30 Days of Vampires: The Kickoff & a Prize!

December 1, 2011 | Featured Articles, 30 Days of Vampires | 44 comments

Welcome to day one of 30 Days of Vampires! We have a full calendar this year, so full I added a day. So technically 31 Days of Vampires this time around.

In case you are new to this event, here’s the scoop. Every day from now until December 31st I’ll be posting an article by various vampire-loving authors. Each new post is your chance to enter to win the 30 Days grand prize– a $100 gift card to the bookstore (bricks and mortar or online) of your choice. The only disclaimer for this is that I (located in Wisconsin) have to be able to get the gift card to you at a reasonable cost (not counting the $100 value) and effort. Grand prize winner will be announced in the first week of January 2012.

In addition to the grand prize (which as I said you only have to comment on the daily posts to enter) there will be some daily prizes and even one totally free download of a vampire story.

Plus, of course, there will be lots of great blog articles on vampires by lots of great authors!

Want to know who is posting when? Just visit the 30 Days of Vampires Google Calendar.

Want a direct link to all the 30 Days of Vampires fun?

Want a chance to win a bonus prize right now? The Turning

Post below your favorite vampire of all time. Dracula? Lestat? Count Chocula? And tell me why he/she is your favorite vampire.

I’ll pick one winner to get a paperback copy of Jennifer Armintrout’s The Turning and a fun vampire Pez.

(U.S/Canada mailing addresses only for this one, but even if you don’t qualify for this prize, comment anyway for your chance at the $100 gift card. Winner announced first week of January 2012.)


  1. SharonS

    Can I pick the Black Dagger Brothers? all of them? if not I will go with Bones from The Night Huntress series :) Thanks for putting together such a fun event!

  2. Kevin Bozard

    Dracula is my favorite. I’m old school horror, so I love the classics. :)

  3. Bridgett

    I’m going to say Kiefer Sutherland as David in The Lost Boys. That’s the first vampire movie I remember seeing and at 7, I loved it!

  4. orchid7

    I still like Jean-Claude from Laurell K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake series. One of the first vampire characters I read about, and the one I still measure all other vampire characters against.
    This is a fun giveaway idea. Thanks for the chance to enter!

  5. Lori Devoti

    Bridgett, I loved The Lost Boys! I was just telling my daughter she needs to watch it. Christmas idea. :)

  6. Tanya

    My favorite vampire is definitely Calisto from Nightwalker by Lisa Kessler. Whoever did the cover of Nightwalker did a fantastic job!


  7. SandyG265

    I like barnabas Collins from the original Dark Shadows TV show.

  8. Danielle D

    I’d have to say it’s a tie between D and Vittorio from the Anne Rice novels (yes I like the abscure ones)

  9. Gwenyth Love

    I am going to have to go with Spike from the Buffy/Angel television series. I just adored how he developed from this bad-ass villain to the vampire who fell in love and went out seeking his soul to prove to the girl that he loved that he was worthy…all on his own…no gypsy curse or other such gimmicks. I love that guy!

  10. sue brandes

    My favorite will always be Dracula. Thanks for the giveaway.

  11. Alaina

    oooo count chocula.. with his uber yummy chocolatey goodness..
    current fav is any of nalini singhs vampires from her archangel series.. especially Dmitri! he even smells like chocolate! yes!

  12. StacieD

    I always loved Spike on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I adore his snarky personality. He could be funny, dangerous or heartbreaking.

  13. Megan G.

    Bones from Night Huntress!

  14. Laura Kaye

    Ooh, this is hard! I love so many vampires. But…hmm…I’m going with J.R. Ward’s Zsadist. Total harcore love for him! :)=

  15. Poison Rose (@PoisonRose79)

    Love me some vampires this Christmas!! Mine is Anne rice’s little side guy, Tarquin Blackwood, from Blackwood Farms…a brooding tall, dark and dedicated vampire who loves to break the norm! *drools*

  16. CYP @ A Bookalicious Story

    My favourite vampire of all time would be Venom from Nalini Singh’s Guild Hunter series. I’m not part of this contest (no US/CA address), only running for the gift card.:)

  17. Viki S.

    For me it’s Larissa Ione’s Wraith all the way! Thank you.

  18. LadyVampire

    One of my favorite vampires of all time is Bones from Jeaniene Frost’s series. There is also Eric of Charlaine Harris’s Southern Vampire Mystery series/ True Blood TV show.

  19. Kellie P

    I have several…Love Eric from the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris and I absolutely LOVE Damon from The Vampire Diaries books/tv. Both of those characters simply for the snarky, badass, sexy attitudes they’ve got goin’ on! :)

    kelliepiet (at) gmail (dot) com

  20. Brandy Swain

    I already own the book so don’t enter me to win it, I wanted to post and say my fav would be either Bones or Zsadist! By the way this book rocks! good luck guys ;)

  21. Colleen Stewart

    I am torn between Wrath & Viscious from J.R. Wards Black Dagger Brotherhood series. Also love Stefan in the Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs!

