis and I am definitely planning on attending. If you are an author and qualify for membership, I strongly recommend joining Ninc. It isn’t just for romance writers either–there are people of all genres in the group, and BOTH genders. Imagine that!

I’ll post pictures tomorrow, hopefully.