Cut Loose Available for Nook Soon!

April 7, 2012 | Rae Davies, News | 4 comments

Cut LooseFinally, Cut Loose is done and almost ready for release! Look for it in the next couple of days at Amazon, Apple Books, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Google Play, Smashwords and many other sites.

Here’s the back cover copy:

No one’s perfect.

At least that’s what Lucy Mathews tells herself. Except faced with her boyfriend’s rodeo queen ex-wife and perfectly trained Australian shepherd, she has to wonder if maybe this whole ‘no one’s perfect’ thing was made up by someone like…Lucy.

Lucky for Lucy though, things are hopping around Helena. It’s rodeo season, and she has a booth. It’s a great opportunity to expand her clientele and maybe even snag a cash prize for Kiska as the world’s first sheepherding malamute.

Except Kiska can’t herd, Lucy loses her wallet, and oh yeah…there’s that dead rodeo queen Lucy just stumbled over.

Good thing her boyfriend’s a detective. Except that’s not going so well either. A new detective is in town, and he’s convinced Lucy’s involved in the rodeo queen’s murder. Her boyfriend is no help at all and worse he’s spending a little too much time with his ex-wife.

Lucy finds herself out of money, out of love, and maybe this time, out of luck.


  1. Michele

    I just read both of your books, & all I can is, I hope you’ve started writing the next one in this series, because I can’t wait to read it! Yes, I enjoyed them both that much! I did figure out who did it, why long before Lucy did, but I still greatly enjoyed the way the story unfolded. Love your style & the characters, anxiously awaiting the next one.

  2. Lori Devoti

    Thanks, Michele! I plan on starting Dusty Deals #3 soon. Hopefully, I will have it ready to publish by fall. My goal is to do two a year as long as readers keep enjoying them. :) I really do appreciate your support and you stopping by my blog to tell me you are liking the books so far.
    Tell your friends! ;-)

  3. Michele

    I’ve been recommending your books through my Nook, and well as through my Facebook page. I wiil always support authors, who I feel are exceptional. Two books a year sounds great!! I will look forward to your next book.

  4. Lori Devoti

    Thanks, Michele, I appreciate it. :)