30 Days of Vampires: Happy New Year & Last Chance to Win!

January 1, 2012 | Featured Articles, 30 Days of Vampires | 20 comments



Hope everyone had a safe and fabulous New Year’s Eve and is now in their jammies eating black eyed peas or taking part in whatever tradition you have for New Year’s Day.

Second, this is your last chance to get in all those comments for 30 Days of Vampires and try for the win of either one of the daily prizes or the $100 gift card grand prize.

So while you are sitting home eating those black eyed peas, visit the posts you missed and comment! All comments must be made by January 3rd to count.

Direct link to all the 30 Days of Vampires fun!


  1. WildAboutBones

    Lori, this has been an awesome event. Thanks for hosting. I have been introduced to so many new (to me) authors and very good sounding books. As if my ‘to read’ list wasn’t long enough… LOL This has been fun. You should think about doing something similar for shapeshifters.

    Happy New Year and I wish you lots of successful writing this year.

  2. Viki S.


    Thank you for all the fun :)!

  3. Danny

    Happy New Year everyone!

  4. Kimberley Coover


    Thank you for the wonderful event. I have enjoyed myself and learned alot about the authors I love and found a few new authors to read.

    Here’s to 2012 may it find us all healthy wealthy and wise ( or at least kekpt in books) :)

  5. Diane

    Happy New Year, Lori!
    Thanks to this month’s topic and links, I now have a a full list of books downloaded to my Nook. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to find any good books in an ebook format, but I shouldn’t have worried quite so much.

  6. tammy ramey

    I hope that you and your family had a wonderful New Year’s Eve and that all of your dreams/wishes come true in the coming year.

    thank you for all of the wonderful posts these past weeks and for introducing me to all of the new authors.


  7. sue brandes

    Happy New Year Lori. Thanks to all the authors that made this a great event.

  8. StacieD

    This has been so much fun! I have discovered some new authors.

  9. Deb P

    Happy new year,have fun and keep reading.

  10. wanda flanagan

    Lori I realy enjoyed this event its been alot of fun .Thank you and all the other authors who yall made it a fabulous time for all of us.Happy New Year to you and yours .


  11. SandyG265

    Happy New Year. I’ve enjoyed this event.

  12. Phoenix Carvelli

    A month of vampires? Sweet!! Thank you!
    Happy New Year!

  13. Lori H

    Thanks so much. Enjoyed it!

  14. Barbara

    GREAT event…Happy 2012!

  15. Stephanie

    Happy New Year! Hope I made it to all of the sites!

  16. Barb P

    Happy New Year Everyone!

  17. Mia Loveless

    Oh my! you’ve mentioned that comments must be made on January 3. So it only means to say that I’m late :-( Anyway, Happy New Year everyone!Mia Loveless

  18. Mia Loveless

    Hope 30 Days of Vampire will be a success for 2012. Looking forward for another chance in winning. Thanks for sharing this post. Mia Loveless

  19. Mia Loveless

    You did a great job! I must say, two thumbs up for you! And let me congratulate the winners. Congratulations :-)Mia Loveless

  20. Carmen Lebron

    Wow, I did enjoy the 30 days of vampires…Thats my kind of movies…Am truly the #1 Fan