Reviews – Wild Hunt, paranormal romance

Top Pick, Romantic Times Magazine
“In Wild Hunt (4.5), Lori Devoti provides yet another action-packed mythological tale. Her characters have depth, her plot is novel and her writing is strong. This is a great read!”

-Romantic Times Magazine, Alexandra Kay, Read Full Review

…superb romantic fantasy…
“The latest WILD HUNT saga is a superb romantic fantasy in which star-crossed lovers either must kill the other as it’s in their DNA imprint or let love lead them elsewhere. Venge and Geysa know they have quests to fulfill and that desire, attraction and that cursed L word are not convenient at this time and between their respective heritages at any time. Fans will relish this entry while newcomers will quickly become devotees of this excellent fantasist.”

-Harriet Klausner, Read Full Review

…gives readers what they crave…
“The plot of WILD HUNT is masterfully carried out as each second brings forth a new revelation, many of them surprising and unforeseen. There was not a moment when I was not held ensnared by the happenings in the story, as each one became more significant in what would ultimately come to pass in the lives of Venge and Geysa.”, Amelia Richard, Read Full Review

…love story that defies all odds…
“WILD HUNT is a thrilling story that will delight romance readers with a taste for the paranormal. I am absolutely wild for this book and cannot recommend it highly enough!”

-Wild On Books, Read Full Review

“I found Ms. Devoti’s vision of the Wild Hunt spellbinding. Her interpretation of hellhounds and Valkyrie is a delectable pleasure to read. She brought their emotions, their differences, their virulent tendencies to life for me. Heart thumping action and hot carnal sex scenes blended together to make an exhilarating reading experience. I encourage you to read Wild Hunt with an ice cold drink next to you. You may need it to cool down.”

-Writer’s Unlimited, Kim Swiderski, Read Full Review

…a splendid read.
“The story not only rivets but hooks the reader from the beginning and never releases until the conclusion in this romantic fantasy. Lori Devoti is an excellent storyteller that transports an outstanding romance onto paper like a lovely portrait being sketched. With a powerful plot, intriguing characters, and a romance that tests time, this is a splendid read.”

-Coffee Time Romance, Cherokee, Read Full Review