  22. Ivy

    I’m gonna have to go old school & say it’s a tie between St.Germain (Chelsea Quinn Yarbro) and Jack Fleming (P.N.Elrod).

    I love most of the new ones too but these were the ones who, for me, took them out of the “Dracula” realm….

  23. Lisa Kessler

    I love vampires… It’s so hard to choose a favorite!!!

    First was want to give a shout out thank you to Tanya for choosing Calisto from Night Walker!!! Yow! You made my day!!! :)

    And for me, I’d have to go old school and choose Marius from Anne Rice’s vampire chronicles. I loved Lestat too, but Marius really stole my heart…

    Lisa :)
    LdyDisney at aol.com

  24. sandy

    My favorite vampire for today would be Eric from True Blood.

  25. Stephanie

    I believe my favorite vampire would be Wrath from JR Ward….He was my first!

  26. Starr K

    I am going to have to go with Lestat. He was my first and as they say, you never forget your first.

  27. Kimberley Coover

    With all the vast number of my “keeper” books that deal with vampires, this is really hard to decide. In books, I love Jean-Claude from LKH Anita Blake series. In the movies, I take the comedy route…Love at First Bite – George Hamilton’s version of Drakula!

    p.s. for some reason, my post didn’t post yesterday – so I decided to resubmit it

  28. Danielle Gorman

    My favorite is a tie between Zsadist from the BDB and Wraith from the Demonica series.

  29. WildAboutBones

    Nosfertu and Dracula because they started it all. Without them we probably wouldn’t have Lestat, the Black Dagger Brotherhood, the Dark/Were-Hunters, the Argeneaus, the Vampire Academy gang, the House of Night gang, the Chicagoland Vamps, Cat & Bones and their cohorts, the Love at Stakes guys, and so on and so forth.

  30. Emily Tardy

    Z would be my favorite =D

  31. Jennifer Armintrout

    Hey, thanks so much for giving away my book!

    By the way, the best vampire is Count Chocula. Hands down.

  32. Lori

    Jennifer! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  33. Deaven C

    Hmm, such a hard choice … I have so many vampire crushes. If I can only pick one, I’ll have to say Louis de Pointe du Lac from “Interview with a Vampire.” But, I also love Nathan & Cyrus (from Blood Ties), Jean Claude (Anita Blake Series), and Bones (Cat & Bones Series).

  34. MJB

    I am a big-time vamp lover and do I love so many! The BDB boys are insane – who doesn’t love Vishous? I agree with other commenters that Bones is to die for (such a super-bad vamp joke! Did I really say that??) Malachi from Joey Hill’s new book and a vamp + from Shiloh Walker’s Hunters series and the list goes on!
    This is such a fun event. I may miss out on some of the daily prizes because of my work schedule, but I’m in it for the big grand pirze of a $100 GC. What a boon that would be! Thanks, Lori for putting on such a fun gig!

  35. Chris Bails

    It is a tie between Jean-Claude from Anita Blake series and Bones from Jeaniene Frost Night Huntress series. Thanks for the giveaway and the chance to win.

  36. books4me

    So many favorite vampires but my absolute is Gregory from Christine Feehan’s Dark series. He is in the book Dark Magician!

    Thank you for a great giveaway, Lori!!

    book4me67 at ymail dot com

  37. Betsy urbik

    Barnabas Collins – no question!

  38. Cathy P

    I will have to go with Barnabas Collins in Dark Shadow. My next favorites are the good ones in Kimberley Raye’s novels.

  39. Andrea Daniels

    Mine is a tie Between “Vlad” and “Mencheres” from the Jeanine Frost’s “Night Huntress” series.

  40. wanda flanagan

    Hmm thats a toughie from tv I love spike from BUffy what a bad boy :)and Mick from Moonlight.Book vamps I have quite a few the Dark Hunters ,Black Dagger Brotherhood,Argeneaus,as well as Nikolai Wroth,Sebastian Wroth,Murdoch Wroth,Conrad Wroth,from Immortals After Dark Series.Ive never met a vamp I wasnt charmed by in some way :)

  41. tammy ramey

    i know this doesn’t count anymore but for my 2cents it is 1979 movie version of Count Dracula starring Frank Langella. this was the first “horror” movie i had ever seen and to this day after all of the other books and movies i have seen/read there is just something he brought to the part that no one else ever has. i’m not sure what to call it even, maybe charisma or star quality. if you haven’t seen this one you should check it out.


  42. June M.

    I would have to go with Larissa Ione’s character of Wraith. He was half-vamp and half-demon (and all YUMMY!) I only read her books this year but I quickly became a fan of her characters. They, and the worlds they live in, are unique and so interesting.
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

  43. Barbara

    So many to choose from…I’m gonna go with Vishous…and Ben!